Day 2: 3-Island Hopping + Sugba Lagoon

For our day 2, we will be having the 3-island hopping tour plus Sugba Lagoon. We contacted the most recommended tour guide, Kuya Lito. (You can reach him at 0907 310 3333).

He picked us at the resort by 7AM. Though it was raining so hard but we still proceed with the plan. What is travel without some adventure, right? 😀 Though we were shaking most of the whole trip because it was so cold.

Going back, after he picked us, we proceeded to the market via the pumpboat and buy foods for our breakfast and lunch. The lunch will be in Daku Island where someone from the island will cook it for us with pay.

We then started our journey to Sugba Lagoon. It was a long ride. Maybe it took us around an hour to reach the lagoon. This is the other lagoon aside from Sohoton Cave. But since Sohoton Cave is more far and much expensive, we chose this.



After an hour or more of travel, we finally arrived in Sugba Lagoon and this what welcomed us.


In Sugba Lagoon, you can swim all you want, rent a kayak, bond with the stingless jellyfish, raft to where you love, or simply relax.



When everyone has get enough of the lagoon, we then headed to our next stop and the start of the 3-island hopping tour, Naked Island.


Hello Naked Island

Obviously, it is called Naked Island because there is only a sandbar and no trees or cottages. And don’t worry, visitors are not required to be naked if you are in the island. 😀

Crystal clear water, fine & white sands, and no garbage. 😉



Our next stop and our lunch area is the Daku Island. Here there are cottages where visitors can wait for the lunch to be served. There are also a store nearby if you need anything but expect that the price is higher. You can also rent a ball to play volleyball or swim again or have some sunbathing session.


Our last stop for the day and the whole trip is Guyam Island. This island has coconut trees in the middle, rocks on the side and Pacific Ocean across.


And that ends our 3-island hopping tour plus Sugba Lagoon adventure. 🙂


To summarize, our whole Siargao Trip is full of fun memories and wonderful stories. The night trip from Cebu, the boat trip to Siargao, the heavy rain during the whole stay were all worth it. Until next time, Siargao! 🙂

Day 1: Magpupungko Pool + Tayangban Cave + Cloud 9/Boardwalk

Our day 1 was intended for a land tour. So after we checked in at Patrick’s on the Beach Resort (check their link here:, we just changed to our swimming attire and off we went to our first stop, Magpupungko Pool.


This amazing beach is 45 minutes to an hour away from our resort and from General Luna. Here we can find wonderful rock formations, a tidal wave (but not allowed for swimming or surfing as the wave and current are strong), and of course, the famous pool-like lagoon. There is an entrance fee that I forgot. 🙂 You can also bring some foods and rent a table inside. By the way, it is best to visit here when it’s high tide.

This place is best for picture taking whether with the pool, the waves, the ocean, the rocks or the seashore. You can also enjoy here swimming in the pool and do some cliff diving.



Our next stop is the newly opened Tayangban Cave. An entrance fee of Php 20.00 (if I am not wrong). You can now enjoy swimming, cliff diving and tarzan swinging in their own natural pool. However, if you want some spelunking, you just have to pay another entrance fee and tour guide. The spelunking just takes around 15-25 minutes.




Our last stop is the famous surfing spot, Cloud 9 and the perfect place for sunset, Boardwalk. Here we just spent our time taking pictures especially it was sunset and goofing around. 🙂


The Boardwalk.


Perfect Sunset View


That ends our Day 1 Tour. Of course, some BBQ dinner, bottle of drinks and that card game. 😛