Month: February 2017

Tropang Laagan Goes Rizal: Masungi Georeserve

All right! This is the day that we are all have been waiting for. The Masungi Georeserve visit. Since we were coming from Calinawan Cave and unfortunately, burger steak in Jollibee took 15 minutes to be served, we were all panicking. Actually, I did… Continue Reading “Tropang Laagan Goes Rizal: Masungi Georeserve”

God: Center of Life

In this world, we normally and usually think about ourselves. We decide on what can benefit us. We take advantage on what is good for us. At some point, this could be good because as the song says, “Love yourself”. But as we tried… Continue Reading “God: Center of Life”

Tropang Laagan Goes Rizal: Calinawan Cave

Supposedly, we will be going to Calinawan Cave on our Day 1 before or after Daranak Falls. But because of some incident, we were not able to do it and instead the driver told us to do it on the second day before Masungi… Continue Reading “Tropang Laagan Goes Rizal: Calinawan Cave”

Tropang Laagan Goes Rizal: Daranak Falls, Regina RICA and Pililla Windmill Farm

Oh hi there! Did you enjoy reading my Tinipak River post? I hope you did. 🙂 After our Tinipak River trekking adventure, we went for lunch and then headed to Daranak Falls, our second and last destination for Day 1. Approximately almost an hour… Continue Reading “Tropang Laagan Goes Rizal: Daranak Falls, Regina RICA and Pililla Windmill Farm”

Tropang Laagan Goes Rizal: Tinipak River, Cave and Daraitan River

Hello Rizal! Yay! That most awaiting trip of Tropang Laagan has finally arrived. We had been planning about this trip since August (reserved the Masungi Georeserve visit) but booked our plane tickets last January. Because as we all know, the unplanned trips most likely… Continue Reading “Tropang Laagan Goes Rizal: Tinipak River, Cave and Daraitan River”

Tropang Laagan Goes Rizal Adventure

If one is to ask where is Rizal, how many would know? Basically, Rizal is our national hero. But few know that there is a place named after him. This what happened to us. When we asked permission from our family, they were all… Continue Reading “Tropang Laagan Goes Rizal Adventure”