Month: October 2017

BORACAY: What can you say?

Have you been to Boracay before it has been this popular to each and every person in the universe? Where you can still find peace and less party. Well, if you say that you did, you are lucky. But if not, then we (including… Continue Reading “BORACAY: What can you say?”

Day 3: Advance Water Rafting and Trip to UBEC

Rise and shine, Cagayan de Oro! Wow! How time flies so fast. Our vacation is about to end. But, in all honesty, it seems that we were traveling for a week. Maybe because we were able to visit many destinations and there are a… Continue Reading “Day 3: Advance Water Rafting and Trip to UBEC”

Day 2: MN Farms, Squash Mountain, Lake Apo, Hotel de Susana Resort and Middleton Apartelle

Good morning, Bukidnon!🌞⛰ Wow! I really love waking up in the province with fresh air, peaceful surrounding and just hearing the dogs barking or the cows mooing or the people talking. No pollution! No traffic! And no noise from the cars. 😃 We have… Continue Reading “Day 2: MN Farms, Squash Mountain, Lake Apo, Hotel de Susana Resort and Middleton Apartelle”

Day 1: Dahilayan & Nasuli Spring

On our first day, our itinerary is to visit Dahilayan and Nasuli Spring. Dahilayan is about 3 hours from Cagayan de Oro. But before reaching the park, we had a stopover at Del Monte in Manolo Fortich and took a photo on the big… Continue Reading “Day 1: Dahilayan & Nasuli Spring”

Tropang Laagan goes to CDO & Bukidnon

One day, Howell posted a photo & video about their farm in Bukidnon. Then, Tropang Laagan started to comment on how nice it is and that if we can go. How & Maizel told us that we can. And so, we then started planning… Continue Reading “Tropang Laagan goes to CDO & Bukidnon”

JSJS Mountain Resort

I was invited by my friend for the 1st Birthday Celebration of my goddaughter, Kasandra. It will be held in a resort in Argao, Cebu. It is called JSJS Mountain Resort. I haven’t heard about it before until this invitation. And so I just… Continue Reading “JSJS Mountain Resort”