#TripMagSoloSaTaiwan: A birthday treat to myself

Let us start with…..

Way back May 14, I was able to book a plane ticket for Taipei for only Php 899 then booked the ticket back to Cebu last June 29 for TWD 751 (approximately Php 1400). Imagine, you can already go to Taiwan for around Php 2000.

When I booked these tickets, I have no intention yet to tell anyone about it. But I was able to share to one of my friends. I then started researching, reading blogs and making itineraries. I was so excited back then.

On the 3rd week of October, I informed my mother and siblings about this trip through Facebook. I sent them an itinerary of my trip. They were like why are you traveling alone, why are you not bringing your sister, and so on.

This will be my first trip outside the country alone. My first trip was in Singapore last November 2014 with my sister & my ex boyfriend. It was followed by a trip to Hong Kong & Macau last July 2015 with my ex boyfriend and his friends. Then, a trip to Bangkok last June 2016 with my officemates. Lastly, a trip to Hong Kong last June for a training (technically just me but I have fellow Filipino attendees).

So technically, this trip will just be me, myself and I. Going abroad for training is different if you go there for vacation. When I had my training, my whole day is spent in the training room with an instructor discussing about whatever in the course outline. But when it is for vacation, you have the whole day spent by yourself (and companion, if any) touring and roaming around.

This made me so excited. I am not sure though what’s gonna happen and if I can survive.

But before my travel date arrived, I was confined in the hospital for erosive gastritis. The timing was really bad. It made my parents hesitant to allow me to travel. Especially that I am alone. They were worried for my safety and health. Well, I have a caring parents & family, though. Cannot blame them. Yet they cannot do anything because they have a hardheaded daughter.

And when the day came, I was in the airport early because I do not want to be in a hurry and panicking.

When I arrived, I fell in line then check in then pay the Php 1620 Travel Tax then claimed my boarding pass then pay for the Terminal Fee which costs Php 750.

After the last X-ray inspection, the last step is the immigration. This is usually the nightmare of most of the people. Of course, who wants to be offloaded. No one, right? Especially if you are already prepared and excited about it. But, that’s their work though. Basically, they just want to make sure that you are honest with your purpose of travelling.

I approached a guy immigration officer then handed to him my passport. Then our conversation goes like this:

Immigration Officer: Where are you working? (I told him where. Then he asked about my position.)

Immigration Officer: Are you traveling alone or with someone?

Me: I am traveling alone.

Immigration Officer: What is with traveling solo?

Me: I am going to soul search. (Then I laugh.)

Immigration Officer: Will it be fun?

Me: Yes. Plus, I have the chance to meet new friends.

Immigration Officer: Right. Have a safe trip. (then handed to me my passport)

So short and not so nerve breaking. Maybe because I have been to few countries already and I showed him my company ID. Haha!

Since, I am 3 hours early for my flight, I decided to take my dinner.


Chicken and Pork Adobo

Waiting game #1

It was exactly 9:25PM that we departed from Cebu.

Bye for now, Cebu!


Some immigration docs that we need to fill up and submit.

We arrived in Taoyuan International Airport at around 12:30AM.


This is it! I can now see Taiwan’s flag. Helloooooo, Taiwan! Lezzz do this.


It is so quiet. Going to the immigration.

Taiwan is just 2.5 hours away from Cebu. And there is no time difference between Taiwan and Philippines. If you check the map, it can be found across Batanes.

I was able to meet Filipinos when I arrived. I went together with them to Taipei Main Station. To get there, you can take the train or bus. But since the train station is not yet open at that time, we took the bus. It is Bus 1819 and the last stop is in Taipei Main Station.


You can find this monitor with schedules of the bus at the basement of the arrival.


This is the bus stand for Taipei Main Station. Bus 1819

My struggle started when we arrived in Taipei Main Station. When I alighted, I am not sure where is the station for the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) Station. Why I am taking this? It is because I am going to a province in Taiwan. It was still 2AM and the TRA station will open at 5AM.


This is the bus drop off.

I walked to the taxi stand and asked the driver to take me to Taipei Main Station. And he was pointing the building near where the bus dropped us off. He cannot understand and speak English that well but he knew where I wanna go. Maybe he was thinking that I am crazy riding a taxi when I am already in my destination. Hahaha!

Then, I got off from his taxi after paying 100NTD. Walked to the nearest MRT Station entrance then walked for a few minutes here and there. Until I decided to go to the bus station since it is opened.

I approached a guy working there and asked him where is the TRA. He informed me that it will be opened at 5AM and pointed where it is. He was kind enough to let me stay inside the station while waiting for the time.

I sat there watching whatever movie in Youtube (thanks to my fast internet service provider). I was so sleepy but I do not want to sleep because I am not sure if I am safe there or my stuff and I do not want to sleep too much to miss my train.


My buddy while waiting. A mini cake which shaped like Doraemon. It is so delicious.

When it’s already 5AM, I went out from the bus station and walked towards the TRA station.


This is the Taipei Main Station and counter for the TRA.

Getting more excited on what this whole trip is in store for me. Fingers crossed! 🙂

Day 1 – Hualien County

Day 2 – Taipei City

Day 3 – Taiwan’s Northern Coast



  1. Always arrive early in the airport.
  2. Since Taiwan  allowed Filipino Travelers/Tourists to enter their country without Visa from November 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018, make sure that you bring the documents that they need.
    • A passport with remaining validity of at least six (6) months.
    • A return ticket or a ticket of traveler’s next destination and a visa for that destination if required.
    • A proof of accommodation (hotel) booking or host/sponsor’s contact information, or arrangements of tour, travel, visit, events and meeting etc.
    • An arrival card that you can obtain in the airline.
  3. Exchange your money in the airport. It would be hard to find a money exchange in the city. Most of the banks only accept USD to be exchanged to NTD. I found it hard to exchange my PHP in their banks. I ended up exchanging it in the airport.
  4. Buy an Easy Card in any convenience store for your train and bus rides.
  5. Know ahead where to go and how to get there.
  6. Pocket WiFi is not that required since there are free WiFi’s in Taiwan, but this could help you a lot especially if you wanna Google.
  7. From the airport, you can take a bus, MRT, or High Speed Railway Train to Taipei City. But check on the schedule. Most likely, the bus operates 24 hours.
  8. Taipe Main Station is like the center of Taipei. You can ride from there an MRT, bus or Train Railway to any provinces in Taiwan.
  9. Many Taiwanese can speak and understand English. But do not be shocked if you need to sign language. Haha! Because some does not understand.
  10. Taiwan is so safe. When I was walking late at night, I was very anxious if I am safe. But, yes you are. You can walk texting without worrying being snatched or pick-pocketed. In fact, you can leave your bags in the table and no one will get it from there.



Travel Essential for Solo Traveler

Hi, dear friends!

So, I am writing now in the airport while waiting for my 9PM flight to a place where just maybe 10 people know. Haha!

I am really being secretive this past few months. Keeping things to myself and to the people close to me. When I have travel, other people would know when I posted about it. But few knew before I fly. 🙂

This time is a little bit different. I booked a ticket few months ago without anyone knowing about it even my family. I then told one of my friends about this trip yet he/she later forgot. Good thing, I guess! Haha. Until I sent a private message to my mother and siblings just late October about this trip. Guess what my Mama said? “Nganong ikaw ra man? Nganong dili mo kuyog ni Ate nimo?

But then why? Simple. I want to try traveling by myself. I traveled a couple of times within the country and abroad but mostly with someone, be it my sister or my friends. So, I want to experience just me, myself and I. And I really prepared for this trip. I made four (4) versions of Itinerary. I booked my hotel. I even rented a pocket WiFi that I can use the whole trip.

Yet, something happened before my trip. I was admitted to the hospital because of gastritis. Oh, c’mon! My stomach might be the kontrabida this time. Fortunately, things went well and I was discharged last Wednesday. My mother is hesitant because I just came out from the hospital plus I am alone in this trip. But Mama, birthday gift nalang ni nako bi. 😀

So, yeah! They were left with no choice. But to check on me every now and then if I am okay. By the way, my sister is in Iloilo for her own solo trip.

I brought biscuits (3 packs) and medicines. I need to be okay because it will just me.

But, what should be the travel essentials or travel must haves for Solo Traveler like me? Here’s mine (I have family and friends who let me borrow these :)):



  1. Phone – Of course, you need it to communicate to your family & friends back home, to post to your social media account, to search for anything, etc.
  2. Camera – So, I had a Go Pro (thanks to Chinkee) and DSLR (thanks to Uncle Joe & Ante Bibing) during this trip. The Go Pro is for selfie, recording videos, and for activities. While the DSLR will be for picturesque and instagrammable view & scenery. You need to make sure that you have taken the moments on your trip.
  3. Cookies/Biscuits – Since I just got out from the hospital and my stomach pain is due to skipping meals and eating meals past the time, I need to bring this so that I have something to munch while I am traveling or doing something and cannot eat yet. It will save you from getting stomachache or hyper-acidity.
  4. Pocket WiFi – I rented a pocket WiFi at FlyTPack because I am going to a place where English language is not widely and commonly used. I need it to connect to the internet for me to search anything and communicate with the people back home.
  5. Powerbank – It is not in the picture but I always carry my powerbank with me anytime and anywhere I go. I really need it because I cannot let my cellphone to die down. By the way, my pocket WiFi can also be a powerbank. 🙂
  6. Notebook and Pen – for anything that I need to write. It could be random thoughts, rare moments and things that I need to remember. The pen is needed also to fill up the forms in the airport.
  7. Money – (thanks to Mama! haha) of course, you cannot go around without the money. Make sure to have it exchange to the currency of the country you are going. It is best if you already had exchanged it back home.
  8. Scarf and Beanie – Since it is winter already, though I am going to a place where it is not snowing, but I think it is still cold. So these two can protect me (at least) from getting sick because of the cold temperature.
  9. Laptop – so wherever I go, I need to bring my laptop. Why? Because I need to check at some point of time my emails from work and if they need some documents from me, then I can send.
  10. Passport – this is the most important thing to have wherever you go. Always bring your passport. This is your identification and this is required if locals would ask if where are you from or if they need some document from you. Also, this is a proof that you are not from the country you are going if ever you did something wrong or violated something.


Different people have different needs. But, I guess the above items are common to all of us. We can add other things like make up for the ladies or anything. However, always make sure that you have bring what is really required. Do not forget about it.

Also, make sure that you have recorded the moments during your trip. It might take a long time for you to visit again. So, take advantage now.

Enjoy and have a safe travel! 🙂


I just got home from a rare trip of my life. Thank God! It is a 2days and 2nights staycation (stay + vacation) at Chong Hua Hospital in Fuente. Thanks to my sensitive stomach. *insert sarcasm* 🙄🙄🙄

So what did happen? 🤔

I was just blogging last Sunday night (if you can read my previous posts). I was even productive finishing two write ups. Unfortunately, before I went to sleep at around 11PM, my stomach was aching. I drank the medicine prescribed by my doctors but there was no effect. The pain did not subside.

I drank again at around 1:30AM until I vomited. And I tried to sleep but I kept on waking up after a couple of minutes. Then I vomited again. Until I asked my sister (who was not able to sleep well) to bring me to the hospital.

We went to Perpetual Succuor Hospital (since it is the nearest) around 5AM and asked for some assistance. But after 8AM, there was still no medication or anything that they provided. Except for the Urinalysis and Complete Blood Count laboratory tests that they requested. They kept on waiting for the doctor’s advise and so we decided to proceed to Chong Hua Hospital Medical Arts and consult my Internal Medicine physician to have her read the result of the ultrasounds she asked two weeks ago. (I was not able to go back because I was out of town.)

After waiting, she arrived and we were called. She asked me few questions and read the result. Until she and my aunt (who accompanied me because my sister needed to work) agreed to confine me for more laboratory tests especially Endoscopy and for monitoring.

We just went home to pack some stuffs then went back for confinement. To my surprise, my mother arrived. She was travelling to the city without our knowledge because she knew that we won’t let her come.

And so I was confined then was given tests (been extracted twice), inserted with IV, monitored the vital signs, was advised to fast. Then was brought to the Endoscopy Unit the next day and did that test that made me cry. Was given medication, was reinserted with IV, was given food with no taste at all. But, yeah! Not easy. Painful. However, worth it I guess. Because I cannot take to have this stomach pain occurring over and over again without knowing why.

And as what they say, you know who are your true friends when you are not in your best state. With that, I wanna thank a lot of people.

Thanks to these two early birds (I mean visitors) who just came out from work and went directly to the hospital.

Thanks to this guy who entertained not just me but also my visitors. (Side effect sa walay tulog. Haha)

Thanks to Francis for dropping by. Naglakaw tawn ni siya from Ground to 9th Floor. 🙂 Si Toj ready to go na para makauli and makatulog. 😀

Thanks Chinkee sa pagbisita bisan way tulog. Nakaingon na sad si Mama nimo ron nga nagtagay ka. Haha


Thanks bessy Neil for visiting. Last day na siya nivisit kay natagbaw pa siya’g pangita sa iyaang ID. Maayo na lang jud nakaagi ug nakapanguros sa simbahan. Nakit an ra. 😉

Thanks to my first, last and daily visitor. Just because sa hospital siya nagwork, so wa siya’y choice. 😛

Thanks to these people, Tropang Laagan for being there always for me. Happy or sad, up or down, healthy or sick, laag or kaon or tagay. Always. Thanks sa gikan nagwork, sa mowork, sa moduty. Thanks sad sa sige’g chat to check if kumusta nako. Salamat sa concern guys. ❤

Thanks Fujitsu Family for visiting bisan layo ang office. Lami bya kaayo mo og lunch. Magtan-aw nalang ko ani next time. 🙂

Thanks Ante Clara for always looking after us and taking care namo. Bisan nabiyaan na nimo sa balay kay naa ka sa ospital.

Thanks to my Superwoman of a mother, Mama Cora. For traveling from home to the city kay worry kaayo ka. Thanks for always being the savior and sa pagcare and support. 

Thank you to Ate Jane sa pagkuyog sayo sa buntag sa ospital, sa pagbantay bisan kuwang og tulog kay sige ko og mata-mata.

Thank you also to my father, brother and Ate Porcia, the whole family for the care and concern.

Thank you friends, well wishers, prayer warriors ug sa tanang nag message sa akoa. Salamat kaayo.

Thanks a lot for your concern and care, guys. Appreciate it a lot. Love you all. :*




Reliving childhood in HK Disneyland

It is always a girl’s dream to be a princess, live in a castle and meet Prince Charming. Right?

But we all know that it could not happen for everyone. And as we grow older, we face reality and realize that this will forever be a dream and only happens in the movies.

But what if one day, we will wake up seeing this castle, the Princesses and Princes are right in front of us. That will surely make us bring back to our childhood days and relive our dreams years back.

This is what happened to me when me, my then-boyfriend and my new found friends (his HS classmates) visited Hong Kong Disneyland last July 2016 (sorry super late 🙂 many had changed. haha). The trip was instant to celebrate the birthday Marvz.

How to purchase the ticket

But before making this happen, we did purchase a ticket first online.

By the way, tickets can be purchased online (Hong Kong Disneyland) and the voucher will be sent through an email. This voucher will be used to redeem the ticket on that day in Disneyland itself.

You may also purchase the ticket at Disneyland on the day you will be visiting. You just have to fall in line. And most of the time, the line is long especially during weekends and holiday.

Alright! This is it! Let’s go!


  • Toy Story Land
    • Toy Soldier Parachute Drop
    • Slinky Dog Spin
    • RC Racer
    • Barrel of Fun
  • Mystic Point
    • Mystic Manor
    • Garden of Wonders
  • Grizzly Gulch
    • Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
    • Geyser Gulch
  • Adventure Land
    • Festival of the Lion King
    • Rafts to Tarzan’s Treehouse
    • Tarzan’s Treehouse
    • Jungle River Cruise
    • Liki Tikis
  • Main Street, U.S.A
    • Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad – Main Street Station
    • Main Street Vehicles
    • Animation Academy
    • Art of Animation
    • Magic Access Member Service Center
    • City Hall
  • Frozen Village
    • Frozen Festival Show
    • Frozen Festival Square
    • Frozen Processional
  • Fantasyland
    • Sleeping Beauty Castle
    • Mickey’s PhilharMagic
    • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
    • Cinderella Carousel
    • Hong Kong Railroad – Fantasyland Station
    • Fantasy Gardens
    • Mad Hatter Tea Cups
    • “it’s a small world”
    • The Golden Mickeys
    • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    • Snow White Grotto
  • Tomorrow Land
    • Space Mountain
    • Stitch Encounter
    • Orbitron
    • UFO Zone
    • Autopia
    • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

In each area, there are restaurants and souvenir shops. But remember that it’s kinda expensive inside Disneyland. So, if you are on a tight budget, better bring some foods and drinks from the hotel.

During our visit, we haven’t tried everything but still it was worth it.


definitely! no one has gone to Disneyland without taking a photo at the entrance 🙂

And of course, your experience will not be completed without Mickey!

I think Disneyland = Mickey and Mickey = Disneyland!

Upon entering Disneyland, we can see Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.


First stop is Tommorowland. Since we went to the right first.

We just took some photos in Tommorowland. We did not try any ride because most of those are for kids.

Main Street U.S.A

 (the whole street in Disneyland where you have to pass to go to the other attractions)


there was a parade

Toy Stoyland



it’s a small world


Mad Hatter Tea Cups

The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

Then, we went to the Fantasy Gardens where we met some of the Disney Characters and took a photo with them.

I think Pooh is on a diet that’s why he is sad. 😀


Isn’t it cute that Mickey will fetch Minnie during their break and they will walk hand in hand? Awww… So sweet!

This is Goofy, right? 😀

Here’s Pluto.

Benny & Wilber with Goofy, me & Jonie with Pooh and the birthday girl, Marvz with the one and only Mickey 😉

Adventure Land

Rafts to Tarzan’s Treehouse

Tarzan’s Treehouse

Grizzly Gulch

We tried this Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars ride. It is like a roller coaster. And I am not fond of that ride but I enjoyed this experience. I was really shouting the whole time. Hahaha!

We also tried their train ride from all those lands. However, we were not able to visit Frozen Village because we were running out of time.

But the best part of this visit aside from meeting those Disney characters is the Fantasy Parade. It is the time when the visitors can see all the Disney characters on the float and there were also people dancing on the road. Such a wonderful thing to witness.

When you are in Hong Kong, do not forget to visit Disneyland. Because missing it will not make you trip complete. The experience seems to give out the child within us. We were reliving those childhood memories. We were able to see that fantasy in our bare eyes. And we gained memories that we will cherish and will tell to every kid that we are going to meet. 🙂

I believe Marvz did really have a wonderful and memorable birthday because she is in Disneyland. And indeed, it is the happiest place on earth.

A trip to the Land of K Drama and Kimchi, South Korea

Nowadays, Korean Dramas have already gain too much popularity in the country. Many follow those telenovelas or movies or even the K Pop groups. Many go gaga with how cute these Koreans are and how beautiful their shows. Many would even live like them by buying their foods, following their trends in terms of clothes, using their cosmetics, learning their language, and so on and so forth.

And so, the dream of going to their country had been born. But, what you can find in Korea is more than those popular celebrities. There are more to see and look forward to this beautiful country. Not just kimchi and ramen but a lot of different foods. The culture, the history, the tourist destinations that may include the shooting locations of those K Dramas, the shopping centers, and especially the people.

Just recently, me, my sister and her friend went to South Korea. And now, I am sharing to you our experiences.

Let us start with our journey in acquiring the Korean Visa. Then, our exciting trip from Cebu to South Korea. Our day 1 is spent in the beautiful Nami Island, Petite France and N Seoul Tower. On our day 2, we visited Gyeongbokgung Palace, witnessed the changing of guards in Gwanghwamun Gate and said a prayer of thanks at Myeongdong Cathedral. Day 3 is only for Everland to experience the extreme rides, see the various animals and take a look on their wonderful Rose Garden plus the amazing parade and fireworks display. Lastly, before heading home to Cebu, we went to Jeju Island on our Day 4.

I hope it will help you planning on your trip. Have fun! And do not forget to leave a comment. 😉

Day 4: Jeju Island plus Trip to Cebu

On our Day 4, we will be going to the famous Jeju Island. This is known for the location of some Korean Dramas. That’s why many would like to visit here. Of course, aside from the beautiful spots.

According to my friend WikipediaJeju Island ( previously Cheju-do) is the largest island off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, and the main island of Jeju Province of South Korea. The island lies in the Korea Strait, south of South Jeolla Province. The island contains the natural World Heritage Site Jeju Island Volcanic and Lava Tubes.

We were able to buy an airplane ticket at Jeju Air. It costs us KRW 75, 2000 or around Php 3,500. Seems like were going to Manila from Cebu and back & forth. 😀

We got the first flight which is at 6:25AM and will arrive in Jeju at 7:30AM.

We started our journey from our hotel at around 3AM since Gimpo Airport is more or less an hour away. We hired a taxi to the airport since the train is not yet open at that time. Unfortunately, when we reached at the airport, it was still closed. We waited for an hour outside in a super cold weather (maybe 19 degrees Celcius or less).


They opened at 5AM and that was the time we were able to get inside and went to the check in counter. The check in process was not that hassle or long. After that, we went to the departure lounge and waited for the boarding time.


The boarding started at 6AM and departed a few minutes after that.

Since we didn’t sleep that night, we were all sleeping throughout the flight.

We arrived in landed in Jeju Airport at around 7:30AM. Then headed straight to claim our baggage. After that, we went out and look for the bus that would take us to our hotel, Olle Tourist Hotel.


We travelled for approximately an hour from the airport to the hotel. The hotel is just beside the highway and can be easily found.

This is our room.

We just rested and changed for a while then headed out to explore Jeju Island.

The view from the room.

During this trip, we were not able to visit those destinations that tourists usually go because we did not have enough time. In addition, those destinations are far from each other. We did not book a tour as well. The only means of getting around the island are either hiring a taxi or riding the bus which follows a route and schedule.

However, the good thing is that we were able to see how the local people live. We witnessed the local community that tourists usually overlooked and left unnoticed.

Sharing with you here some of the moments we had in the province in the short time that we were there.

Jeju has a lot of tall buildings, wide roads but no traffic coz there are only few cars.

Night time in Jeju.

Me and my sister went out strolling and having an afternoon lunch along the way.

The next day, our flight will depart at 11AM and arrive in Gimpo Airport at 12:10PM. We checked out in the hotel at around 8:30AM and decided to take the bus. We went to the bus station across our hotel thinking that the bus (with the same bus number that we rode yesterday) will go to the airport. Unfortunately, as we were getting far from the station, we noticed that the area was not familiar. When we asked the driver, he told us that it will not go to the airport. So we decided to get off and hired a taxi. We were already worried because we were almost late for the check in time.

Jeju’s own version of buffet. What they served were all vegetables.

The train station that we went to.

Fortunately, when we arrive in the airport with all our running skills, we were able to check in. Thank God!

We boarded at around 9:45AM and arrived in Gimpo past 12NN.

We were able to reach our hotel in Seoul, Hostel Korea Original, almost 1PM. They allowed us to extend our check out time to 1PM (supposedly it was 12NN) because we won’t be using the room for one night and the owners are really nice and accommodating.

We just packed and changed then checked out. Me and my sister went out for a while in the nearest mart and bakeshop to buy something for our family in Cebu.

We departed from the hotel to Incheon International Airport at around 5PM. The travel time is more than 1 hour. We chose to take the train because our flight is still far and it is cheaper yet convenient.

We arrived at 6PM in the airport and headed straight to check in. But before that, we looked for the convenience store wherein we can return the T Money Card. But, since the refund is small then we decided not to pursue with it. Then we bought foods for our dinner. And we saw a crowd with media taking videos and photos. We found out that they were the football team of Korea which just arrived.

Our flight then departed Korea at 10:15PM (Korea Time) and arrived in Cebu at 1:40AM (Philippine Time) or 2:40AM (Korea Time).

That ends our South Korea Trip! The whole experience has a whirlwind of emotions from nerve-breaking VISA processing to the exciting preparations to the fun, memorable and lovely moments to the bittersweet feeling of leaving the country to the accomplishment. Everything has been surreal. It seems we won’t make it but we did. And we have our family and friends who have been so supported of us.

Until next trip! 🙂

Gamsahamnida, Korea! It was indeed a travel that we will always cherish.

DAY 3: Everland

Every child’s dream is to be in Disneyland and meet the Disney Princess and other Disney characters that they love. But South Korea does not have Disneyland. However, they have this theme park which will make every children, teens, & adults enjoy. You will not encounter those Disney Princesses, Winnie The Pooh or other characters but you have the chance to meet different animals like elephants, tigers, lions, etc., and experience the adventure and extreme rides like the wooden roller coaster.

Like any other theme park, Everland is located almost two hours away from Seoul. If you are on a budget, you can take the train and bus. But if you want to have a hassle free trip, you can book a tour with your hotel or other booking sites. We did book through Klook. The package includes a roundtrip transfer and the entrance fee. The whole trip takes a whole day from the pickup time at 10:40AM in Dongdaemun Design Plaza Station (there are other pickup points but this is the closest to our hotel) and you will be dropped off again at around 10PM in the same place.

We departed from our hotel at around 9AM since Dongdaemun is just near. We arrived at the station and were wondering why it seems it is just the 3 of us. We were worried that we might went to a wrong station. Fortunately, there is an old man sitting in the area. We approached him and asked if it is the station for Klook. Sad to say, he cannot speak English. With this Korean attitude of being helpful, he looked for another person and asked until there are around 3-4 people talking just to help us. And then, there are people arriving and we were on the same trip. Thanks God! And Gumawo to those helpful Koreans.


That is the Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

At around 10AM, a lady arrived and approached us one by one. She is the tour guide who will accompany and give instructions regarding the tour. She will just drop us off, then help us get inside the park, give instructions and orientations then pick us up at the same area by 10PM.

After more or less 2 hours travel, we finally arrived in Everland.

Then right after giving us the ticket, map & instructions, she bid goodbye and we then get inside the park.


The girl standing is our guide.


The map and the ticket that we should not lost.

One thing to notice when you are in the park is that there are beautiful flowers everywhere. Plus that lovely music playing all over the place.

Our first destination is the Zootopia.

Upon entering, you will be greeted with the Panda World signage. We just took some photo but did not go there. Instead we headed straight and we were brought to the Bird Paradise.

You will be welcomed by the angry looking owl and a Korean speaking parrot. Isn’t that cool? 😀


Then information about why birds fly and what is a bird are being posted also for the visitors’ knowledge. And saw different kinds of bird.

When we went out from Bird Paradise, we saw the Lion King relaxing under the tree.


Across him is the house of the Polar Bear.


Then, there were Jackass Penguins.


After that, we went to our next stop which is the Safari World. In here, we will be riding on a bus to tour around and see those different types of animal.


Then, we went to Lost Valley.

While walking to where we can ride, we found other animals.

When we were about to get in the bus/boat, the staff was singing and dancing. They look really cute.

Then, we saw different animals until our bus transformed into a boat. Hahaha!

I did enjoy these rides so far.

Next stop is the Amazon Express. We will be riding a boat around the river.

When we arrived, it was also the time that the staff were dancing. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a video.

Then, when it was our turn, we were guided to the “boat” then place with a cover for our stuff not to get wet.

I have tried riding something like this in Enchanted Kingdom and we really got wet. Good thing, they provided us with a cover here. We cannot afford to get our stuff especially the cameras wet.

We just enjoyed the whole ride turning around, getting some splash and just laughing.

But, while I was checking the videos in the Go Pro later that day, I saw elephants behind us. That was so cool!


Since it was almost lunch time, we went out looking for a place to eat. We went walking around until we arrived to our second destination.

The Global Fair.


In there, we found the Food Fair in Alpine Village. Me and my sister got in and ordered our food. It is kinda expensive but the serving is big and super delicious. It is totally worth it.


While we had our lunch, Ate Tzhe went and rode the T Express. She was really excited to try it and decided to ride first before eating as she might throw up all the food. 😀

Wondering what a T Express is? It is a wooden roller coaster. Actually, it is the steepest ride in the world with a top speed of 104 kph at a 77-degree angle. Imagine that! Really! Only the roller coaster lovers and the brave hearts will try this one. This can be found in the European Adventure which is just near the Global Fair.

After the ride, Ate Tzhe went back to the Food Fair with a face of suc


This is the T Express.

cess and excitement.


Achievement unlocked and bucket list checked look!


Congrats, Ate Tzhe!


She ate while telling us how’s her experience. Totally scary! heehe

Then, we went inside the Alpine Village and took some photos.


Our Third destination is in European Adventure.

We tried the Rotating House wherein the house appears upside down. It made me dizzy and felt sick because of all those stuff turning around.

Next is the Space Tour. It is another 3D experience for us. We were watching the Hotel Transylvania movie.

Next is the Four Seasons Garden. It is still part of the European Adventure.

Here you will find different types and colours of flower. There is also a big stage for the show later that day. Then there is a big colourful tree called the Romantic Tower Tree. There is also a Miniature Garden.


But, the best part for me is the Rose Garden. A garden of thousands of real roses in various colour and sizes.

My mother and aunt will certainly love this place.

After that, we went to the cable car station to ride going to our fourth stop, the American Adventure.

While falling in line, we saw this cute Korean kid. His grandfather (I assume) was kind enough to let us took photo of the baby.


Isn’t he cute?

Then, we found these while riding.

When we got there, we went inside the Pride of Korea. This is a place for the visitors to learn the things about Korea from their rich history to their different leaders and there is also a monitor where you can take a test. Then, there is a VR show about the Korean culture/history. We also did try their virtual Hanbok wearing which you can save and send a copy to your email.

After that, we went out and look for foods to eat because we were getting hungry and it was getting dark (around 7PM).

Ate Tzhe bought some hotdogs then we walked down to the direction of the Grand Parade. Then, we passed by the Double Rock Spin ride where the visitors were shouting. If you will ride on it, you will really shout because you will spin four times at a height of 20 meters. There is also the Hurricane where you will still spin.


Double Rock Spin

Then, me and my sister bought foods from KFC.

After that, we headed back to European Adventure to witness the amazing and jaw dropping Moonlight Parade. During this time, the lights in the street will be turned off to give way to the floats that were decorated with hundreds to thousands of colourful lights. There are also people dancing on their colourful costumes.

Then, we went back to the garden for the one of a kind and the best fireworks display ever.

But while waiting for that, we went around to take a picture at the Romantic Tower Tree and the Musical LED Rose Garden. This LED Rose Garden is like the 10K Roses here in Cebu except that it came in different colours (which the colour changes from time to time) and there are a lot of them too.

Finally, the time for the firework display arrived. We ran to the stair in front of the Romantic Tower Tree. What I love about it is that it came with a story and the lighting effects of the stage & the fountain. Plus the fireworks were totally wonderful and unique. This is the highlight of the trip. Everyone coming to Everland should wait for this. It happens daily except for some reasons.


After that, everyone were walking fast to go out and go back home or to where they were staying in South Korea. For the three of us, we went to where the bus parked that morning. There we found our guide.

After 2 hours of travelling, we finally arrived in Dongdaemun Design Plaza Station. We just walked going back to the hotel since it is just near.

And that ends our Day 3. We just have to prepare our stuff for our super early trip to Jeju Island the next day.