Month: November 2017

#TripMagSoloSaTaiwan: A birthday treat to myself

Let us start with….. Way back May 14, I was able to book a plane ticket for Taipei for only Php 899 then booked the ticket back to Cebu last June 29 for TWD 751 (approximately Php 1400). Imagine, you can already go to… Continue Reading “#TripMagSoloSaTaiwan: A birthday treat to myself”

Travel Essential for Solo Traveler

Hi, dear friends! So, I am writing now in the airport while waiting for my 9PM flight to a place where just maybe 10 people know. Haha! I am really being secretive this past few months. Keeping things to myself and to the people… Continue Reading “Travel Essential for Solo Traveler”


I just got home from a rare trip of my life. Thank God! It is a 2days and 2nights staycation (stay + vacation) at Chong Hua Hospital in Fuente. Thanks to my sensitive stomach. *insert sarcasm* 🙄🙄🙄 So what did happen? 🤔 I was… Continue Reading “THANK YOU NOTE ❤️”

Reliving childhood in HK Disneyland

It is always a girl’s dream to be a princess, live in a castle and meet Prince Charming. Right? But we all know that it could not happen for everyone. And as we grow older, we face reality and realize that this will forever be… Continue Reading “Reliving childhood in HK Disneyland”

A trip to the Land of K Drama and Kimchi, South Korea

Nowadays, Korean Dramas have already gain too much popularity in the country. Many follow those telenovelas or movies or even the K Pop groups. Many go gaga with how cute these Koreans are and how beautiful their shows. Many would even live like them by buying… Continue Reading “A trip to the Land of K Drama and Kimchi, South Korea”

Day 4: Jeju Island plus Trip to Cebu

On our Day 4, we will be going to the famous Jeju Island. This is known for the location of some Korean Dramas. That’s why many would like to visit here. Of course, aside from the beautiful spots. According to my friend Wikipedia, Jeju Island ( previously Cheju-do)… Continue Reading “Day 4: Jeju Island plus Trip to Cebu”

DAY 3: Everland

Every child’s dream is to be in Disneyland and meet the Disney Princess and other Disney characters that they love. But South Korea does not have Disneyland. However, they have this theme park which will make every children, teens, & adults enjoy. You will… Continue Reading “DAY 3: Everland”