As we all welcome the new year, 2018, we usually do give or share our New Year’s Resolutions. Those things that we want to change, we want to correct, we want to do, we want to achieve and we want to reach.

Honestly, I did that before. But nothing happened. Hahaha!

Fulfilling your resolutions need determination and passion plus discipline. We cannot just set it and forget everything when January ends or February starts. We have to put it in our heart and mind. We have to convince ourself that we can do it. That we should do it.

Anyway, for me, I did somewhat similar and different this year. I set goals that I want to accomplish. Most of them were that things I should have done last 2017.

However, it’s just this year that I had the courage and the will power to do it.

So what are they? 🤔

I will be sharing it one by one though. 😉

Here’s the list that I will fill up once I accomplished it.

1. Watched a movie alone. ✔️ 1/3/18

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