Month: July 2018

Travel by agency or by DIY

When you travel, how you usually plan? What are your preparations? Who do you contact to? Do you prefer to book by the agency or do it on your own? So what do I mean by traveling by agency? It is booking your whole… Continue Reading “Travel by agency or by DIY”

Is being single selfish?

When you are in love, you tend to give almost if not everything to the person you love. Even if it means not leaving something for yourself. And sometimes, you can no longer give something to your family and friends. Your family who has… Continue Reading “Is being single selfish?”

You are never alone

I have been reading a lot about suicide in social media, nowadays. A few months and weeks back were famous celebrities, a couple of days ago was a teacher and today, I just read a 14-year old boy from my hometown. A few years… Continue Reading “You are never alone”