Month: March 2020

Tokyo One Piece Tower πŸ—Ό

On our 3rd day in Japan, we opted to visit one of the many towers you can find in the Land of the Rising Sun. Well, there are 2 in Tokyo as far as I know. First is the Tokyo Tower and the other… Continue Reading “Tokyo One Piece Tower πŸ—Ό”

Meeting Doraemon in Japan πŸ˜

Going to Japan has been one of our dreams. Well, one for the good things & experiences that we heard & read. Two, to experience it first hand and see with my bare eyes the beauty of Japan. I guess, it’s part of everyone’s… Continue Reading “Meeting Doraemon in Japan πŸ˜”


I’m gonna share with you my experience today going out after a few days of just being at home. Well, for the record, I did not go out to have fun or travel. I went out to go to the Grocery. My grocery experience… Continue Reading “LIFE DURING COVID-19 OUTBREAK”


Every girl’s dream is to find a Prince Charming and live in a huge, beautiful castle happily ever after. Well, as much as we want to find our Prince Charming and own a castle, sometimes it’s really just hard. Hahaha So yeah! Good thing… Continue Reading “TOKYO DISNEYSEA”