Month: April 2020

BUSAN: Haeundae Beach & Back to Pinas

On our last day, we started it earlier than the usual since we need to go to few places before heading to the airport and catch our flight back to Cebu. Yes, we’re finay going home. It’s a short vacation but full of wonderful… Continue Reading “BUSAN: Haeundae Beach & Back to Pinas”

BUSAN: Taejongdae Resort Park and Busan Tower

What’s really nice about this trip was that we were not pressured to wake up early, prepare early and depart early. We moved according to our pace and convenience. Though it would still vary in different people but we wanted this way. And guess… Continue Reading “BUSAN: Taejongdae Resort Park and Busan Tower”

BUSAN: Dadaepo Beach & BIFF Square

All of our experience in Busan was memorable and fun. Our kind of one-for-the-book adventures. But this specific experience was one of the fondest and unforgettable part of the trip. In my own opinion. Hehe Why? Well, let’s find out. 😂 After our late… Continue Reading “BUSAN: Dadaepo Beach & BIFF Square”

BUSAN: Gamcheon Culture Village

We started our 2nd day with a hearty breakfast. A toasted bread with marmalade & butter, a scrambled egg, a cereal with milk, a coffee and a kitchen all for ourselves. Coz it’s already 9:30AM. Don’t know if where the last guests eating the… Continue Reading “BUSAN: Gamcheon Culture Village”

BUSAN: Oryukdo Skywalk & Gwangalli Beach

Our first stop on the list is Oryukdo Skywalk. It is used to be called “Seungdumal” which marks the border between East and South Seas. It is a 15-meter glass bridge composed of 24 glass panels linked to each other in a horse-shoe shape… Continue Reading “BUSAN: Oryukdo Skywalk & Gwangalli Beach”

K-Guesthouse Premium Busan Station 1

Before I will share our experience in Busan with the different places that we visited, I will give a little credit first to our home for 3 nights. My usual routine when looking for a place to stay wherever I will go, I will… Continue Reading “K-Guesthouse Premium Busan Station 1”

Arrival in Busan City

I already shared on my previous post (I think 2017 haha) how to get the Korean Visa and how was our experience. There were few changes with the requirements that is why we need to check their page once we’re getting a new one.… Continue Reading “Arrival in Busan City”

Thoughts About Coronavirus

All of us globally has been affected with the current crisis the world is facing. An enemy that no one can see and no one is certain who has it. An enemy that kills thousands of people and affected the lives of millions. This… Continue Reading “Thoughts About Coronavirus”

Backpacking in Busan

When we talk about South Korea, first thing that would come up in my mind is Seoul. That’s why there are many tourists going in and out the city. We’ll, no doubt it’s the most visited because this is the largest city and the… Continue Reading “Backpacking in Busan”

Traffic Over Coronavirus

A few months back, I was complaining about traffic. The struggle of riding a jeepney and the long trip going to/from work. It’s been one of the turning point which I decided to transfer to a company just walking distance from home. But of… Continue Reading “Traffic Over Coronavirus”