What’s Worst than Coronavirus

Coronavirus has been affecting a lot of people in the whole world. Literally, physically, financially, mentally, emotionally. People are afraid to go out. Some got sick. Some even died. But this is a reality that we have to face and we need to survive.

But days gone by, as we are all doing our own share of helping stop the spread or #flattenthecurve, a worst enemy evolved. Know what it is? Our own demon. Our own self and our fellow countrymen (whether you are the highest rank citizen or the lowest ones).

1 set of people rant on how the government handled this situation. Some were looking for the budget allocated to support the people and why there are still hungry citizens.

Then other set of people understood and supported the government. They saw how things were being managed. They saw nothing wrong with the government.

The rant/complain fueled up anger to those people who supported the government. Which led them to bash those complaining citizens. Toxic posts can be seen in whatever form of social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

People rant. People complain. People bash. And the cycle continues. An opinion grew into hate. And instead of working together, we are fighting against each other. Instead of motivating and spreading good vibes, we are contributors of negativity.

People have their own opinions and stand. Stories have their own different side. Whichever it is, whatever it is. Are we for the good?

I admit that I posted rants because that’s my opinion on how things went and what I saw/felt. But I deleted these posts.


Coz instead of giving my “two cents” and “just saying” statements, I know some of my “friends” hated me to death. Which they are free to do by the way. And they are free to really unfriend or unfollow me.

And I realized, is that what we really want and need this time? In this very critical time. Hate, Anger and Fighting.

Definitely, NO! That’s why I stopped.

And from now on and onwards, I will keep my opinion to myself or will be shared to some close friends. Coz first, I don’t need hate in my life. 2nd, it’s hard to explain and I don’t like explaining. 3rd, people will always have something to say.

And I don’t want to fuel up some hate and anger to others. I just need Positivity and Happy Vibes.

So I will just be sharing about my blog posts, travel stuff, my family, my friends, and some motivational quotes or corny jokes. And yeah! I’m hosting a Trivia Night. Don’t know if there will be people joining but yeah, it’s just for fun.

Then, let’s focus on what’s best for ourselves. Keep safe everyone! Peace Out! ✌️

#justsaying #mytwocents

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