Month: September 2020

Facebook and Me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Social media these days had been really a part of everyone’s life. Almost, if not all has a social media account. Be it Instagram, Twitter, or the must have Facebook. And there are more too. But I guess these are the basics. Every social… Continue Reading “Facebook and Me ๐Ÿ˜‰”

Your 24 hours a Day

It’s another Monday morning and the last 3 days before September ends. Our day usually starts with my sister listening to a podcast about life and God. Today, I heard the speaker said that we have the same 24 hours that is given to… Continue Reading “Your 24 hours a Day”

What is Success?

It just came into my mind suddenly while taking a call of nature break. What is Success for me? How should this be defined? I then posted a story in my IG and FB accounts asking my friends what is success. But of course,… Continue Reading “What is Success?”

Purpose of Life

If the world or your life would end up today, how are you going to feel? Will you be happy & contented because you were able to do what you want in life? You were able to buy all those fancy things, travel around… Continue Reading “Purpose of Life”

What I missed about traveling?

If you read my previous post about my canceled flights this year, all thanks to COVID-19, then you would know how much I love to travel. Even if I got broke most of the time. Or even if I got sleepless nights. All for… Continue Reading “What I missed about traveling?”

Korean Variety Shows Takeaways

If there’s one thing that this pandemic had made me into, then it’s about becoming a Korean thing addict. From watching Korean Drama to Variety Shows to eating Korean Food to listening Korean Songs to studying Korean Language to having a Korean Friend to… Continue Reading “Korean Variety Shows Takeaways”

2020, A Year of Canceled Flights

September! The BERmonths have now started. Actually, it started 6 days ago. And so, Christmas season in the Philippines has also started. I already heard Christmas songs on the first day of the month. And this month is the last month I claimed for… Continue Reading “2020, A Year of Canceled Flights”