Month: December 2020

A week in the Hospital

I have been traveling a lot lately. But, I did not expect to end my trip in the hospital. Who want it that, right? But ya know! Things happen when you least expect it. And sometimes, things happen because it is the result of… Continue Reading “A week in the Hospital”

Christmas in the New Normal πŸŽ„

2020 has a lot of life changing things, turning points and even uncertainties. But one thing is still certain – your family will always be there.Virtually or physically, close or far. They are always there. 😊 Every Christmas holidays, we always celebrate it with… Continue Reading “Christmas in the New Normal πŸŽ„”

What Changed this Christmas πŸŽ„

Christmas Season is finally here. But this year will be totally different for everyone in the world. One difference would be that it is hard to travel. And so, some would not be able to celebrate it with their family. Just like us. Second… Continue Reading “What Changed this Christmas πŸŽ„”