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This site is all about my experiences and the lessons I had learned along the way during my travel. Plus some random life & love posts too.

I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts and stories. And always remember…

“Travel while you are young. Explore while there is time”.

Because as what St. Augustine had said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

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  • Graveyard Shift: How do I feel?

    Graveyard Shift: How do I feel?

    I think I have this side of doing things I said I would find hard doing. Since few years back, I would tell my friends that I cannot work on a night shift. That’s why, I really look up the BPO employees who can do it like it’s a regular shift. But maybe the universe […]

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  • Why I left Cebu?

    Why I left Cebu?

    This has been a very long overdue post. 26 days late, specifically. 😅 On December 4, 2021, I brought all my packed stuff in boxes and luggages to the port in Cebu City, rode a ship and traveled for 6 hours to the island of Siquijor – my home. Yes, I brought all my stuff. […]

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    It was one Tuesday morning when suddenly the power in the house went off. The lights turned off. The computer monitor turned off. The internet connection turned off. Everything connected to the electricity suddenly turned off. Oh no! What had happened? Upon checking the Electric Company’s Facebook Page, they posted that there will be a […]

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  • Are You Really Okay When You Say “I’m Okay”?

    Are You Really Okay When You Say “I’m Okay”?

    We always hear people ask question like “How are you?”. Most especially during online meetings these days. Or maybe when we meet friends or people we haven’t met for ages. We rarely hear people ask “Are you okay?” but I guess it’s the same thought with “How are you?” just on a deeper sense. Anyways, […]

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  • How do you handle stress?

    How do you handle stress?

    I was recently asked by someone if HOW DO I HANDLE STRESS. I’m not sure if my answer made sense or I was just blabbering stuff. 😅 I started telling her something I always tell anyone. Stress is anywhere. Whatever you do or wherever you go, there will always be stress. Even how you love […]

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  • Unlimited Samgyupsal @ Jeju Samgyupsal

    Unlimited Samgyupsal @ Jeju Samgyupsal

    It’s one Saturday morning, almost lunch actually, we took a taxi to a place called Nickrek Center. I don’t have an idea what it looks like and so the driver. The location is so familiar but haven’t heard of this center. I’m having lunch with my sister. When we arrived, I saw a familiar road […]

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