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It was one Tuesday morning when suddenly the power in the house went off. The lights turned off. The computer monitor turned off. The internet connection turned off. Everything connected to the electricity suddenly turned off. Oh no! What had happened? Upon checking the… Continue Reading “WORK SPACE @ THE COMPANY CEBU”

Unlimited Samgyupsal @ Jeju Samgyupsal

It’s one Saturday morning, almost lunch actually, we took a taxi to a place called Nickrek Center. I don’t have an idea what it looks like and so the driver. The location is so familiar but haven’t heard of this center. I’m having lunch… Continue Reading “Unlimited Samgyupsal @ Jeju Samgyupsal”

A Weekend in South Korea

If you didn’t know, I have a Weekend Trip to South Korea. But everything was only a plan. Coz everything was canceled. Plane tickets, hotel reservation, and yeah, my itinerary. Why? COVID-19 happened. If it pushed through, it should had been last April 2020.… Continue Reading “A Weekend in South Korea”

Stay Single Until…

Stay Single Until you find someone who has the kind of humor you are looking for. Someone who can make you laugh. Someone who can connect with you. Stay Single Until you find someone you can talk to about anything under the sun. And… Continue Reading “Stay Single Until…”

My Mantra in Life

Pandemic has been really the time that I was able to reflect a lot of things about me and my life. If I would look back in the past year, my mindset has changed as well. I guess, myself itself had some renovations or… Continue Reading “My Mantra in Life”

A life in the island

It’s been two months already since I went home in the island. And it’s been a couple of days already since I’ve been back in the city. This time that I went home has been more meaningful, valuable and a lot of things did… Continue Reading “A life in the island”

Disconnect to Connect @ Sermon on the Mount

Disconnect to Connect as I want to describe that weekend when the whole Tropang Laagan went on a trip. We started our journey at past 12NN from Ayala Centralbloc. We were picked up by the van that we rented with the help of the… Continue Reading “Disconnect to Connect @ Sermon on the Mount”

Ging-Ging Hotel and Resort, Oslob

We were looking for a place to stay for our Round South on January 1st. I did my usual process whenever I’m looking for an accommodation. Check in Agoda, read reviews, check the price, and if everything is positive, book it. And so, I… Continue Reading “Ging-Ging Hotel and Resort, Oslob”

Christmas in the New Normal ๐ŸŽ„

2020 has a lot of life changing things, turning points and even uncertainties. But one thing is still certain – your family will always be there.Virtually or physically, close or far. They are always there. ๐Ÿ˜Š Every Christmas holidays, we always celebrate it with… Continue Reading “Christmas in the New Normal ๐ŸŽ„”

Life Lessons from Running Man

Just recently, I started to get hook to this 10-year Korean Variety Show called ๋Ÿฐ๋‹๋งจ Running Man. It’s about competing among the members and/or guests to complete missions and win the race. Different games, different tactics, different challenges. It is very fun to watch.… Continue Reading “Life Lessons from Running Man”