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Purpose of Life

If the world or your life would end up today, how are you going to feel? Will you be happy & contented because you were able to do what you want in life? You were able to buy all those fancy things, travel around… Continue Reading “Purpose of Life”

What I missed about traveling?

If you read my previous post about my canceled flights this year, all thanks to COVID-19, then you would know how much I love to travel. Even if I got broke most of the time. Or even if I got sleepless nights. All for… Continue Reading “What I missed about traveling?”

2020, A Year of Canceled Flights

September! The BERmonths have now started. Actually, it started 6 days ago. And so, Christmas season in the Philippines has also started. I already heard Christmas songs on the first day of the month. And this month is the last month I claimed for… Continue Reading “2020, A Year of Canceled Flights”

Born & Death vs Hi & Bye

I just completed two 2018 episodes of a Korean Variety show called 집사부 일페 or All the Butlers. Their master is a 70-year old actress who was talking about death already. They even had a photoshoot for the photo she wanted for her funeral.… Continue Reading “Born & Death vs Hi & Bye”

Is Love Really Blind?

Let’s talk about love again this time. 🤣 I usually hear people say that “love is blind” especially when the couple is physically opposite. You know what I mean, right? But is love really blind? In my own opinion, it is not blind. But… Continue Reading “Is Love Really Blind?”

Questions that Lead to Love

I was looking for some questions about love online and I find this article from The New York Times. It is called The 36 Questions that Lead to Love. But I will only be answering on what is applicable to myself. So, since it… Continue Reading “Questions that Lead to Love”

50 Questions that will Free Your Mind

I found this article online written by Marc Chernoff and posted in marcandangel.com. The article is entitled the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind. With the current situation we are in right now due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, most of us are worried… Continue Reading “50 Questions that will Free Your Mind”

Life and Its Choice

Life is full of choices. That’s a reality that no one can escape nor deny. Every single day in our lives, we have to choose. Right? When we wake up in the morning, we have to choose if it’s either we will get up… Continue Reading “Life and Its Choice”

Traffic Over Coronavirus

A few months back, I was complaining about traffic. The struggle of riding a jeepney and the long trip going to/from work. It’s been one of the turning point which I decided to transfer to a company just walking distance from home. But of… Continue Reading “Traffic Over Coronavirus”

How COVID-19 changed my travel plans

I am always that person who travel on a budget but fun. But you know, it did not happen overnight. It happened after a lot of travels with some down side. Down sides like fully loaded day that even if we’re totally tired we… Continue Reading “How COVID-19 changed my travel plans”