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A Weekend in South Korea

If you didn’t know, I have a Weekend Trip to South Korea. But everything was only a plan. Coz everything was canceled. Plane tickets, hotel reservation, and yeah, my itinerary. Why? COVID-19 happened. If it pushed through, it should had been last April 2020.… Continue Reading “A Weekend in South Korea”

A life in the island

It’s been two months already since I went home in the island. And it’s been a couple of days already since I’ve been back in the city. This time that I went home has been more meaningful, valuable and a lot of things did… Continue Reading “A life in the island”

Disconnect to Connect @ Sermon on the Mount

Disconnect to Connect as I want to describe that weekend when the whole Tropang Laagan went on a trip. We started our journey at past 12NN from Ayala Centralbloc. We were picked up by the van that we rented with the help of the… Continue Reading “Disconnect to Connect @ Sermon on the Mount”

Ging-Ging Hotel and Resort, Oslob

We were looking for a place to stay for our Round South on January 1st. I did my usual process whenever I’m looking for an accommodation. Check in Agoda, read reviews, check the price, and if everything is positive, book it. And so, I… Continue Reading “Ging-Ging Hotel and Resort, Oslob”

What I missed about traveling?

If you read my previous post about my canceled flights this year, all thanks to COVID-19, then you would know how much I love to travel. Even if I got broke most of the time. Or even if I got sleepless nights. All for… Continue Reading “What I missed about traveling?”

Korean Variety Shows Takeaways

If there’s one thing that this pandemic had made me into, then it’s about becoming a Korean thing addict. From watching Korean Drama to Variety Shows to eating Korean Food to listening Korean Songs to studying Korean Language to having a Korean Friend to… Continue Reading “Korean Variety Shows Takeaways”

2020, A Year of Canceled Flights

September! The BERmonths have now started. Actually, it started 6 days ago. And so, Christmas season in the Philippines has also started. I already heard Christmas songs on the first day of the month. And this month is the last month I claimed for… Continue Reading “2020, A Year of Canceled Flights”

How COVID-19 changed my travel plans

I am always that person who travel on a budget but fun. But you know, it did not happen overnight. It happened after a lot of travels with some down side. Down sides like fully loaded day that even if we’re totally tired we… Continue Reading “How COVID-19 changed my travel plans”

Walking Tour in Shibuya

Tokyo trip is incomplete without visiting the famous and busiest street of Shibuya. Most especially to all first time visitors, witnessing personally the tons of people crossing would be a check in the bucket list. 😂 Anyway, this was on our last day and… Continue Reading “Walking Tour in Shibuya”

Afternoon in Akihabara

After staying and exploring Tokyo Tower for 4 hours… Yes, 4 hours! We’re really making every minute count. Haha We went to our next stop, the famous Akihabara. This place is know for electronics shops and stuff. So, we went here for two reasons.… Continue Reading “Afternoon in Akihabara”