Day 2: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gwanghwamun Gate, Myeongdong Cathedral

On our second day, we spent it visiting the palace, watching the changing of guards, buying some stuff at the flea market, collecting freebies at Myeongdong and saying a prayer at Myeongdong Cathedral.

Since we will just be within the city, we did not start our day that early. Actually! We were just so tired. Hahaha!

After breakfast, we headed to Dongmyo Station for Gyeongbokgung Palace. But before we reached the station, we saw a market across the street. It was a Sunday Market selling affordable stuff and foods. We just bought a biscuit that we can eat on the road or when we are still enjoying the tour.

The street of South Korea on a Sunday morning.

The market near Dongmyo Station. I guess, they are only here during Sunday.

How to get there

From Dongmyo Station, take line 1.

Dongmyo Station -> Dongdaemun -> Jongno 5-ga -> Jongno 3-samΒ 

Alight at Jongno 3-sam Station, then take line 3.

Jongno 3-sam Station -> Anguk ->Gyeongbukgong Station

This can be found inside Gyeongbokgung Station. It is a Bullomon.

I love how the architecture of the Gyeongbokung Station plus the interior design. πŸ˜€

When we went out from the station, we were welcomed by an old couple walking hand in hand. See! That’s how sweet Koreans are. πŸ˜€


Aren’t they sweet? They are old but still they walk hand in hand. ❀

When we were at the National Palace Museum of Korea, there are girls walking towards the palace wearing hanbok (a traditional South Korean dress). It comes in different shades of pastel colors and they really looked lovely.


The National Palace Museum of Korea

Then we walked to Gyeongbokgung Palace. Before getting inside, you have to pay for the admission fee of 3000 KRW or 10000 KRW for combination ticket (Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace – the Secret Garden included, Changgyeonggung Palace, Deoksugung Palace and Jongmyo Shrine) or free admission if you are wearing a hanbok.


We will be going inside that palace behind us.

Since we were not going to all those palaces and we found it too hot to wear a hanbok while roaming around, we just bought the 3000 KRW admission ticket.


Then, we started our Gyeongbokgung Palace tour. We did not stay that long because we wanted to witness the Changing of Guards at the front of Gwanghwamun Gate.



At 1PM (with no lunch), we were at the Gwanghwamun Gate. The ceremony did not start yet thus, we take some photo with the guards. You can really see how difficult it is for them to stand there for a couple of minutes or hours with the heat of the sun and without moving or anything. They were just really standing still.

After a few minutes, we were instructed to move backwards as the ceremony will start. We were fortunate to be able to stand in the front row and can really see the whole thing clearly. The ceremony is not that easy and quick. They are really following some protocols (I believe the tradition way) in changing guards. It took them for about 15 minutes to complete. Then after that, we took another photo with the new set of guards.

It is a must to witness the changing of guards.

Then decided to head to the flea market across the street. We roam around checking on the items being sold. From used clothes, shoes, sunglasses to stuff toys to toys to bags to books to anything that they think are no longer useful to them but can still be used by others.


The stalls in the flea market.


Definitely, I am so in love with Seoul.

I was able to buy two Doraemon stuff toys. One is color pink and the other one is blue. Hahaha!


These are the stuff toys I bought. It’s like a boy and girl version.

We also did some food and wine tasting. They are delicious but it is gonna be a hassle to bring and it is not part of the budget. πŸ˜€

Some of the stalls and things that are being sold in the flea market.


Before we headed to our next stop, we rested for awhile under the “mistletoe” tree. Then, these pretty girls approached us asking if they could leave their stuff and we said yes. When they went back, we asked for a photo with them. By the way, they can speak English well. πŸ™‚

After that, we headed back to the station and then,will go to Myeongdong. Have our lunch there and go for some window shopping! Haha!

To get to Myeongdong from Gyeongbokgung Station:

Take line 3 then alight at Chungmuro Station (Gyeongbokgung -> Jongno 3-sam -> Euljiro 3-sam -> Chungmuro).

Change to line 4 then take the train to Myeongdong Station.

You can also find stores inside the MRT station.


And this… πŸ˜€

Myeongdong is known for the cosmetics heaven. You can see a line of cosmetics store in here of all the famous brands back home (i.e. Faceshop, Etude, Innisfree, etc.). There are also stalls selling foods, souvenirs, clothes, and your favorite Korean actors memorabilia. I have seen lots of Gong Yoo, Lee Min Ho, EXO, BTS, etc. But I am not that so fanatic so I just bought an EXO pouch for my cousin and took a photo of the Goblin stuff for the people in PH. Hahaha!

What is the best thing in shopping at Myeongdong?

Their prices are low compared at home plus a wide variety of brands and products plus almost everything are on sale (whether up to 50% discount to buy 1 take 1) and most of all, there are lots of freebies (masks, cotton pads, etc.) given to whoever entering the store.

I highly recommend to everyone who loves cosmetics to visit Myeongdong.

And since we were getting too much hungry, we just bought foods on the stall found in the middle of the street. We rested for a moment while having our lunch. Then after that, the shopping resumed.

Along the way, we found this Korean guy selling some food. He greeted us in Tagalog and we were like surprised because he can really speak that well. Our friend saw him on YouTube and so we did stop on his stall. He chitchatted for a while then demonstrated to us how he made the food he is selling. (I shared the video on my IG account.)


After that, he gave us some for free taste then we bought one box.

We bid farewell and walked towards Myeongdong Cathedral. We passed by a souvenir stall thus, we stopped and bought some for our friends and family.



Then we resumed walking until we saw that beautiful, castle-like cathedral. It is located in a hill which is kinda overlooking.

We rested for a while then went up and got inside the church. Supposedly, we will attend the Sunday Mass but unfortunately, it was in Korean language. So, we just prayed then went out. Then stayed for a few minutes outside, took some photos then decided to go home.


We just walked again going back to our hotel. Another exercise! Hahaha!


That’s how our day 2 ended. πŸ™‚



  1. Plan on what to visit and check the opening hours & schedule. You can visit all the palaces and garden but it is gonna be a fully loaded day. Just plan it out well.
  2. Savor the moments. Take as much photos as you can. Wear that hanbok if you like and live for a moment like a Korean Princess. But if you are on a budget, leave that for your next visit.
  3. Palaces could look almost the same. But stories in each are different. If you are into that, buy the combination ticket.
  4. Get as much freebies as you can. You can give that as pasalubong to your friends. πŸ™‚
  5. Check properly the items based on what you want. For example, the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel’s price differs from every brand/store. But the Aloe Vera content also differs. The more Aloe Vera, the higher the price. So know which do you prefer.
  6. Take advantage of the discounted price and buy 1 take 1. Prices in Korea is cheaper already but with that promo, it can go beyond that.
  7. Tried the Korean local snacks or foods that you can find along the street.
  8. If you wanted to buy souvenirs, the one being sold in Myeongdong is more expensive than the markets like Dongdaemun and along the sidewalks or subway stations.
  9. You can bargain if you want to. Some Koreans are generous enough to give you discount.
  10. Never forget to visit Myeongdong Cathedral. It is one for the book!




Day 1: Nami Island, Petite France & N Seoul Tower

Our adventure just gets more exciting everyday! Yeah! But we woke up around 7AM Incheon Time (6AM PH Time) and decided to have breakfast first before going out. Though the breakfast is at 8:30AM, we just waited.

We were able to depart from the hotel at around 10AM and we will supposedly follow the directions given by the hotel owner. But, we found our own way. But before that, we got lost for a couple of minutes. First time tourists problem! hahahaha

Β We did not miss the chance to take a photo of our neighborhood. That Korean feels you see on the KDramas. πŸ˜€

How does Korea look like!

From Hotel Korea Original, we will be going to Gapyeong Station and then ride a bus to the wharf to Nami Island.

MRT experience.

Province in South Korea. They are really rich in agriculture.

How to get there

From Dongmyo Station, ride a train on the Blue Line:

Dongmyo Station -> Sinseol-dong -> Jegi-dong -> Cheongnyangni -> Hoegi

alight at Hoegi Station then transfer to the Light Green Line:

Hoegi Station -> Hankuk University -> Jungnang -> Sangbong

alight at Sangbong Station then transfer to the Dark Green line:

Sangbong Station -> Mangu -> Sinnae -> Galmae -> Byeollae -> Toegyewon -> Sareung -> Geumgok -> Pyeongnae Hopyeong -> Cheonmasan -> Masok -> Daeseong-ri -> Cheongpyeong -> Sangcheon -> Gapyeong

There are different tour packages that are offered for Nami Island inluding transfer. So if you find it inconvenient to take the train, you can book a tour package online or ask the hotel staff.

For those who will be commuting through the subway, just remember that your destination will be Gapyeong Station. It is easier to depart there to Nami Island.


This is Gapyeong Station. The upper right is the Information Center. Their staff can speak English. While the lower right is the taxi and bus station where you will wait for the bus to Nami Wharf. The bus schedule is being posted here too.

From Gapyeong Station, you can take a taxi to the wharf or the bus. The bus fare is 6000 KRWΒ (around PHP 270) and an unlimited ride for a day including to destinations like Nami Island, Petite France and The Garden of Morning Calm.

The travel time is more than 1 hour.

We arrived at Gapyeong Station at almost 12NN. We spent our whole morning getting lost. hahahaha..

We waited for the bus that will depart at 12:15PM at Gapyeong Station. When it arrived, we paid the fare to the driver. Make sure to keep the ticket as the driver will ask for it every time you ride the bus.


This is the bus that we should ride on. There are other buses passing the area so be sure to look for the bus with this design.

From there, it will take for about 20 minutes to arrive at the bus terminal to Nami Island. There are a few stops before reaching our destination. From the station, we were given the direction on how to reach the wharf.

It takes a few minutes of walking to reach the wharf. Upon arriving, buy the visa (as what they call it) for 8000 KRW (around Php 360). Once you had bought, you can then proceed to the immigration where you will be greeted by the immigration officer that can speak Tagalog as well. Then, there you go! It is time to ride on the ferry!


The ferry that will take to Nami Island.

Nami Island Here We Come!!!

Nami Island is just 5-10 minutes away from the wharf. Too near, right? But of course, you cannot walk on the river. But you can always choose the Zip Wire for 10000 KRW if you don’t want to take the ferry.

The fare includes the roundtrip ferry transfer and the entrance to the island.

And after the long trip… The wait is over!


Hellooooo to the love island, Nami Island!



We did a few photo ops and strolled around looking for the restaurant as we were already hungry (that’s past 1PM already).



The Belle Bell where you will make a wish and hit the bell thrice.

Visitors go to this area in the island where rocks are scattered. As they say, you have to put the rocks on top of each other and as high as possible then what you wish will come true. πŸ™‚


Our yummy Korean lunch πŸ˜€

After our sumptuous Korean Lunch, we strolled around the island, take more photos, enjoy the moment, look for the Winter Sonata shooting locations and meet with tourists & locals.

Some of the locations of the Korean Drama Winter Sonata

At around 4PM, we decided to head to Petite France. It is more or less an hour away from Nami Island Wharf.

Photo shots in the famous and the most instragrammable place in the island. It’s like you’ve never been in Nami Island if you have no photos here. πŸ˜›


Bonjour! Bienvenue en Petite France!


Little Prince welcomes the visitors

Petite France is like a small French community. From its structure, to the colors, to the displays, to the flowers, to the foods, to the love locks, to the Eiffel Tower replica, to Pinocchio, to Mona Lisa, to Little Prince. There is not a lot of things you can do here but take pictures, stroll, have some afternoon tea, relax and enjoy the scenery especially there is an overlooking view. It is kinda relaxing. I prefer to visit here in the afternoon.

Entrance Fee is 8000 KRW.


This one welcomed us when we get inside.

The three of us having fun in Little France. The view too is amazing.

Just like Paris, they also have the famous Eiffel Tower (replica) and the love locks! πŸ™‚

After a couple of minutes, we decided to head to our last destination, N Seoul Tower. We were not sure if we can even reach there before it is close. But we need to… we have to… we should… because we already bought a ticket online and it cannot be used on another day.


We saw this outside Little France. It seems they are shooting for something in this coffee shop.

Goofing around while waiting for the bus. Their road is sooo wide and the cars can go as fast as they want.

The view along the way to/from Petite France.

We started our travel to Myeongdong Station (this is the nearest station to N Seoul Tower) at 7PM. It is not yet dark but the sun gonna set anytime soon.

We arrived at Myeongdong around 9PM. N Seoul Tower’s last admission is at 10:30PM. And we still have to walk a long way to get there. Since we are first timers, guess what? We got lost again in going there. Aside from that, we do not have an idea that it is totally very sooo far from the station. Really! haha! We were like the 3 kings following the star to reach where Jesus is. We were following the light coming from the tower. But we got lost! hahahah…

We walked for more than 1KM from the station to the foot of the stair to the tower. After that, we have to walk on a steep stair (going up) for about 1.4KM. Imagine that! What a tiring night! Our feet were aching so bad. Fortunately, the weather is kinda cold. But we were almost got hydrated. We did not bring even a small bottle of water. And we were like walking uphill, running (coz we need to reach there before the last admission) then walking. But when we got there, wow! It was all worth it.


Good evening, Namsan Seoul Tower!

Namsan Seoul Tower is located at 236 meters in Namsan Mountain, the second highest point in Seoul.

The entrance fee is 10,000 KRW. To get to the tower, you can choose any of the following:

  • By Foot – just like we did. If you think you can do it, then go for it. πŸ˜€ But, do not forget to bring water with you and just walk on your own pace. Enjoy what you will see while you are walking.
  • By Bus – Ride the Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus (number 02, 03, or 05). Fare is 1200 KRW
    • Bus 02 closest subway station – Chungmuro Station (lines 3, 4) then take exit 2 (in front of Daehan Cinema)
    • Bus 03 closest subway stations – Seoul Station (lines 1, 4 then take exit 9. Or Itaewon Station (line6) then take exit 4. Or Hangangjin Station (line 6) in front of exit 2
    • Bus 05 closest subway stations – Myeongdong Station (line 4) then take exit 3. Or Chungmuro Station then take exit 2
  • By Cable Car – Walk for 10-15 minutes to the cable car station. The fare is 8500 KRW for round trip and 6000 KRW for one-way.

We will supposedly be going to this Hello Kitty place but unfortunately, it was closed when we get there. 😦 Better luck next time!

The view from the top. Wonderful, isn’t it? πŸ™‚


After our overlooking experience at the top of N Seoul Tower, we bought some souvenir then went down at the entrance of the building. There we can find more souvenirs and love locks which you can place in their love locks garden. And since we were all single and do not want to spend that much for a lock, we just went to the garden and took some photos and did something hilarious stuff that we cannot share. LOL! haha

The love locks in N Seoul Tower. You can buy the locks in their store or bring your own.

We did some stop here because the view looks more beautiful plus we are so tired.

Then we went down because our stomachs were complaining already. It is past 11PM yet we still did not eat our dinner. And so we deserve a hearty dinner! We ate in a food stall along the street just like in K Drama! haha!


That stairs you have to take.

By the way, we were able to pass by the house in Legend of the Blue Sea. Actually, it was Ate Tzhe who noticed it since I did not watch that series even once. πŸ˜›


I guess Legend of the Blue Sea lovers could recognize this. πŸ˜€

Right after that dinner, we walked back to our hotel. Imagine another hour of walking! I did really burned so much fats and calories yet it’s still day 1! Along the way we saw a line of fans of G Dragon. I am not sure what they were lining up for. A meet up or a concert or an after concert event. I just don’t know. All I know was that I am totally tired, my feet was already numb and painful and just wanna lay on the bed. Hahahahha!

As our Day 1 ended, we all realized that we should be back in Korea when we found a partner. (This is not a perfect place for someone who is on a moving on phase like me who was left by the BF 2 months ago. But I am still enjoying and totally happy.) Because this place is so romantic and the people are. Young, old, family, friends!


Good night Day 1! πŸ™‚



  1. Know how to get there ahead of time. Unless, you have an extra time if in any case you get lost. Especially if you are going to a far place from where you are staying. Ask the hotel staff or Uncle Google!
  2. Always give a time allowance when you are visiting places especially if it is a famous destination.
  3. Do not be so hurry but be time conscious. Unless you are staying in that place for the whole day, then you can. But if you are planning to be somewhere else after, then spend just enough time. However, do not forget to treasure the moment that you are there. It is not everyday that you can visit.
  4. Bring water always. You can buy a bottled water at the convenience store then just refill it anywhere you are. Most of the tourist spots in Korea have drinking water for free.
  5. Bring some biscuits or sandwich. You do not know if when can you eat especially if you are travelling from one place to the other. At least you have something to munch just to feed up your stomach.
  6. Bring some coat or sweater when visiting N Seoul Tower at night because it is so cold. The temperature in Korea when we visited reached 19 degrees at night.
  7. Walk as much as you can but if there is a way that you can ride, then go for it. Walking when abroad is very common. You can walk for kilometers if you want. But for tourists like us that wanted to be on different places in a day, you can still walk but if there is another way to ride a bus or shuttle or cable car, then do it. It will bring you to wherever you intend to be faster and you can spend more time there. But if you are in budget, and the fare is expensive yet it can be reached by feet, then walk.
  8. If you are on a budget, be practical. You do not have to buy love locks if it is not that necessary. But if you really want to lock your love for each other, then bring some locks from the Philippines. It is cheaper and you can customize if you want.
  9. Always ask. Koreans may find it hard to talk or understand English but they are very much willing to help. So ask!
  10. Do not forget to cherish the moment. Enjoy as much as you can. Take photos as much as you can. And try some Korean cuisine even once a day.


Most of the photos are taken by Ate Tzhe. πŸ™‚

New Discoveries in Siquijor

Hi everyone! Been busy this past few days as I have been travelling! Char2 lang. πŸ˜€

After my travel in Boracay for work, a long weekend is coming since August 21 is a holiday.

Thus, me & my sister went home to relax and spend some family time. Plus, I just want that traditional hilot. πŸ˜›

When Sunday came, we had our usual impromptu tour in the island. But this time, we visited those newly discovered places. It is a sort of ocular inspection as well if in case we will be having visitors.

Our trip started at Locong Falls in Catamboan, Lazi.

You need to rent a vehicle to be able to reach there since it is far from the national highway.

You will then be welcomed by friendly staff who will let you register and where you will pay for the entrance and parking fees. (I am not sure though if there is an entrance fee.)



Here’s my mother at the Welcome sign of the falls πŸ™‚

To get to the falls, you have to trek for 10 minutes from the registration area.


Tsaraaaan! πŸ™‚


The falls is not as big as Cambugahay Falls but it is still beautiful and there are few people visiting that day too.

We spent just a short time taking pictures and roaming around then headed to our next stop because it is almost lunch time.


The residents here are just developing the area to make it more beautiful for tourists. and locals who will be visiting.

After that, we travelled for about 30 minutes to our next stop, Capilay Spring Park.

This tourist spot is not new to anyone especially to the Siquijodnons like us. We used to swim here whenever we are touring around the island.

But for that day, we went there to have our lunch. My mother has been suki already because it is where they will bring their visitors in the office.

There were already customers when we arrived, so we still have to wait for about an hour. Tip: Order in advance so that the foods are already prepared when you get there.


Look what I found! A family of Imaw. πŸ˜€ (I am not sure what its name really is but I called them imaw. πŸ˜›

While waiting for our order we had eaten Pizza and Halo-Halo. Good thing we did because it did really take them an hour or so for the orders to be served.

But, the long wait is over! This is our sumptuous & delicious foods.


Note: the boodle only cost Php 1000 yet the serving is big. Worth the wait though!

When we got our stomach full and had enough time relaxing, we decided to head to our next destination, Kamp Aninipot.

It is called Kamp Aninipot because of the fireflies that are present at night in the site.

With this, here’s a trivia. πŸ™‚ Do you know Siquijor Island has been called the Island of Fire or Isla del Fuego by the Spaniards because of its glow at night coming from the swarms of fireflies.

This site is a newly opened camp site in Siquijor. Guests can do a day tour, or an overnight stay at their Hobbit Huts or in a camping tent. Kids can do zipline, wall climbing and pull up bars. Every guest can enjoy the overlooking view, fresh air, serenity, taking pictures in the frame and on the bike, and have some snacks in their snack bar.

It is located in Tacdog, Siquijor. You have to take a long uphill road to get there. So better have a professional driver and if possible not a fully loaded vehicle. Along the way, you can already see the view in the island. It is totally breathtaking!


You can see signage like this that will lead you to the site.


This will welcome you when you get there. But, this is still a start of a kinda long trek to see the magnificentΒ view.


This is the beginning of all the trek that you have to do in the site.

This is the view that you will see right before the entrance to the camp site. You should not miss taking a photo in here.Β 


This is the Entrance. But no one is guarding here and you just have to pay at their snack bar (which you can reach by trekking).



Trekking again!Β 

This is the Hobbit Huts where guests can stay for overnight. Isn’t it cute? πŸ˜€

Then take another time to trek to the top. Trekking is kinda tiring especially to the oldies. But having this kind of scenery is totally worth it.

Fortunately, when we got there, we were the only guests. So the whole place was ours and we were able to spend more time taking (unlimited) pictures.


This frame is the first thing you will notice when you arrive at the top.Β 

Now you know the Jerusalem’s trademark pose! :p


That is my 8-year old cousin, Keishza who enjoyed the unlimited Kid Zipline for Php 100. It’s her first time though. πŸ˜€



This mountain bike is mounted fix for visitors to use (plus that helmet) when taking that biker shots. πŸ™‚





Wall climbing for kids only! πŸ˜€ Kids at heart are not allowed too.Β 

And more things to do. πŸ˜€


The view at the snack bar.


This is the bonfire area when you are staying overnight.

That scary road (super uphill) and lovely overlooking scenery.

Our last stop is Marikart in Larena. We had some snacks (halo-halo & fries) before heading home.


That is how we spent our day in the island. You can either just stay at home lazing, watching TV and eating or roaming around the island, discovering new places & trying that island foods & vibes.

Siquijodnons are continuing to beautify the island & its tourist destinations and discovering new spots because we want to encourage more guests to visit and experience the life in Isla del Fuego.

We hope to see you there one of these days. ❀

Nang Dahil sa Kita Kita πŸ˜

Kagabi, kasama ng aking mga kaibigan, kami ay nanood ng kita kita! At sa di inaasahan, ito ay aming nagustuhan. At dahil diyan, ako ay gumawa ng listahan. Listahan na maari niyong magawa hango sa pelikula o sa buhay ninuman. Pawang kathang isip lamang! Kung kayo ay natamaan, pasensya na at kayo’y nabukulan! Walang personalan! Ito ay katuwaan lamang. βœŒπŸΌπŸ˜‰

Ang unang listahan ay ang sampung masasakit na pangyayari. Katulad ng maramdaman ni Lea nang kanyang makita si Nobu na nakipaghahalikan sa iba. Pero hindi iyon iba sa kanya! Dahil iyon ay ang kaibigan niya. Sampung bagay na inisip lang niya para siya ay hindi makasakit sa kanila. πŸ˜‰

1. Isa

Isang buwan akong nagpakatanga. Naniwala na hindi tayo magkikita kasi busy ka sa trabaho pero sa iba na pala.

2. Dalawa 

Dalawa na pala kami sa buhay mo pero hindi mo man lang sinabi sa akin. Inuulit ulit ko pang sabihin sa iyo dati na kung may iba ka mang makitang mas higit pa sana ay ipaalam mo at hahayaan ko na kayong dalawa. Respeto na lang sana!

3. Tatlo

Tatlong buwan na ang nakalipas ng akoy iyong iwanan kasi mas pinili mo siya. Pero iba ang saya at liwanag ngayon na aking natatamasa. Mas nakita ko kung gaano kaganda ang mundo at gaano ako biniyayaan ng mga taong laging andyan kasama ko.

4. Apat 

Apat o higit pang ebidensya ang aking natagpuan para mapatunayan na kayong dalawa ay may relasyong itinatago sa akin. Lihim na dahan-dahang ipinapaalam sa akin kahit wala akong gawin. Binuksan ang aking mata, puso at isipan. Binigyan ng liwanag ang madilim kong pinapatunguhan.

5. Lima

Limang text messages ang iyong nataggap at aking nabasa mula sa kanya. Pero sabi mo ay na wrong send lang siya. Pwede ba yun? Pwera na lang kung bobo talaga siya! Pero ang talino niya! Magna cum laude dba?

6. Anim

Anim ng umaga ng ako ay nagchat sa kanya. Gusto ko lang malaman ang katotohanan mula mismo sa kanya. Pero doon ko nalaman na siya ay nagsisinungaling talaga. Gusto ko lang na siya ay umamin. Pero doon ko rin nalaman kung gaano siya katraydor sa akin. Tinuring ko pa naman sana siyang kaibigan dahil nga kayo ay bestfriend.

7. Pito

Pitong rason ang aking nakikita para masabi ko na wala na tayong dapat babalikan pa. Mapapatawad pa rin kita kahit ipinapasa mo sa akin lahat ng mga kasalan na iyong nagawa at hindi ka humihingi ng kapatawaran sa lahat ng masasakit mong sinabi’t ginawa. Ang kapatawaran na aking maibibigay sa iyo ay para matanggal lahat ng bigat na binibitbit ng puso ko.

8. Walo

Walong taon at mahigit pa umabot ang ating relasyon. Walang taon tayong nagmamahalan at naging masaya. Pero hindi ko alam sa walong taon na yun hindi ka pala sigurado kung ako na ba talaga. Sinabi mo pa na magsisisi ka kung sa aki’y magpapakasal ka.

9. Siyam 

Siyam na beses akong pinagbigyan ng aking mga kaibigan at pamilya sa lahat ng aking mga gusto para ako ay lumigaya. At siyam na beses din nilang ipinamulat sa aking mata ang katotohanan tungkol sa ating dalawa. Katotohanang buong puso ko ng tinanggap kaya ngayon ako’y namumuhay ng tahimik at masaya.

10. Sampu 

Sampu at sobra pa ang pagkakataon na nagpasalamat ako sa Panginoon dahil ni isang beses hindi niya ako pinabayaan. Sinamahan, inintindi at ginabayan niya ako hanggang sa akoy unti unti ng nabuo at handa ng humarap sa mundo. Naging matatag, bumangon at naging masaya ulit dahil sa Kanya at sa lahat ng taong nagmamahal sa tulad kong tanga!

At ang huling listahan ay ang mga natutunan sa pag ibig na ating nararamdaman. Mga leksyon ni Lea na kanyang nakuha nang dumating si Tonyo sa buhay niya. 😍

1. Ang trabaho ay hindi kailanman rason upang hindi siya magpakita. Ika nga, kung gusto may paraan at kung ayaw ay may dahilan. At iyan ay alibi lang niya dahil malay mo, busy pala sa iba.

2. Ang taong magtatraydor sa iyo ay yung pinagkakatiwalaan mo. Yung taong tinuring mong kaibigan at tinrato mo ng may kabutihan.

3. Ang katotohan ay gagawa ng paraan para ito ay malaman ng karamihan. Kahit gaano mo man ito itatago, lalabas at lalabas din ito. Kaya magpapakatotoo ka nalang bro!

4. Pag ikaw ay nagmahal, asahan mong ikaw ay masasaktan. Dahil kapag hindi ka nasasaktan, ang ibig sabihin lang nun ay hindi mo siya mahal. 2-in-1 package yan eh!

5. Makita ang mahal mo na may kasamang iba kahit kayo pa ay siguradong magpapalabas kung gaano ka kasama. Pero imbes gawin mo yan ay bumilang ka ng isa hanggang sampu bago gumawa ng anumang hakbang. Isipin mong mabuti kung ano ang iyong gagawin at sasabihin. Siguraduhin mong wala kang masasaktan at matatapakan para lang magfeeling better!

6. May dahilan lahat ng mga nangyayari sa buhay natin. At kung may tao man na nawala, ito ay marahil para bigyang daan ang tamang tao na darating. At ang nagsarang relasyon ay marahil magbubukas na bagong pag-iibigan.

7. Ang buhay ay maikli lamang para sayangin sa pagmukmok at pag iyak. Bigyan mo ng limitasyon ang iyong pagdamdam sa masakit mong pinagdaanan. At kapag iyan ay natapos na, bumangon ka, harapin mo ulit ang mundo at magpakasaya ka. Ang buhay ay maganda pa rin kahit wala siya.

8. Ang pagmamahal ay hindi nakadepende kung anuman ang nakikita ng iyong mga mata. Bagkus, ito ay nakabase kung ano ang nakikita ng iyong puso. Pangit man o maganda sa iyong paningin, ang mahalaga ay ika’y masaya pag magkasama kayong dalawa.

9. Gagawin mo ang lahat para sa taong iyong minamahal. Mag-eeffort ka ng bonggang bongga para siya ay lumigaya. Dahil ang makita ang taong mahal mo na masaya ay napakalaking bagay na.

10. Gumugol ka ng oras sa mga taong mahal mo. Hindi mo alam kung hanggang saan at kailan lang kayo magkakasama. Sulitin niyo lahat ng panahon na kayo ay nasa tabi ng isa’t isa. Sabihin at gawin lahat ng gusto mo para sa kanya. Bago maging huli ang lahat at ang tangi mo na lang magagawa ay ang pagsisisi pa.

Sana ay iyong nagustuhan ito, kaibigan! At tumungo na sa pinakamalapit na sinehan! Gumawa ka rin ng listahan! πŸ˜‹

Travel Essentials when Out of Country

Travelling to South Korea or any country outside the Philippines? Thinking of what to bring? There should be a lot of things but just always make sure that you bring what is needed and to travel light. Note that travelling abroad means more walking.

So what to bring?


  1. Passport – number 1 to check on your bag is your passport. You should always bring it wherever you are going even if you are just eating in a restaurant near your hotel. Why? Because it will be your identification and that you will be identified that you are a tourist. If in any case, you can do something you do not know then it might be a way for you to avoid being punished.
  2. Camera – of course! You should not forget this. You have to take all the places, the moments and the people you will meet. Every moment you will spend there might not be repeated. It could be a one time experience. So record every single moment.
  3. Cap – it depends on you but for those time that it is really hot, a cap is a big help. I used it during our Everland tour and it saved me from the heat. πŸ˜€ Though, since #OOTD is important for the millennials nowadays, just do your mix & match.
  4. Face Mask – another not so important but can be useful in any way. I used my mask when I am sleeping during the flight. hahahah..
  5. Cookies – roaming around can get you hungry and buying foods anywhere might be difficult or expensive, bringing cookies or sandwich can save your tummy’s pet. My tip? Book a room in a hotel that offers free breakfast. Then during breakfast, take out some foods for you to bring while you are touring around. That will be a big saving for you!
  6. Bottled Water – bring a bottled water from the hotel. Most of the tourist destinations have free drinking water scattered around the place and so bringing your own bottled water will save you from big expenses.
  7. Wallet – never forget to bring your money! Of course! You need to purchase tickets, foods and souvenirs.
  8. Subway Card – most of the places abroad have subway or train which will give you big savings in your rides. And so, make sure to purchase a subway card when you arrive in the airport. It can be purchased in the convenience store or there is a booth selling it. Subway is convenient to use. My tip? Book a hotel that is close to the subway and/or bus station.

So, plan your trip now! Check your essentials. And make sure that you will have fun! Cherish every moments until it last. πŸ˜€

P.S. Make up kit is not included in my travel essentials because I am not so into it. Hahaha.. I can go out without make up. But for those who cannot,Β kilay is life, you can add this to your list. πŸ˜‰

Day 0: Journey to South Korea

June 9, 2017

Who would have thought that we will be given the chance to visit our dream destination?

Well… If God works, nothing is impossible.

Since our visa was just released the day before our trip, we did our last minute to-do tasks in the morning of June 9.

We went to Alco Money Changer in Raintree Mall (at the back of Mango Avenue Jollibee) to have our peso be exchanged to won. So far, this is one of the best exchange rates in Cebu. The exchange rate for Korean Won is 1KRW is equivalent to 0.046PHP.

At around 11AM, we went to the airport. Thank God that it was not traffic.


When we arrived, the check in counter still does not open. It opened 3 hours from the flight schedule.

Once done with the check in, we then paid the Travel Tax that costs Php 1620 and claimed our boarding pass at the check in counter. After that, we paid the Terminal Fee that cost Php 750.

We then headed to the immigration office, since I am travelling with my sister, we approached the immigration officer together. He just asked us where we worked and what our travel date in South Korea is. Ate Tzhe, my sister’s friend, was asked to show her payslip or COE or something that could prove she has a work.

Basically, the interrogation with the immigration officer depends on them. Mostly, they will ask a lot of questions if someone is suspicious with their purpose in traveling. That is their work, though.


Yay! We are flying to Gong Yoo! πŸ˜›

Tsaran! Another thank you, Lord because we finally are going to South Korea. Woooohooo!


Bye Cebu! See you soon.

We waited for about 4 hours for our flight to Incheon. We departed at around 3PM and arrived in Incheon at around 9PM (South Korea Time), which is an hour advance to PH.


Ate Jane & Ate Tzhe so excited to go to Korea. πŸ˜€


We are in Korea! Dora is so happy. πŸ˜€

What I love about Incheon International Airport is that it is very clean and there are flowers all over the place.


After deplaning, we went to the immigration, have our passport stamped then claimed our baggage.


Then we bought T-Money for our rides within SK, checked for Pocket WiFi Rental but we decided not to rent so that we can avoid just always on the phone surfing the net, and asked on how to get to our hotel.

We are staying in Hostel Korea Original. I booked it through Agoda for Php 8301.18 for 3 persons for 5 nights. So cheap right? Plus it has free breakfast (the breakfast consists of bread, cereals, cookies, steamed rice, coffee/milk/tea) . I also checked it with TripAdvisor (as I always do) and found good reviews. It is located in Jongno-gu. The nearest station is Dongmyo. It is also a walking distance to Dongdaemun and Myeongdong. It has a lot of convenience store and restaurant around the area.

We were advised to take a bus number 6002 from the airport directly to Dongmyo Station. The fare is 10,000KRW.


Ate Jane lining up to buy the bus ticket.



I can see Lee Min Ho all over the bus. πŸ˜›

Approximately, an hour after, we arrived in Dongmyo Bus Station. We crossed and looked for our hotel with the help of Google Map that we loaded in the airport. After a few minutes, we found the hotel located in a quiet neighbourhood.

We were welcomed by the owner who is nice and can speak English (Thank God). He gave us this guideline and we negotiated also for an extension on our check out since we will be coming from Jeju Island on that day. And since we won’t be staying for a night in the hotel, he let us check out at 1PM instead of 10:30AM.

The hotel is your typical budget hotel but the price is good, the location is right and the owner is nice. We were guided to our room (Room 101) just near the common toilet & bath and the door to the reception area & outside. He gave us the WiFi password, the key and instructed us for the pin if in any case the main door will be closed.


This is one of the beds in our room. Ate Jane is just tired. hahaha

And since we haven’t eaten our dinner yet, we just placed our stuff then asked the owner where we can eat. He draw us the location and the direction. After a few minutes and getting lost (haahahah), we found this small restaurant. We met the two Pinoys who are staying also in the same hotel. They came from Manila and just arrived too. Their food costs around 5000-6000KRW but it is worth it because it is delicious and the serving is big.



Then we rested after the dinner because we still need to get up early the next day.


Annyeong haseyo Seoul! Still day 0 but I have seen a lot of your beauty already.

Thrilling Visa Processing for South Korea

Annyeong haseyo! πŸ€—

That famous greeting most of us have heard nowadays even from not Koreans. K Dramas and K Pop are getting popular here in the country. As they have said.. Kinain na ng K Drama. From teenagers to young adults and even to the oldies, they know about Lee Min Ho and Gong Yoo. Thanks to ABS-CBN and GMA for showing Korean Dramas.

I was able to watch few Korean Dramas like Endless Love, Full House, Boys over Flowers, etc. But my sister is really the fanatic. She watched a lot of K Dramas, listen to Korean songs and even self studied Korean language.πŸ˜‹

And so when Cebu Pacific Air has a promo fare to Incheon, Korea, we then grabbed the chance. Our fare was just Php 5000 plus and that is already roundtrip and direct to/fro Cebu. Great deal, right? πŸ˜‰

Months before the trip, we were already getting the requirements for the Korean Visa. Read blog posts about Korea and the processing of the visa. We also started making itineraries for the trip. That is how excited we were.☺️

We agreed to process our visa after we get our 13th month pay so that we can add it up for our show money. I did not know getting a visa is nerve-breaking. hahaha

Below are the requirements that we found online. This is for those going to South Korea as a tourist like us and are employed.

  1. A completed handwrittenΒ visa application form. Just put N/A for those fields that do not apply. Do not leave anything blank except for those portions where you chose NO. You may download the form here.
  2. One (1) piece 35 mm x 45 mm colored passport photo against a plain white background. Paste it on application form.
  3. Philippine passport. Must have at least 6 months remaining validity.
  4. Photocopy of passport bio page (page 2).
  5. If available, original and photocopy of valid visa(s) and arrival stamps to OECD member countries within the last 5 years. Valid visas to OECD member countries will greatly increase your chances of getting approved so be sure to submit these if you have them. CLICK HERE for a list of OECD member countries.
  6. Original certificate of employment to be printed on your company’s official letterhead. It must contain your position at the company, date hired, salary, office address, HR landline number (cellphone number is not allowed), and HR e-mail address.
  7. Original personal bank certificate. It must include account type, current balance, account opening date, and 6 months average balance (ADB).
  8. Original or certified true copy of bank statements / passbook for the last three (3) months.
  9. Photocopy of income tax return (ITR Form 2316). Frequent travelers who have traveled as tourists to OECD member countries within the last 5 years are exempt from submitting an ITR.
  10. Copy of PRC or IBP card (if applicable).

You can check the blogs online for the requirements for other type of traveler like businessman.

We were able to provide 9 out of 10 (except #10 because we do not have a PRC or IBP card).

Since we are from Cebu City, we processed our visa at the South Korean Consulate General inΒ 12th Floor Chinabank Corporate CenterΒ Lot 2, Samar Loop Cor. Road 5 Cebu Bussines Park, Mabolo,Β Cebu City. Just near Lexmark and Keppel Bldgs. The processing of visa is from 8:30AM to 10:30AM while the releasing is at 2PM to 4PM. They are very strict with the schedule so better be early.

The visa for tourist going to South Korea for less than 59 days is free.

Our travel date is on June 9-14, 2017. We were able to complete the requirements May 26, 2017 because my Certificate of Employment was delivered on that day. So, the three of us agreed that I will process the visa on Monday, May 28, 2017. This is just so right because the releasing will be 5 days as per on the blogs. Yes, anyone of you can process the visa for all even if you are just friends. No authorization needed.

So, when I went there on May 28, there were few people processing the visa. When it was my turn, the in-charge (Korean lady) scanned all our requirements. Then she returned all the requirements with an attachment to our ITR. She said that we lacked ITR or FORM 2316 BIR Authentication (any of the following):

  1. “BIR Received” or “BIR Certified True Copy” Stamp (RMC No. 24-2015)
  2. Copy of Alphalist with BIR Stamp
  3. Copy of Notarized Sworn Declaration, Transmittal Form with BIR Stamp submitted by company to BIR in compliance with RR No. 2-2015

In addition, the processing of visa starting April 2017 will take 7 business days. So we really need to process it on or before May 29, 2017. But we still have to secure the additional requirements.

As I informed my sister (Ate Jane) and her friend (Ate Tzhe), we were all confused on how to get it. And so I told them that they ask their HR and I will go to BIR Office to ask how to secure this.

As I was in the BIR Office, the in-charge told me that processing of the BIR Stamp takes 7 business days because they need to route an approval. Plus, me and Ate Tzhe need to secure it from Manila since our ITR is coming from our Manila office.

Later that day, Ate Tzhe was able to secure the Copy of Notarized Sworn Declaration, Transmittal Form with BIR stamp. Then Ate Jane was able to get a copy of the Alphalist with BIR stamp. I told them that they just process their requirements first because our HR is absent, unfortunately. So Ate Tzhe said that she will process the next day.

That next day (May 29), she was waiting for my requirement to be available so that she can process. However, the HR still did not send it. So, she just processed her requirements. Me and Ate Jane should be processed together because we declared that we are traveling as a family. So Ate Tzhe did process her requirements and was given a claim form with date of June 8. Then she requested if she can follow our requirements and the in-charge give her 30-minute extension.

Unfortunately, our HR was able to send the requirements at almost 11AM and Ate Tzhe still needs to print it and ran to the consulate office. When she was able to print and ran to the consulate office, the door has been closed because it was already 11:10AM.

And so, the three of us that Ate Jane will process our requirements the next day (May 30). It was so thrilling and nerve-breaking. We were really played by the universe. hahaha..

The next day, Ate Jane was able to process the requirements and was given a claim slip with date of June 9. It would be totally difficult if the passport will be released on that day because the releasing is at 2-4PM while our flight is at 3PM. We really need to do some ninja moves if this will be released on the same day. Fortunately, the in-charge let my sister signed a request for early release and instructed us to call in the morning of June 8.

Wow! I do not know if what is more nerve-breaking. Processing the visa, waiting for the release of the passport or both.πŸ˜–

We cannot do anything but pray that God will grant us an approved visa.πŸ™πŸΌ

June 6, Tuesday, I called the consulate office to check the status or if there are requirements that we need to submit. But as per the one who answered, no status as of the moment.

June 8, Thursday, is the moment of truth! I called at 8:30AM asking about our passport if it can be released but the lady told me to call at 11:30AM. However, I have a meeting from 11AM to 12NN which I cannot skip. So, I told Ate Jane but they cannot outside call. Ate Tzhe does not have an own phone in the office. And so I asked a favor from my colleague, Clavel.😱

At 11:30AM, she called and the staff told her that we can claim it at 2PM. Wow! It feels good but still I was totally nervous. The release of the passport does not guarantee if we can travel.

2PM here we come! I went to the consulate office and me & Ate Tzhe will meet there. When I arrived, the office is closed yet and Ate Tzhe is still far. So when the office opened, I claimed ahead of her. My priority number is 2 so when the first person was done, I immediately approached the counter when the in-charge called my number. I handed her the claim slip and she checked it and gave me a paper and have it signed. Then she handed mine and Ate Jane’s passports. Then I asked her if it was approved and she said yes. Wow! Thanks God! Super thank you! I cannot even believe it did happen! But God really has his own way. He let us experienced all those thrilling moments because we need to work for the things we want.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜‚

That’s it! Our journey in processing the visa. 😁


  • How much show money needed?
    • Before we processed the visa, we have been searching on how much money we need for the show money. Well, the answer is that there is no definite or fix amount. You just have to save enough money on your bank account that can be used for the trip. And do not deposit in bulk as they will wonder. Also, do not deposit a large amount that they might get confused on how you get it. For example, if you are a regular employee like me. They will wonder if I have 1Million Pesos on my account. So just make sure that it is sufficient enough to support your trip and that you can really earn it.
  • Is there another way to enter South Korea if the visa is rejected?
    • We were thinking of Plan B if in any case our visa get rejected. We were thinking that maybe we can go to Jeju Island instead since they did not require visa. Upon checking, tourists entering Jeju Island through Incheon Airport still needs to secure the visa. Otherwise, we need to get a plane ticket directly going to Jeju Island. Unfortunately, most of the trips are going through Incheon Airport. So this idea is not valid as of the moment. But there was a news that tourists going to Jeju Island can stay and visit Seoul without visa. That if they will get a tour package by an authorized tour agency. However, this is still not being implemented yet.
  • What additional requirements to be provided aside from the above mentioned?
    • We prepared a copy of our plane tickets, hotel reservation and itinerary if ever they will require it. But they don’t so do not submit it. Too much documents might be a caused for rejection too. In any case there is an additional requirement needed, the consulate will call you.
  • What is the best time to process the visa?
    • The visa is valid for 3 months. Just make sure that your travel date is within that range. But, just to avoid the same panic attacks that we got, better to process it at least a month before the travel date.
  • Are there tour agency that will process the visa for you?
    • Yes, there are a lot. Of course, for a fee. But for me, if you are just in Cebu, better do it yourself. Because the experience that you will get is unforgettable. Unless you are really have a hectic schedule. But the processing and especially the releasing will not take you an hour or even 30 minutes. You just have to be there earlier so that you will be entertained first.



Never get so confident that things will be okay. Never take it for granted. Take it seriously. Because we do not know what will happen during the processing period.

The important tip is to go to the consulate office and ask for the requirements. Because what was posted online might not be updated. From time to time, they can add any requirements they need. So better double check. If getting there is difficult, then you may call the office.


So, what you are waiting for? Check for promo fare, prepare for the requirements and process the visa! And maybe you will wake up one day in South Korea surrounded by the friendly Koreans.πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ˜Š


Next post is Day 0: Journey to South Korea! πŸ™‚


Unleashing Daanbantayan

When you talk about traveling to Cebu, people will always suggest Oslob Whale Shark Watching, Tumalog Falls, Moalboal, Simala Shrine, Mactan Shrine, Camotes Island, Bantayan Island, Malapascua Island and the list goes on.

I have been traveling for quiet some time but always I got to travel less from where I have been staying. We always aim on visiting those places far from home. I know many would agree. 😊

I always wish on visiting Malapascua Island since I was able to visit Camotes and Bantayan already. And so, when Tropang Laagan planned for a summer getaway for May (yeah, you heard it right? we have been planning on traveling almost every month.. haahaha), there was a suggestion to go to Daanbantayan.

We are blessed that one of our bestfriends came from Daanbantayan. Toj planned everything and coordinated all the things that we need.  The plan would be Day 1 in Malapascua Island (finally.. hehehe.. dreams do come true 😝), overnight at their house and Day 2 in Carnaza and La Manok island.

And when the day came, everyone is very much excited. But instead of our call time at 6AM, it became 7AM and we departed around 7:30AM. Pinoy time! πŸ™„πŸ˜

We hired a van that is exclusive for us and for another group (3 guys) from Manila since they are in a hurry. Normal bus fare is around Php 170 for non-aircon and Php 180 or Php 190 for aircon.

We arrived in Casa de Tohay almost 11AM. They were already preparing us lunch. And they prepared a lot: Tinolang Manok Bisaya, Crabs, and that squid. πŸ˜„

After lunch, we changed and then headed to Malapascua. We rented a boat for the whole trip including island hopping for Php 3,000.00.

IMG_9707Our boat can occupy up to 22 passengers and we are only 8. Imagine, how big it is for us that we can sleep and party. hahaha..

And as planned, we headed to Malapascua Island. It is just 30-45 minutes away from Maya Port. Look what welcomed us! Paradise! 😍


Malapascua Island has a stretch of white sand with beach resorts lined up. It is peaceful and serene perfect for those who want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The water is crystal clear. Though the shoreline is not that long as Boracay but still it is perfect for beach lovers like us.

Since, there is not much we can do and after a few minutes of strolling and taking picture, we decided to do the island hopping.

First stop is the area for cliff jumping. It measures 50 feet (if I am not wrong) and it is only for those who have willingness and strong courage. Definitely not for those who have a weak heart like me. 😝

Only Neil and Toj did the cliff jumping. And the rest were just swimming near the boat. There is also an area in the cliff where you can have a good pictorial session. Brave hearts though! And they got a whole boat of cheerers. hahha..

Near theΒ cliff is the Sunken Ship. Since when we were done with the cliff jumping and swimming, there are many tourists in the Sunken Ship so our boat captain suggested to go to Chocolate Island instead.Β  And off we go!πŸ›³

IMG_9731This is Chocolate Island. I am not sure why it is called that because I haven’t seen a single chocolate instead there is a lighthouse. Well.. Let it be that! hahhaha.. no whys!

Once we got there, we then went to the lighthouse. We still have to climb for a couple of steps before getting there. But you can appreciate more the view if you will climb up to the top of the lighthouse.

It is a 360 view. And just so relaxing and calm. πŸ™‚

That ends our Day 1. Later that night, we gatecrashed a party of Toj’s cousins thanksgiving. Literally, we just ate and ran. πŸ˜‹πŸ™ˆ

Unfortunately, that night there was some incident happened and so we decided not to proceed to Carnaza and La Manok Island. Toj’s family suggested to go to the a nearby beach which is Nalundan. Good thing, Tolits and Che can join as well.

So the next day, with all the foods, the drinks and everything that we need, we started trekking for 15-20 minutes. And along the way, we saw Maya RORO Port and another relaxing view.


that island is the Chocolate Island we went to the day before.

Just when we got there, this welcomed us. The water is clean and crystal clear. There is just few people mostly within the area since this is undiscovered yet. But you just have to bring tent or something for your stuff because there is no cottages.


We really had fun swimming, cliff jumping, eating, chitchatting and just savoring the moment in this paradise with the people we love.

Carnaza and La Manok Islands are a must-visit places but being able to visit Nalundan is enough. We still enjoyed and got burnt by the heat of the sun. Literally, I was kissed by the sun as I have sunburn! hahaha..

There is more to Daanbantayan than a jump-off point to Malapascua. There are many undiscovered places that should be visited. There are delicious foods that can be bought for an affordable price. And more than that, there are people who are very much hospitable and nice.

Thanks a lot to Tohay Family especially to Uncle Diomeng and Ante Lacion for taking care 7 noisy people, for the warm welcome and for the makabusog na foods. We still have to go to Carnaza and La Manok so we shall return. Hahaha..


All the love from Tropang Laagan! ❀️

Twin Falls & Lake in Negros Oriental

It is summer again and everybody is looking for some place to relax and ease the hot temperature. Some would go to the beach, some would have a staycation and dip in the pool all day & night while some wold go to the mountain, the falls and the lake. With all these various choices on where to go, you can really tell that Mother Nature has it all.

As I was starting my new venture, which is Backpacker Travel Getaway, a travel agency that help you to travel the way you want it. My first package is the Apo Island-Pulangbato Falls-Twin Lakes that can be found in Negros Oriental.

Thanks to my first clients for the trust. πŸ˜‰

Two weeks after that, me, my family & friends went back having the same itinerary.

So for this travel blog, I will share our journey for the Twin Falls and Twin Lake.

It was on the second day of our tour that we had this destinations. Twin Falls can be found in Valencia, 30 minutes drive from Dumaguete City. This is the home for Malabo Falls and Pulangbato Falls or the Twin Falls.

The entrance fee is Php 50.00 per adult.

You can take a bath and relax in the falls. They had provided cottages, comfort rooms and store for foods & drinks.

It is not called Pulangbato for nothing. Literally, the stones here are red. There is even a reminder not to wear white shirts when taking a bath to avoid stain.

After a few minutes of taking pictures, drinking shake and eating sweetcorn, we headed to our next stop which is just a few minutes away, the Red Rock Hot Spring. This is a private property opened to public who wanted to take a bath in a pool with water from a hot spring.

The entrance fee is Php 40.00 per adult. They have tables & cottages from Php 50.00 to Php 300.00, respectively. Β They also have store where you can buy anything from drinks to foods to bath soaps etc.


Red Rock Hot Spring is really perfect for relaxation and just those who wanted to dip. Plus the view is perfect. Everyone will really enjoy.


We then headed to our last stop for the day, Twin Lakes Balinsasayao and Danao in Sibulan. It is located an hour to 1.5 hours away from Dumaguete City. This requires a lot of walking. So better get your feet prepared. πŸ˜‰

Once you arrived, you have to walk going down for a few minutes to see Lake Balinsasayao. The in-charge will then ask you if you will have a boating to the waterfalls and the other lake, Lake Danao. The boat fee is Php 250.00 for an hour which only include either Lake Danao or the waterfalls. For both, you need to do the boating for 2 hours.

We chose to have an hour of boating to Lake Danao. Since we are already there, and twin lake is not twin lake if we cannot see the other one, right? πŸ˜‹

A boatman took us to the other lake. It took around 30 minutes of boating under the scorching heat of the sun. And for some trivia, the boatman said that Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao emerged because of a volcanic eruption. The lake is a couple of hundred feet deep. It is not allowed to throw a garbage and even to use motorized banca in the lake because it is a source of drinking water for a couple of baranggays in the area. Lake Danao is the home of the animals. Animals who got disturbed in Lake Balinsasayao will transfer to Lake Danao.

This is in Lake Balinsasayao. That’s my Papa helping the boatman row the boat. He is an expert though. πŸ™‚

This is Lake Danao, that made it twin. You can reach here by riding a boat manually being rowed by a boatman for a few minutes then trek for a couple minutes.

Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao, though are called twin lakes, but they are not connected. They are being separated by rocks. Though it is far and kinda tiring but it is totally worth it. The peace and relaxation is exceptional. You really know, Mother Earth is the best. πŸ˜„

This ends my journey in Negros Oriental. There are a lot of things to do in Negros Oriental but for now, these three first. It is just an hour away from home so gonna be discovering and visiting more soon.

Sorry it took a long time to post this. πŸ˜ŒπŸ™ˆ


Lambug Beach: A Hidden Paradise

The sun is out, swimwear is all out being displayed in the mall, resorts are getting fully booked, bus terminals are jam packed, everybody is planning… Oh, hello Summer! Finally you are here! 😎

And like any other squads, Tropang Laagan are now on the brainstorming mode for the year’s summer getaway. The difference this time is that we are celebrating a lot of things. 10 years of friendship (from acquaintances to bffs), reunion since April is going home and our annual out of town trip.

First suggestion was at a farm house in Busay. Unfortunately, the rent is expensive and we are all in budget.

So, next suggestion is at Lambug Beach in Badian, Cebu. I heard and saw about it a couple of times already and it is beautiful. White sand, you know.

Upon checking the resorts in the area, they have affordable rates. Actually, I got to contact just two.

I first contacted Grandeur Beach Resort. I already have their contact since I was asking about it before.

Below is their Summer Rate:

Each room with own Comfort Room inside.Β 

DOOR 1 Beachfront Aircon Room for 2 pax. Rate is Php 2,200.oo, allowed up to 3 pax excess.

DOOR 2 Beachfront Aircon Room for 4 pax. Rate is Php 3,000. Excess up to 2 pax, with 2 full size beds.

DOORs 7 or 8 Aircon Room. Rate is Php 3,000.oo each room and 6 pax Β allowed, up to 2 pax excess.

DOORs 9 or 10 Aircon Family Room. Rate is Php 3,700.oo for 7 pax and allowed of up to 3 pax excess.

DOOR 3 is a 2-storey Fan Room. Rate is Php 2,700.oo for 7 pax, and up to 3 pax excess.

DOORs 4, 5,11 and 12 are all Fan room. Rate is Php 1,700.oo for 6 pax and up to 2 pax excess.

Php 100.oo each for excess pax for Comfort Room and water usage. Tent users are counted part of the excess person.

You may contact them at 0917-638-6640.

Other resort is Magic Beach Resort. It is situated just beside Grandeur Beach Resort. You can contact them at 0906-307-7210.

There are a couple of resorts to choose from within the area. They are situated beside each other. You can also bring your own tent.

How to get there

You can opt to commute in getting to Lambug. You just have to ride a bus (either Ceres Bus with a route of Bato via Barili or Librando Transpo).

We chose to ride the Ceres Bus with aircon. The fare to Badian Market is Php 142.00.

After 3 hours, we alighted at Badian Market and was welcomed by Kuya Frankie, a tricycle driver offering a ride to Lambug Beach. He is so nice and accommodating. He also helped us bought foods and other stuff that we will need in the market. Then he gave suggestions. When we were done buying, we then headed to Lambug. After 15-20minutes, we arrived at an area near the beach. We then gave our payment of Php 30.00 each to him. He gave us his contact number so that we will just have to call him the next day to pick us. Then he guided us to the resort we will be staying.Β I will post Kuya Frankie’s number as soon as I get it.

Since we arrived earlier than the check in time, the in-charge told us that we can already check in but have to check out earlier the next day. Actually, just 15 minutes earlier. That deal is good so we agreed. We settled the remaining balance and the key deposit of Php 300.00 per room which is refundable upon check out.

Unfortunately, I haven’t took a photo of the rooms. But it is big enough for the price. We rented Door 11 & 12. Both are fan rooms and are located just near the gate we got in (meaning far from the beach). The room has 2 double beds that can accommodate 2 pax per bed. In our case, we, the 3 girls were able to occupy one bed. It also has 2 ceiling fans, a bathroom, a sink and an area where we can place our stuff.

Outside the room is a table that we can use for eating or chitchatting or anything, a sink for washing, and a cooking area.

Below are the photos taken during our stay in Lambug.


Beach front at Grandeur Beach resort during at night. These guys are workmates playing charades.

Campsite area in Lambug Beach. It is just a walking distance from Grandeur.




The boys were cooking for our dinner.

Look at that white, fine sand.


Perfect sunset moment.

The only picture that I am in it.






The happy Tropang Laagan fellas.

Indeed, we had a great time at Lambug Beach. Though we were not complete that time but it was still a weekend we will always cherish.


What we love about our Lambug Beach getaway

1. We only spent Php 1,000.00. Just so enough for our budget.

2. There is less to no mobile signal in the area. Thus, we had less time on our phones and more time talking and bonding.

3. No restaurant near the area that we can eat. Though we found a store that seems to sell foods. But, through this.. We were able to work hard to cook and budget our foods. Plus, the boys are cooking while the girls are chilling. Perfect!

4. We were able to talk about a lot of things under the sun and moon. Personal to movies to politics to life to anything. We even slept at 4A.M.

5. Lambug Beach has a lot of visitors but still not crowded. You can still find that serenity and relaxation you are looking for.

6. We knew in our heart that we are with these people who will always be there for and with us in whatever situations we have in this life. True friends indeed!

We have a different story to tell. But one thing is for sure, we are on the same page in saying that Lambug Beach is indeed a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered.

Experience its relaxing atmosphere, white & fine sand, and crystal clear water. πŸ™‚