A week in the Hospital

I have been traveling a lot lately. But, I did not expect to end my trip in the hospital. Who want it that, right? But ya know! Things happen when you least expect it. And sometimes, things happen because it is the result of what you do with your life.

Anyway, this is not the first time that I have been confined in the hospital. Actually, it’s my third time. First was in Perpetual Succour Hospital last October 2009 for Appendectomy, next was in Chong Hua Hospital last November 2017 for Gastritis and this year in Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital for Gallbladder Removal (LapChole). And in between that were my few trips to the hospital for check up and laboratory tests since I was in grade school. And most of my complains were due to stomach pain. Yes! Been struggling that since I was young. Different types of stomach pain.

I have a love-hate relationship with needles for years now.

I was in Davao when I complained of too much stomach pain and I was already vomiting. I thought it was another hyper acidity attack but it did not react to the meds that I took. Two days suffering the pain until I called my mother and told her about it. And just like another mother, she panicked and went to Cebu early morning the next day (Saturday). I told her that I want to be confined because I can no longer take the pain.

Just wanna thank my officemates in Davao for taking care of me while I was sick.

My mother arrived in Cebu earlier than me (I was traveling from Davao). My sister just picked me up from the airport and we went to the hospital after we left my stuff at home.

Unfortunately, my doctor was out of the country. But, maybe it was a blessing in disguise because we found another Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Pek Eng Lim. He did not recommend for confinement since we need to check the lab test result first. He advised me to get an ultrasound.

Fast forward >>>

The ultrasound result showed that the cholesterol polyp grew from 0.3 (from May) to 0.4cm. Thanks to all the yummy fatty foods I ate.

When we got back to him, he recommended to undergo an operation the sooner the better before things get worst (before the polyp will fall inside the tube). And yes, we scheduled it after series of lab tests has been completed as clearance.

A long list of laboratory tests that I need to get. And 5 vials that I need to fill.

If I am to compare my operation way back last 2009 and this year, it was easier and faster for me to prepare myself last 2009 because I was in so much pain. I was confined when I suffered stomachache and when I had my check up in the E.R., I was then advised to undergo an operation before my appendix will rupture. I was not given any pain reliever and I was like the one who wanted the operation to be done immediately.

But this year is different, I had weeks (from July 24 when we decided to undergo an operation to August 5 when I was admitted) to prepare myself and think about what’s gonna happen. Plus, the pain was gone already. I am no longer suffering from it. If only it was not that urgent to remove the gallbladder, then I won’t pursue with the operation. But, I have fear everyday that I may be able to eat something that could worsen it.

I was admitted last August 5 and was supposedly scheduled for an operation on August 6 but the Operating Room was full in the morning and there is surcharge fee in the afternoon because it’s holiday. Thus, I was scheduled on August 7.

Checked in.
My baon in the hospital. Later did I know that I am not allowed to eat these.Β 
While waiting for my operation, got to do some work while watching Vice Ganda with an IV on my hand.
Few hours before my operation.

Since July 24 until August 7, I was scared and worried if what could happen, if I can take it or if I can survive. I was never 100% ready. I was nervous when the OR nurse picked me up from my room. My mother went with me in the OR but she’s only allowed until the reception area.


I was brought inside Operating Room #6. The nurses prepared everything. They placed monitoring thing on my chest, a Blood Pressure kit on my right hand that will automatically get my BP every 5 or 10 minutes. Wrapped each of my legs with elastic bandage then with another thing so that I cannot move.

The nurses where getting in and out the room while I keep on checking the time and hoping that the doctors will arrive and get it done.


Dr. Don Edward Rosello, my laparoscopy surgeon (recommended by Dr. Lim) arrived and told me that the anesthesiologist still has a patient and will be there once done.


Dr. Stephen Aldrich Alsay, my anesthesiologist arrived together with his team. He told me, β€œmatulog na ta mam ha” (we will sleep) then injected the anesthesia through my IV. Then he kept on waving the oxygen in front of my face saying, β€œmam, oxygen ni siya, medyo lain ang baho” (mam, this is an oxygen and smells a little bad). Then I looked in the clock on the wall, it’s 8:45.


The nurse woke me up, β€œmam, humana ta” (mam, we’re done). Though my eyes were still closed, but I can already talk. I asked her if what time is it. Malyn, my OR attending nurse replied β€œ9:15AM mam”.

The next thing I said was β€œpalihog ko og picture sa akong gallbladder” (please take a photo of my gallbladder) then the nurse informed the others about my request. Then I remembered raising my hand while calling Malyn and I said, β€œpalihog ko og ingon ni Mama” (please tell my mother).

But the moment I woke up, it is still so clear to me about my dream (if it was a dream) while I was asleep. It seems that I was watching them doing the operation. I saw a group of people inside a room with a bright light. Then, when the nurse woke me up, I can remember that I looked at my wounds and I saw three small tapes (like a double sided tape) on my stomach.

The next thing I knew, I was already in the recovery room. I tried to open my eyes but it’s blurry and everything was not clear and seems to be moving in circles. I said out loud “thank you, Lord” a couple of times. Then,Β I kept on raising my hand telling them that my nose is itchy then they told me that I can take off the oxygen mask and scratch it. I kept on telling them also to inform my mother because I know how worried she was. It was like she will be the one who will undergo the operation. And I asked the nurse why my throat is itchy. She told me that it was normal because they inserted a tube where the gas passes through. When I checked my wounds, the plasters are different from the one that I saw in my dream. It was indeed a dream. πŸ™‚

Then I asked the nurse if how long I will be staying, she said β€œ2 hours”. I tried to sleep until 2 hours became 1 hour then became 30 minutes then the time came that I will go back to my room. The oxygen was removed 1 hour after I arrived in the recovery room but the other monitor and BP kit were removed when I was about to be transferred back to my room.

I was so excited to go back because first, I want my mother & whoever is there waiting for me to know that it was successful, second is that it’s kinda uncomfortable already staying in the recovery room trying to sleep, hearing other patients’ complains or waiting for the time, and lastly, I wanna pee but the nurse told me that if I will pee in the recovery room, they will provide a bed pan. I can’t imagine urinating in the bed pan. I am not even sure if I can. Hahaha.

When I got back to my room, I heard a few familiar voices of my friends and family. They were waiting patiently for me. From then on, many came to visit, to check on me by sending me a messages, to pray for my safe operation and fast recovery, to bring me foods, to make me laugh, to show that they care, and so on & so forth.

They were waiting for me in my room while the operation is on going.

I have been posting ever since I was visiting the hospital for lab tests and for check up at my doctor’s clinic. Until I was confined, undergone the operation, started my recovery and until I was discharged. Maybe because a life in the hospital is kinda boring. You’re just lying on the hospital bed waiting for the foods to be served, watching any shows in the TV, being checked and injected with meds by the nurses and doctors, and being asked by them if how many times did you poop, pee, drink water & fart (which I all found hard to answer because I did not count).

And also because I am grateful. Actually, I am so grateful to everyone. This is the only way I can thank all of you for your care and concern.


First, to all those who sent a message of encouragement, well wishes and prayers via Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Call and Text from all over the world. Naka boost siya og courage para makuhaan ang kakulba. Many to mention kaayo! Hehe.

Diri sad nako na proved nga laagan jud ko. Kay daghan jud nag message nga β€œpaayo na kay ang laag”. Hahaha. Lagi oi. Daghan jud unta naghulat. Pero, they can all wait. Haha.

Thanks also to these kiddos, my happy pill.

Second, to all those who kept on checking and monitoring if naunsa nako. Nangumusta if naunsa ang operation and if okay na ko. Di nalang nako i-mention inyoang names. But, you know who you are. πŸ™‚

Third, to all those who spent time to visit bisan layo kaayo ug nangdalikyat lang sa lunch break. Ang uban, naay mga lakaw or walay tulog kay gikan work. Bern, April, Ante Juana, Lovely, Mam Mae, Che, Tolits, Pao, Jack, Kevin, Sir Arvie, Sir Neil, Justine, Justin, Jay, Mai, Jen, Jove, Mam Ging, Irene, Maldita. Salamat.

Fourth, to all my family, friends and friends that became family – Lenares Clan, Calimpon Familia, The Jerusalems, Fujitsu VMBU Familia, and Tropang Laagan.

Fifth, kang Mama ug Ate nga kauban nako since Sunday ug way tarung tulog kay sigeg atiman nako ug sigeg assist labi na mag CR and lisod ibangon or higda, kang Coleen nga nibantay pag Sunday ug nilami jud ang rasyon tungod sa complain nimo πŸ˜‚, kang Ante Clara & Uncle Dodo nga maoy nag uban namo ug ni Mama ug naghatod foods, kang Uncle Romy na sigeg monitor even before ko naadmit, kang Ante Bibing, Uncle Joe, Ante Fe ug Kenn sa help, kang Uncle Jepur ug Papa Panyong para sa foods, sa three Musketeers (Toj, Chinkee, Tatay) nga everyday nagbantay.


First two photos: mura jud og namili sa grocery.

Third photo: inana jud na sila kagutom nagbantay sa akoa. Haha!

Sixth, to Cebu Doctor University Hospital nurses especially sa assigned nurse nako, Nurse Station IV-A nurses, Operating Room & Recovery Room nurses, resident doctors and interns, housekeeping, dietician dept. ug kang Sister. Daghan kaayo musulod sa room everyday to check sa vital signs pati ang pee, poo & fart, maghatag meds, mangumusta ug bisan nindot ang tulog muanha na sila, mamukaw kay ting meds na. Thank you.

Seventh, thanks to my doctors and their teams nga always sad naga check and monitor sa akoa. Dr. Pek Eng Lim (Internal Medicine), Dr. Don Edward Rosello (Laparoscopy Surgeon), and Dr. Stephen Aldrich Alsay (Anesthesiologist). I have the best doctors, indeed.

Eight and last, my biggest thanks to God. Since July 24 to August 7 (before my operation), di jud ko 100% ready and gikulbaan ko. But, I lift everything to God. I have a stronger and bigger God so I know wala koy dapat iworry. After the operation, I really said out loud β€œThank you, Lord”. And even I was in the recovery room, I kept on thanking Him. Everything was successful and safe because He was there with me.




Room 435 now signing off.

Christmas in the New Normal πŸŽ„

2020 has a lot of life changing things, turning points and even uncertainties. But one thing is still certain – your family will always be there.
Virtually or physically, close or far. They are always there. 😊

Every Christmas holidays, we always celebrate it with our parents. Either in the island (Siquijor) or in my brother’s place (Escalante). Though we are not always complete given my brother’s profession. And yet, we were able to celebrate Christmas last year completely together at home in the island.

This was last Christmas 2019. We were complete at home in the island. 😍

Little did we know that this year will be totally different. We are celebrating it geographically away from each other. My parents are in the island, my brother is in thousand miles away sailing, my sister-in-law & nephew in Escalante and me & my elder sister here in Cebu.

Good thing though coz we are never alone. We still have our family with us. 😁

Thank you to our Pabonita Family (in Cebu) for always being there with us since. These holidays are still as fun and memorably amazing because of all of you. 😍

With our family here in Cebu this Christmas 😊

Me & my sister started our day by attending the 6AM mass at Carmelite Monastery.

Then our aunt & Ate Mai prepared food to be shared by the whole family. We were complete not until dinner. And so, after we had our dinner, we started opening the gifts.

Then, we had few games after that. The finale was Bingo. While drinking a few shots if Soju.

The night then ended with a lot of laughter. It was still indeed a merry Christmas. And we are all still blessed. β™₯️

And so, from #TheJerusalems and the rest of our family around the world to yours wherever in the world… A Merry Merry Merry Christmas! πŸŽ…πŸŽ„

What Changed this Christmas πŸŽ„

Christmas Season is finally here. But this year will be totally different for everyone in the world.

One difference would be that it is hard to travel. And so, some would not be able to celebrate it with their family. Just like us.

Second is that get togethers are prohibited. Though we can still do it at our own homes. But it will not be as big as it was before. And so, some would do it virtually.

Third is that there are not much events at it was before. Usually during Christmas, many groups would hold an event. Be it a concert or just anything that will make everyone happy together. But now, it can’t be done. And so, some would just do their own mini concert at home broadcasted online.

And I was thinking more about what are the differences this year. I can’t think of anything more. But the first reason made the difference a huge impact to all of us especially to me. Coz Christmas is always about family.

However there are still things that stay the same this Christmas.

One of which is the food preparation. There might be no party like party party but food won’t be missed. Everyone surely did prepare something not the usual. Or maybe close to the usual preparation. Special recipes, seasonal menu, delicious food are all we can see in the food table on Christmas eve and day. Though it will not be the same for everyone especially those who are struggling because of the pandemic. But for sure, there is still something that everyone prepared for their family. Lavish or not.

Second is the presents. Not all would have prepare this but many would still. It is a joy to see your loved ones loving your presents. And Christmas is also about giving and sharing. To some, giving gifts. To some, sharing a little something. But to all of us, especially this year, our greatest present would be being alive. Our life that is so precious. And the love of God.

Third is the Christmas carols. Wherever you are in the world, Christmas becomes more lovely due to the songs that soothes our hearts. Christmas songs indeed are so soothing. The songs that we can only hear not the whole year but we would all get excited to play and hear. I don’t know why but these songs really bring some good vibes.

Fourth is the Christmas decorations. What is Christmas without our little fancy decorations. Each houses are different from each other but what’s matter is that we have our Christmas tree, lights, and some would also have the Belen (the nativity scene). It is so beautiful to look at especially at nights when the lights changing colors and all.

Fifth is that Christmas is about family. It is the time of the year that we gather with our family. We eat together. We exchange gifts. We share stories and laughter. It is the season of joy, love and even hope and peace. It is the time to strengthen more our bond with out family. Though, again we can’t all go home and be with our family physically. But still, knowing that we are all safe and healthy is a great blessing to still be thankful. And we can still get connected courtesy of the technology.

Lastly, Christmas is about Jesus Christ. It is the birth of Jesus Christ. Our savior. Our Lord who became man and lived like us. And so, let us celebrate every Christmas by being grateful to Him for always giving us blessings and this life. Life may be hard but he won’t let us suffer alone.

So there! Christmas is quite different this year. But let us remember the reason we celebrate it. It may be not our usual one but still, we should be grateful to be able to celebrate it.

Merry Christmas to all of you πŸŽ„πŸ€ΆπŸŽ‰

My Birthday Countdown

It is November again. November 17 (PST) to be exact. It’s been 2 days already since I celebrated my 29th birthday.

Before my birthday, I had a countdown in my IG & FB Story. Maybe some guessed it right. Maybe some did not. But I’ll be sharing here the 10 Stories I posted during My Birtday Countdown. 😁

10. Hello Weekend 😎

I guess it is not just me. But others would also feel the same way. Wherein we would get excited for the weekend. We would welcome the weekend with open arms. Whatever we will do – lazing out in the house, running some errands, hanging out with friends, traveling on your own. This would still make the weekend exciting.

That’s why I will always say Hello Weekend. 😎


I always have obsession with sunset. The sky turned colorful until it gets dark. The magical feeling just seeing the sky. The reminder that even goodbyes are beautiful. And that just like the sun, we have to rest.

It feels really amazing and magical to witness sunset. This is always the best scenery especially when the weather is good. And though the sun is saying goodbye, I would still say Hello Sunset. πŸŒ‡


The kid in me will always wake up whenever I see Doraemon. I haven’t watch all Doraemon episodes nor read all Doraemon books. But I just love this dude.

I have been collecting Doraemon stuff for a few years now. And every time I could see new one, I become a Happy Kiddo. πŸ˜…


I will always and forever be grateful to God. We grew up being taught by our parents to go to church and to pray. And because of the pandemic, we were not able to attend the mass physically for more than 8 months. We always do it through FB Live Streaming. And yet, we know God is with us.

The blessings that came, come and will come my way are all because and from God. That’s why it is always a Happy Sunday with Him. πŸ˜‡πŸ™


This year has been pretty challenging for our family. However, we never leave each other behind. We faced every challenge together hand-in-hand, virtually. We make sure that everyone is doing well. We check if everyone is safe and healthy.

We talk about anything under the sun until our attention would transfer to the youngest in the family, our little bugoy Matthias. We laugh everything off. We were once filled with worries and doubts. But we made it. Because of our love for each other and the Greatest Love that we received from. God.

We will still be like this. I mean, geographically separated especially with the pandemic. But whatever may happen, wherever we are in the world. We will always have each other. Always! ❀️


As the pandemic has been extended from a month to two and now more than 8 months, I thought of doing something new. Maybe something I could say that I accomplished during this uncertain times.

And so, I studied a foreign language. I never hesitated what language to study. Before I already self-studied Japanese and even took the exam. But I failed coz I did not prepare much. I still need to study harder.

Now, as I am getting myself addicted to Korean stuff, I decided to study Korean. One reason is that for me to be able to watch KDramas without reading the subtitle. But I’m still far from it though. πŸ˜…

I did study Spanish for a little while too. But due to time constraints and laziness, I stopped.

And so, as I continued self-studying Korean, I get to learn New Vocabulary that will surely be helpful for my future conversations. And I’m sharing few of these words with you. πŸ˜πŸ“™


Again because of what’s happening in the world, many things had stopped and changed. One of them is traveling. It is really hard and inconvenient these days to travel. With all the requirements and restrictions. And yet we don’t have a choice because we must follow these.

With that being said, I haven’t traveled this year. All my booked tickets were canceled and refunded. And so, what I can do with my itchy feet is to reminisce my previous trips by watching again my Old Photos. Hoping one day, we can all see the world again. πŸ˜‰πŸ“Έ


As what I mentioned a while ago, it has been a challenging year not just for the world but for our family too. With all the trials that we need to face and survive. And yes, we did!

And during those times that we are about to give up, this song is telling us not to quit because it’s gonna be alright.

It may be hard to understand because it’s in Korean but the song is telling us that it’s gonna be alright so we should not worry.

That’s why, I’ve been playing this over and over until I memorized some parts of it. And I considered it now as my Life’s Theme Song. 😊🎢


We were never been completely stuck inside the house. We go out to visit our family, to go to the grocery or to do some errands.

However, going out always excite me personally. It’s because I could see the outside world. I can see vehicles passing by, buildings, people walking, shops, and these trees. I got amazed sometimes too because of the changes that happened while I was just inside the house.

And during this day (when the photo was taken), the sky is so clear and bright. It’s a bit windy and it’s relaxing. It’s a good time for a short walk too.

This is the best I could get for now being Outside The House. Maybe one day, I can go as far as I need to take a ship or an airplane. πŸ˜…πŸŒ²

1. D-DAY πŸŽ‰

Finmy, it’s my 29th Birthday! 😁

Why I’ve been mentioning challenges a lot in this post? It’s because it has been what’s really happening this year. And it’s also the reason why I changed my mind about celebrating my birthday.

At first, I thought of not celebrating it. It’s because I’m quite disappointed as I cannot go home in the island. I’m not sure if there’s to celebrate with what’s have been happening.

Until one day, I had some realizations. I need to celebrate my birthday because I need to celebrate my life. Because I am alive, I’m healthy, I have a job, my family is with me, and God never leave me alone.

I kept on wanting something that I forgot or overlooked the blessings that I have with me. And that what made me want to celebrate my birthday.

It doesn’t have to be big and luxurious. It just have to be full of love and fun. And indeed it is. Plus my parents celebrated it also in the island with our family and my sister even bought me cake which my nephew was excited to blow the candle.

There are lot of things to be grateful for. And on my D-day, I realized how much I am loved by the people who will never leave me and of course, by God. πŸ˜πŸŽ‰

There you are! 😁

I posted all those stuff with deep meaning and thoughts. It may seem like just a random photo but it means something to me. 😊

I wrote the hashtag in Hangul (Korean) so no one would guess unless those who can understand it. Though according to my Korean friend, it should be another word. Hehe

I hope you enjoy reading this post. And continue to stay healthy and safe! 😍

Life Lessons from Running Man

Just recently, I started to get hook to this 10-year Korean Variety Show called λŸ°λ‹λ§¨ Running Man. It’s about competing among the members and/or guests to complete missions and win the race. Different games, different tactics, different challenges. It is very fun to watch. For real! πŸ˜…

Photo from SBS.

While watching a couple of episodes, I came to a realization on the things we could learn that may be applicable to our life. It’s more than just having fun.

I’ll be sharing with you the Ten Life Lessons from Running Man. πŸ˜‰

1️⃣ You cannot trust anyone but yourself.

In Running Man, they cannot trust even their teammates. Some teammates would betray each other along the race.

And just like in reality, your friend today might become your enemy tomorrow. Your most trusted person might betray you one day. And somewhat this can be a reality to some of us.

Blessed are we if we find people who are really trustworthy. But it’s totally sad and disappointing to trust the wrong one.

And yet, there’s always someone you can trust. Someone who will not betray you. And it’s yourself. Give all the trust to yourself. Also, only yourself will never leave you. πŸ˜‰

2️⃣ People can get greedy for something they really want.

In Running Man, for the hope to win, some would not share the hints they got. Some would take advantage for the money the team has by distributing it unevenly to the members or for one member to claim it all without sharing to his teammates.

In life, we all have our own different wants and needs. Whether it’s really essential or not. Something that could maybe make our life easier, better and happier.

However, too much obsession to what we want in life may lead us to become a greedy person. We want every single thing about it without thinking if other’s need it too. We will not have the heart to share because it’s what we want.

And in some cases, because of this greed, we could do something we should not do.

For example, we are craving for a certain food. When we were able to buy it, we don’t even think about sharing it with our family. We ate it all not thinking if they also like it or they might be hungry too.

Another example is money. We might really want to have lots of money so that we can buy some luxurious stuff. But our income is not sufficient for that. Because of that desire to get it, we would resort to stealing which is prohibited.

And so, let’s remember that everything has its limitations. Too much is bad and if it is impossible now to have it, work harder to get it one day.

3️⃣ Life is not always about intelligence. Sometimes, we also need strength.

In Running Man, intelligence is as important as physical strength. There are many challenges that require both. There are quizzes, race of wits, etc. that needs you to think. But there is also name tag elimination that needs your physical strength to fight against others.

In life, it is good to be intelligent. We can have sound judgement over things around us. We can create many ideas. But other than intelligence, we also need strength sometimes.

Strength in all aspects – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

If we are physically strong, we could defend ourselves to bad people. For example, if someone tries to rob us, we could defend ourself.

If we are emotionally strong, we won’t be carried away immediately to what’s happening. We cannot put our wall down immediately. We can fight heartbreak and sadness.

If we are mentally strong, we will be at peace. Whatever challenges that may come to us, we will always take it on a positive way. It will not destroy our senses and our life.

And lastly, if we are spiritually strong, we have God with us. We will be protected, guided and loved. Above all, we will never be alone.

Having the strength is not easy. It takes time but it will be worth it.

4️⃣ Our time is runing.

In Running Man, they are given time to complete a mission. Sometimes, their time is measured on who compete the mission faster.

In life, we are also timed. Our time varies for every person. There are 0 (those who were dead even before they were born). There are days, months, years.

And currently, our time is always running. And as it is running, we are also doing our mission or maybe some of us are still figuring out what’s our mission. Until the clock ticks, let us not waste it. Let’s do what we have to do. Let’s find out what we need to. So that when it’s Race Over, we were able to complete our mission.

5️⃣ Things could go upside down. Those who are top now may be in the bottom later.

In Running Man, being the 1st Place in the first mission sometimes give you some advantage. However, it is not an assurance that you will win the final mission. Things could be against you on the next missions. So you have to be careful.

Life could also change. As what they say, change is the constant thing in the world. That’s why it’s no surprise how life changes. But sometimes, there are unexpected changes. Those things we don’t think would happen.

For example, you are very rich today. You have businesses. You have huge mansions and luxury cars. But one day, your world turns. Your business became bankrupt. You need to sell your properties to pay your huge debts. Until you find yourself living in a small bedroom that you were able to rent for a very low rate.

Indeed, there’s no assurance in life. You are happiness today may become sorrow the next day. Your wealth today may become debt the next day. Your at the top today, but you might be in the bottom the next day.

And so, let us always be humble. Whether we are at the top or at the bottom. Let us have humility in our heart. Because those who humble themselves will become great and those who make themselves great will be humbled.

Remember, the world is round.

6️⃣ You need to work hard to get what you want.

In Running Man, if you want to eat, you need to give your best to win the game. If you want to win, you need to strive harder to win the race. Tired or not. In pain or not. You have to keep working.

Same with life, nothing comes for free. You need to work for something you want or need. If you want to buy a new house, work harder for you to be able to pay for it. If you want to be a good dancer, you need to practice a lot to become one. If you want to be a Sports World Champion, you need to train harder and follow the strict rules imposed by your coach.

Being lazy will do us no good. The successful people are those who do not stop working hard. Yes, you can relax and rest from time to time. But make sure that you keep that fire of working present all the time.

7️⃣ The sweetest success will always be after a tiring sacrifice.

In Running Man, if they want to be successful on their mission, they need to sacrifice sometimes. Either their looks whenever they will really become haggard and lose all the glamour. It may be a day full of running from here and there that they want to just lay down because of tiredness. Some has to face their fear just to complete a mission. But everything is always worth it whenever they become successful with their mission.

In life, it’s always the sweetest success when we get it after we did some sacrifice.

For example, those people working abroad. Being away from their family for months or years is a huge sacrifice. Not seeing their children grow. Not able to take care of them personally.

But whenever they go home and see the fruit of their sacrifice like they were able to build their dream house, they were able to send their children at a good school, all their sacrifice will be gone. It will be replaced with joy and satisfaction.

Another example is those celebrities who sacrifice the time have a good sleep and to be with their family because of shooting a movie. When the movie is out, everyone around the world loves it. And they even receive an award. That huge success will remove all those sacrifices and replace them with a heart full of love and happiness.

8️⃣ If you do bad, you will be penalized. If you do good, you will be rewarded.

In Running Man, if you are in the last place of the race, surely you will get a penalty. Either it’s a water bomb, pat at the back, wear a weird costumes, being placed in a cage with crocodiles outside, try the scariest swing, and a lot more. But if you will win, you will get a reward or prize. It may be food like Korean Beef Set, appliances at home, laptop, or even a luxurious trip outside the country.

In life, it is also the same. If you will do bad things, you will be penalized. But if you will do good things, you will be rewarded.

For instance, you stole in the bank and you got caught. Definitely, you will be put in prison. If you do not do good at school, you cannot graduate. If you violate the law, you will be either fined, put in prison or both.

But if you do things like feeding program or helping the poor, you will be rewarded with gratitude and smile from the people you helped. If you return a huge amount of money after you saw it on the taxi you rode, you may be rewarded.

The thing with reality is that there is another judgement that we need to face. When we died, we will be judged on how we did on Earth. If we did bad, we will be pushed down to hell. If we did good, we will be brought to heaven.

So let’s do our best and make sure to do the good and right things. We may not be rewarded now, but for sure it will be given in heaven. Plus, it is good to be remembered as a good person.πŸ˜…

9️⃣ You will face different challenges. But every challenge will lead you to what’s really for you.

In Running Man, there are a lot of missions that they need to complete. Whenever they complete this mission, they will be led to the next until they complete the race.

In life, challenges are everywhere. It is in different form and happens in different times.

For example, those who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. That’s a big challenge they faced. But the moment they lost their jobs, they tried to look for another jobs. Until now, that things are starting to open again, they were able to find a new job. Without their knowledge, this new job that they found is the job they always want and have been looking for.

And most of the times, challenges and difficulties make us stronger. That whenever we face whatever challenges or difficulties in the future, we are sure that we can survive.

We cannot run away from the challenges of life. We have to face it and fight against it. It may be a long tiring battle. But winning it will be more than enough reason to be grateful and happy with life.

1️⃣0️⃣ At the end of the day, win or lose, be happy.

In Running Man, everyone cannot be a winner. There will always be a loser. However, the good thing is that even they lost, they are still happy. They happily face the penalty and accept the consequence & situation.

It would be great if we can do this with our lives too. We cannot always be at the top. We cannot always be the winner. We cannot always get what we want.

Sometimes, we need to lose, to be at the bottom and to missed our chance for something we want.

But why? To know how to work harder and to be humble.

And we also need to learn to accept things including our fate. We need to see the bright side and think the positive way. In this manner, we can be happy.

For instance, our partner broke up with us. It’s very painful. You cannot stop crying nor asking what you lack. You want to do the most stupid things. You want to get drunk.

But what good it will give you? Nothing. Things happened already. You cannot turn back the time. You may feel you lose. But you have to accept eventually that it is over for you. So instead of wasting your time crying for someone who does not deserve you, why not enjoy your life on your own.

Go watch a movie. Eat at your favorite restaurant. Travel the world. Meet your friends and make new friends. And see the bright side of what happened.

Losing your partner may bring you good things. It could also lead you to loving yourself more. It will be a way to know what you really want in life and what makes you happy.

It is not easy to be happy especially when you are at the bad side. But sometimes, all we need is happiness to be happy and to go on with our life the better way.

The bad things could just be our lessons that we need to learn. Our guidance that will remind us what to and not to do. Our memory that will make us stronger, better and wiser. ☺️

So there you go! I hope this could also apply in your life. Not everything but for sure there will be a few.

And if you want to laugh and learn many games, watch Running Man. Every episode will surely make you laugh hard and make you use your brain to solve the mystery & the mission. 😍

μ•ˆλ…•! πŸ€—

My New Normal Essentials

7 months into this pandemic and people are already starting to go out & trying to live the way we used to before all of this happened. However, we can really tell the difference.

Before, we are carefree. We don’t care if we will ride on a jeepney cramped or filled with people and we can hardly move. We don’t care if we are in a middle of a crowded place. We don’t care if we are in the grocery falling in a long line of customers. In short, we don’t care if there are tons of people.

But now, it matters. Most of us may already avoid going into the crowd, will always make sure we are distancing from one another, or maybe not going out just to be sure.

And so, our essentials are changing too. Most especially if we are going out. So now, I will be sharing some of the essentials in this new normal. Feel free to add if you think I missed something. 😁


Being a person belongs to a country that does not practice wearing a face mask, this new normal seems to be a big adjustment. Though I have cloth face mask that I used before when traveling so that my mouth won’t be seen open when I’m sleeping. But in most cases, I usually go out without it. I guess most of us here in Philippines are like that.

But now, the number 1 requirement when going out is face mask. In whatever establishment you’ll be going, you can not enter unless you have face mask. I am not just sure but I think there’s a fine too when you’re caught without it.

But why? Since the virus is transmitted through droplets from coughing or sneezing and it can get into your body through your mouth and nose, so it is mandated to use face mask to avoid this. Both ways actually. When you sneeze or cough, you cannot spread your droplets. And when someone does it, you can inhale or take their droplets.

I usually go out with a double face masks. The inner is the surgical face mask which has the higher protection then the outer is the cloth face mask. I recommend to still use the surgical face mask because droplets can still be transmitted with the cloth face mask depending on the material used.

If you don’t have surgical face mask, you can use also another cloth like hanky and place inside the mask. Just so that the protection is not too thin. And of course, what’s advisable is the use of N95.

REMINDER: Surgical mask should be used once or when it’s not wet. Once it’s wet, you should replace it. And it’s better to keep it well if you intend to reuse it. Also, make sure to dispose this mask properly.


Just recently, Philippines have implemented a stricter rule with the use of face shield. Like face mask, this is also required when going out and going to whatever establishments.

Other than taking in the droplets through your mouth and nose, you can also have it through your eyes. So to prevent you from touching your eyes, face shield is a must.

It’s a little inconvenient at first. You can hardly breathe especially you also have the face mask. But you’ll get used to it though eventually.

There are different designs and materials used. But just make sure that it can serve its purpose.

What I usually do when I go out, I bring extra reusable plastic. When I need to take off my face shield like I’m eating, I will put it inside the plastic. Just to be sure that I won’t put it anywhere and prone to those droplets we are avoiding. Then once I got back home, I would either wash it with soap or I would spray with alcohol.

Why? It was exposed outside. You don’t know what’s sticking on it. So better safe. πŸ˜…


This is not new to me especially when going out. I always have either of these two. The more after my operation. Because my stomach reacts quickly to what I ate. Sometimes, after a few minutes, I need to go to the comfort room.

But now, everyone is advised if not required to have alcohol or a sanitizer that is alcohol-based especially when going out.

What’s the use?

Everytime you touch on something, rub an alcohol or sanitizer on your hands. Unless there’s a soap and water where you can wash.

For example, you touch on the escalator or on the push cart at the grocery. After all your grocery shopping, make sure to rub alcohol on your hand.

Another thing is if you want to touch your face even if not exactly your mouth, nose or eyes, rub your hand with alcohol first before taking off your face shield and face mask. And rub again before touching your face.

If we are not used to it, we might forget to do it. But once we know the importance and we get used to do it, it will feel like a habit.

This is not a product endorsement or something. But these are what we have here right now. πŸ˜‚

You can buy a big bottle of the alcohol and just put it in a smaller bottle so that it would be handy. You can just then refill from time to time.


Again, even before the pandemic, I always have a wet tissue with me when I’m going out. I may need it to wipe something or when I go to the comfort room.

This time, your wet wipes serve the same thing. And you can also make use of it to wipe the table when you’re dining out, the grocery cart, the escalator handle. Of course, other than wiping your face when you have dirt or sweat.

Again, this is not a product placement. Haha You can choose whatever wet wipes you want. Or dry tissue in pouches is also good.


This is really useful especially whenn you’re going to the bank to pay, to Palawan Pawnshop to send money, to LBC to send a package, and now, to different establishments that require you to fill up a form.

Though these places have prepared a ballpen for you to use, it would be safer to use your own. First, you can use without waiting for others to complete. Second, you are sure that you’re the only one who touched it.

Again and again, this is not a product endorsement. Haha But I love how this pen works. 😁


I was quite amazed when I went these past few days. The grocery store. The clinic. The pharmacy. The restaurant. These places that I went to these past few days required me to do one thing – fill up a form for contact tracing.

It might sound usual for some countries who are already practicing since the start of the pandemic. But it is totally new here in Cebu or even in the whole Philippines maybe.

You have two options. First, you can fill up from the form they provided. Second, you can scan the QR Code and fill up the form from there.

The first option only requires you a pen. But it would take a little more time to complete writing it unless you write really fast. This is when you need your own ballpen.

The second option requires you an internet connection so that you can open the website where the form is. But it would take you quicker to complete unless you really type so slow. Plus, it would mean you don’t have to touch extra stuff like forms and pens.

So what I did? I immediately downloaded the QR Code scanner. Scan the QR Code, fill up the form, get the notification and they let me in. It’s more convenient with me especially I’m mostly in a hurry and I’m a paranoid. Haha

There are many applications you can choose from. They all work mostly the same though. So download now! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

These are some of the QR Code Scanner Applications you can find in both


Most of us would bring our wallet when going out. Of course, it is the most convenient thing to do. All your cards (ID cards, Credit cards, ATM cards) and money can be placed in one storage.

But do you need all of them?

This has been my guide question every time I go out. I only bring what I need. And put it all in my card case. I would bring money and put it in a pouch. Just enough for me to buy what I need.

Why? So that it would eat up all of my time cleaning them once I get back home. I usually spray alcohol to my pouch, case and cards.

But of course, it varies with people. 😁

This is the pouch I have been using lately. This is the same pouch I used when traveling outside the country because I can easily see the money inside.


Last in the list of essentials is the required passes. Since the quarantine period, here in Cebu particularly, the government is implementing the use of passes when going out.

Establishments required the Quarantine Pass for a specific day in order to be allowed entry. Military officials assigned in checkpoints may require this too.

For those traveling to other city/town, travel pass for vehicles is required.

However, for those employees going to/from work, they may present their company ID and Certificate of Employment in lieu with the passes. They could cross border through that too.

Policy may change from time to time but it’s better to bring one for assurance. πŸ˜‰

This was the first and the old Quarantine Pass. The Qpass now is an A4 size of paper that contains a QR code, name, location, and the policy.

This list is just based on my own experience and what I’ve been following when I’m outside the house. Some may not apply for all of us but definitely, there is an item that all of us are commonly need.

And in addition to this list, always make sure to follow three things. 🀟

1. Always wear a mask.

2. Maintain physical distance with anyone.

3. Be mindful not just with yourself but with others.

The virus is invisible. But a little paranoia and care would make a difference. I am a certified paranoid. It’s hard. But I hope it paid off.

This is journey that we all need to work together as one community, one country, and one world. We can beat this virus. Let us learn to adapt this new normal.

Let’s all take care of ourselves and each other! Laban lang! πŸ’ͺ😍

Facebook and Me πŸ˜‰

Social media these days had been really a part of everyone’s life. Almost, if not all has a social media account. Be it Instagram, Twitter, or the must have Facebook. And there are more too. But I guess these are the basics.

Every social media has its purpose or function. Instagram is most likely to be a photo or video sharing app. Twitter is about sharing thoughts and ideas by tweeting. While Facebook seems to sum up everything. You can share photos, videos and your thoughts. All these three has the capability to follow and send direct messages. But it’s only in Facebook that you can add friends.

Being friends mean you can see the posts, send messages, or video call each other. You can also post and comment on your friend’s wall. Hmmm.. What are the other privileges of being friends though? πŸ€”πŸ˜

And among these three, I guess Facebook has more users than the other two. Why? It’s more convenient for people in all ages, races, and walks of life. Plus some is using this to earn extra money. How? Through sharing videos or posts which may reach millions of people and then ads will start to appear wherein money can be earned.

Anyhow, like any other thing, there are pros and cons, positive and negative effect. But whatever it is, let’s learn to use it wisely. πŸ˜‰

So today, I will be sharing my OWN story with Facebook specifically. Since Instagram has just been basically for sharing photos & videos and Twitter has just been for some random thoughts. Facebook has deeper attachment though. Haha

That’s why last June I decided to lie low or lessen the use of Facebook. I had a few days hiatus before started opening & posting again. But why?

Here are my reasons. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


I posted in Facebook expecting for some appreciation and turns out for validation. When I post a quote or photo, I would check if people has reacted or commented. If I get likes or hearts. Or maybe not even one. It makes me happy to see more than 50 but it makes me sad if there is just less than 10. And so, I really chose to post something that I guess would make people like it and reacted. I based there my judgment if people like me or not. And if not, it would result to #2.


Since there are less or none reacted on my post, I would get disappointed. I would ask myself if what I did not do right. If why people seems not to like me. Is it just my post or is it me personally. It saddens me to think that people seems are not supporting me. With almost a thousand of friends I have (after unfriending some), I hardly get reactions and support. And when I checked other people’s post then they got hundreds of reactions, I would feel #3.


I would think within myself that good for them people supported them. Good for them they’re likeable. Good for them they know how to post right. And aside from that, seeing other people posts then it seems they have better life, more comfortable, more happy – I became envious again. I would wish to have the same life. As I became envious, I became unappreciative too. I tend to miss and overlook the blessings that I have. I became ungrateful and uncontented. And that would basically make you unhappy. Though I felt envious at others, I still is being thought as #4.


And as much as I don’t mean it that way, people might think I’m being show off when I posted photos like my travel or when I ate something delicious. They themselves could misjudge and misunderstand me. And I got this a lot of times. People would think I’m lying on a bed of money when they would tell you “oh! Money is not your problem. You have plenty of that.” Just because they saw you travel. Well, for a fact, I saved for my travel. If I got broke, I would ask from my mother. I don’t want to hassle other people because I travel. Maybe that’s why they thought I have lots of money when in fact it’s the opposite. And I guess, that’s similar with others. Not just because of travel. People sometimes misunderstood us based on the what we posted. Some may think we have a perfect happy life when in fact it’s been miserable. Just because they saw us a “happy” photo or post.

Maybe my point here is let’s not judge others just based on what they posted. It’s not good to judge others. The more when we don’t know what they’ve been through. And if we don’t know what’s #5.


Since many are in social media, particularly in Facebook wherein you can post whatever you want, that’s why sometimes you get confused on what’s fact or fake. There are people who are good in posting fake news, rumors, myths or whatever you call it. Some would gullible enough to believe everything they read without validating its authenticity. Some are good in posting lies but bad in telling the truth. So, you gotta need to be sure and determine what to believe and what to ignore. Coz if you keep on believing everything, then it mind it up to #6.


I’m not sure if you noticed it, but sometimes Facebook can be chaotic especially when people are spreading lies. Aside from the lies, there are also different issues raised and discussed in this platform. From the pandemic to TV franchise renewal to celebrities and even to personal issues. People will then give their own opinions. Each opinion may differ from one another that could lead to arguments. Arguments that could not remain just about the topic but would sometimes go more personal. Until people start saying hurtful and bad words. Until people start unfollowing or unfriending each other.

I’m not sure why. But maybe because some of us wanted the world to know we are right, we are intelligent. Some of us wanted to be heard. Unfortunately, only few wanted to listen and to really assess things & choose the truth.

But know what, Facebook could be a good platform to discuss things especially issues that can help the community. However, we all need to be open minded. We need to learn to listen for other’s opinion and all sides of the story. We need to assess what’s really is the truth.

Until then we can avoid throwing tantrums and words that cannot be taken back and yet already hurt and leave a scar to others. That’s why we need to remember to “think before we click”. Because sometimes, we can still delete post or comments. But we can no longer delete the impact it has to others.

Being in hiatus from Facebook for me was hard in the beginning. It is because I had been used to it. Every day, every hour I guess, I checked my Facebook. Every day I posted something in it.

But it takes some determination to change the game. I transferred my app in another folder which I rarely opened. I logged out my account and chose the other one that I rarely used. I tried other activity like watching videos. And little by little, it worked.

I didn’t open my app. I didn’t post anything except those stories connected to my Instagram. I didn’t comment or check someone’s post. I didn’t even know what’s happening because I am outdated.

In one way or another, it made my life less toxic. I eliminated disappointment, envious, and the want to be validated or appreciated. Though I posted stuff in Instagram but I don’t care if I got less reactions.

However, I did not totally deactivated my account. Why?

For these 3 reasons:


I created a Facebook page for my blog site. So everytime I posted something here, I will share it in my FB Page for other’s awareness. Though I’m not sure if people would still check it if I shared it but I’m fine with that. Since I write to share my story. I write to share what’s on my mind. And I will be grateful for everyone taking their time reading it (like you 😁). But I will not force nor get disappointed if no one will react or comment.


As what I previously mentioned, I didn’t check other people’s post or whatnot. And that’s true. But I used my Facebook account to get more information and to attend live streaming. Live streaming for me these days means attending online mass. More information means details that I can find on Facebook pages. For example, list of promo for a skin clinic and the details are posted in their page. Or for more details about a restaurant. Basically, stuff like that.


I still use Facebook to post my birthday greetings to some close people. Though I’m no longer like before who greeted everyone in my notification. Now, I just chose those who are close. Also, Facebook is a way to communicate and connect with my family especially this time when we cannot go home yet. We would mostly do video call. And lately, I started posting few photo and commenting few friend’s posts. But definitely, it will never be like before again.

I just want to get connected with them especially this time wherein life is really unpredictable and uncertain.

So yeah! Here are my pros and cons, positive and negative. But this is on me. Whatever works for me might not for others. Whatever is good for me might not for you. My story is based on my experience and that could not be for others.

Instead of criticizing others, let us try to open our mind and understand each other. After all, we don’t have the power to know what other’s think or do.

And also, let’s start to make the world a better place to live by starting to spread good vibes rather than hate. πŸ˜‰

Take care! 😊

Your 24 hours a Day

It’s another Monday morning and the last 3 days before September ends. Our day usually starts with my sister listening to a podcast about life and God.

Today, I heard the speaker said that we have the same 24 hours that is given to some famous celebrities like BeyoncΓ©. And I thought, yes, he’s right. We have the same amount of time every day. We are given the same amount of time with those rich, famous people.

But what’s the difference? The difference is how we spend it. It varies for every person.

And this has been so timely. Because last week, I wrote my daily schedule dividing 24 hours with different activities. Though this applies for my work days only. But basically, this is a timeline I want to follow. At least for me to be able to still balance work and life. I put it at the side of my laptop so that I can see it every now and then. My nephew would even check on it and ask me about it. 😁

This has been my 24-hour schedule.

I always wake up at 6AM. Actually, that’s my first alarm. My second alarm is at 6:30AM. Sometimes, I would wake up before my alarm goes off.

Since I am working from home, I don’t have to wake up as early as 5AM to start working at 6AM. I just have to wake up a few minutes earlier for me to be able to turn on my laptop. But these days, I would start working at past 6AM. Sometimes, 6:15AM or 6:30AM. And I need to spend 10 hours after that for work. And most of the time I would extend at least 30 minutes to cover the break I did though it’s part of our shift.

Once I called it a day, I would immediately go to the bed which is just at my back and lay down. Either to sleep or to just rest. But most of the time, I get sleepy so I end up sleeping. About an hour or so. If I still have spare time after waking up and before our dinner, I can study a little bit.

And then, my nephew would call us for dinner. This time, using our walkie talkie. So he does not have to go up. πŸ˜…

Our dinner most likely takes about an hour or more. Because during these days, we just not eat. But we would talk about anything. Sometimes, what should we ask Ate Mai to cook. Haha

And this is one of the best things that really happen during this pandemic. We get to spend more time together. We will eat dinner and talk together. 😍

The moment we got up from the dining table, we will do our individual task. Some would wash the dishes, clean the table, refill the pitchers. Before we will head back to our bedrooms.

Sometimes, I would study again after eating. Or write something. Or edit something. But most of the time, I’m on my phone watching some Korean Drama or Variety Shows. That’s how it happens until I lay on my bed.

But I tried to change it these days using this timeline that I really hope that I can follow. 😁🀞

I need to insert a few minutes of exercise, reading a book, singing some songs in YouTube.

While looking on my schedule, I thought how little I get to spend for sleeping. Just 5 or 6 hours at most. Almost 50% of my day is spend at work. And 25% for sleeping. The remaining 25% is spend for other things.

The next thing I asked myself. Is this the timeline I want for my life? Well, for now I have this. And I need to follow this. It’s quite hard but I guess, I can do it. Just need some determination and push.

But I don’t know if I will have the same timeline for the coming months or years. What I know is that I want a timeline that will make me truly happy. 😊

How do you spend your 24-hours in a day? Are you happy with it? Or you have something else in mind.

Whatever it is. Make sure you get to spend your 24 hours the best that you can. With zero regrets. πŸ˜‰

Have Fun! 😍

What is Success?

It just came into my mind suddenly while taking a call of nature break. What is Success for me? How should this be defined?

I then posted a story in my IG and FB accounts asking my friends what is success. But of course, there is less feedback. Grateful for my cousin and a former colleague for responding. I guess I’m not really successful at this part. Haha

Anyway, success is a subjective thing. It depends on what someone is thinking or idea. It varies on different people. Thus, we cannot say I’m right and you’re wrong.

As I asked my sister, it happened that her, our cousin’s and my response are all similar or somewhat like that. But it could be different for others.

Success may be about passing an exam, graduating from college, getting a job, getting an award, being famous, earning huge amount, owning luxury cars and huge mansions, having businesses, etc. Some may have think that this is success for them. And no one should and must say they’re wrong.

But for me, success is about being happy and contented. The happiness that comes from being contented with what you have. When you reach that point wherein you are at peace and happy of where you are.

And yet happiness & contentment are not as easy as they seem. Human as we are, we always want something. We always chase something. When our goal #1 has been accomplished, we want for another. This is tiring sometimes. Until you will ask yourself, is this really what I want? Or what is really I want in my life?

Until then you know what you want. Until then you are firm to where you go. Until then you have your concrete goal. Then, you can be happy and contented when you get them.

However, life is teaching us also to be happy in our own little way while we are on our way of being totally contented and happy. Let us not forget to be grateful for the small accomplishments we had. Let us remember to still enjoy life even we are in hunt for our goal.

And when you can achieve it, you will have a lifetime of success. 😍

How about you, what success is for you? πŸ˜‰

Purpose of Life

If the world or your life would end up today, how are you going to feel?

Will you be happy & contented because you were able to do what you want in life? You were able to buy all those fancy things, travel around the world, meet different people, eat those lavish and delicious foods, got a degree, have a good career or business, etc.

Will you be sad & full of regrets because you missed to do something? You forgot to tell your family how much you loved them. You were not able to buy what you want, marry the person you like, have your own family, own a mansion, make a lot of friends and see the whole world.

Or will you be at peace because you feel accomplished and have fulfill your purpose in this life?

But what is our purpose? Do we even know? Do we have an idea or even a hint?

I, for instance, am not sure why I am here on earth and why God gave me life. I cannot really tell if what I am doing is part of accomplishing my mission in this world.

But I am sure of one thing, our main mission is to do good the way God taught us to be. To follow His commandments and teaching. And to live by His love.

When things got tough in my life, I did not ask God why it was happening. But rather I asked Him why He blessed me this much. Why He never leave me when He could despite of all the mistakes I committed. Why He revealed in front of my eyes the truth which paved me to a better and easier way of moving on from those painful past. Why He loved me even when there are times I forgot and took Him for granted.

Maybe, which I believe though, He is simply like that. He does not count how many times you commit a mistake or a sin, but He counts how many times you correct them. He always have the better if not the best plan than any of us have. Especially with our lives. He loves us unconditionally without asking for anything in return. He is there with us, in us and for us even if most of the time we don’t talk to Him.

He is God. And even how many times the world will turn or move upside down, He is God. No one can change that and no one can take that away.

But how much do we love and believe in Him? How much do we follow His commandments and teaching?

Like any other human, I sometimes failed to do it. I sometimes missed to be a better child of God. I sometimes forgot that I should follow Him.

But I realized that my purpose in this life might include becoming happy, touching people and share to them that happiness, and inspire them the best way that I can. I have hundred of reasons to be sad, miserable and hate this life. But I chose not to. Why? Because I found million of reasons to be thankful and to be happy. I chose to do that.

And so, I am sharing the same thinking to everyone. I tried to share that happiness to others. I will do my best to motivate people to be thankful instead of live with hate and sadness.

Always remember that you will reap what you sow. So plant goodness here on earth so that you will harvest that in heaven. God is watching all the time. It won’t be difficult to at least make Him happy even for once by doing something good. πŸ™‚