#TripMagSoloSaMalaysia : Day 3

I could say that my Day 3 in Kuala Lumpur was planned. Why? Because I was really following my itinerary and for the record, I need to. Again why? Because I already purchased my ticket through Klook.

So what’s the plan? Haha!

The day is simple. First spend it with God by attending the Sunday Mass, then go to Petronas Twin Towers for my scheduled tour then Aquaria KLCC. Lastly, experience Sky Box at Menara Kuala Lumpur (KL Tower).

I will then checked out and go to the airport since my flight back home will be at midnight.

Our flight was supposedly at 1:30AM but it was delayed for more than 1hour because the weather condition in KL was not good. It was raining so hard with thunder and lightning.

Good thing, we landed safe & sound in Manila at past 7AM.

I met my high school friend who came from Singapore. I also met & chatted with one of my college bestfriends, fellow #TropangLaagan, who came from China. Then, I met my aunt and her companions whom I had the same flight. I knew because I was the one who booked their ticket. Hehe!

The flight to Cebu was not delayed and landed safely as well. Finally back to my 2nd home and time to eat more rice. 😀

I have to thank God for the safe, fun and memorable vacation.
Thanks to my parents & families for the support.
Thanks to my boss for approving my leave.

Thanks to Cebu Pacific Air for the cheap plane tickets (seat sale), to Agoda & Traveloka for a hassle-free hotel booking and Klook for the tickets.
Thanks to Space Hotel at China Town and Big M Hotel for a wonderful and comfortable stay.
Thanks to Grab for a convenient and affordable transport around Malaysia.
Thanks to Flytpack for my travel companion, the pocket WiFi which made me stayed connected throughout the trip.
Thanks to Go Pro & iPhone for my photos. Super effort! Hehe.

Thanks to everyone I met, interacted & chatted, who helped me with directions & suggestions, and who gave me discount. Haha!

Thanks also to everyone who sent their birthday wishes and greetings. 🙂

This is my last day’s itinerary.

07:25H – Walked from hotel to St. John’s Cathedral
07:30H – Attended the mass
08:50H – Walked to Masjid Jamek Station
09:20H – Petronas Twin Towers Tour started
09:30H – 41st Floor (Sky Bridge)
09:44H – Went to the 86th Floor
09:49H – 86th Floor or Observatory
10:07H – Went to 83rd Floor
10:25H – Back to the check in counter
10:43H – Breakfast at Suria KLCC
11:08H – Went to Aquaria KLCC
11:15H – Aquaria KLCC
11:41H – Head back to the hotel to check out
14:41H – Walked from hotel to KL Tower
14:38H – Fell in line for Sky Box 1
15:37H – Sky Box 1 Photo Op
15:44H – Snacks/Lunch at Sky Cafe
16:02H – Sky Box 2 Photo Op
16:32H – Head back to the hotel
17:47H – Bus ride from KL Sentral to Airport
18:33H – Arrived at the Airport
19:03H – Dinner
22:40H – Check in counter was open
23:00H – Immigration

Day 4
02:16H – Boarding (flight was delayed due to the weather condition in KL)
03:19H – Taxiing
07:29H – Arrived in NAIA then Immigration
10:08H – Boarding for Cebu
12:23H – Arrived in Cebu


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Day 2 : Shopping Centers

After the visit at the Orchid Garden and National Museum, I went to Central Market to buy some pasalubong and souvenirs. Okay! I did say I won’t be buying any pasalubong. In fact, I don’t have a baggage allowance. But I would still be happy to bring some.

So, taking the advice from my friend, I went there when the sun is up and shining. Grabe ang shine kay init jud. Hehe!

Central Market is famous for affordable souvenirs and other stuff like coffee, milktea, chocolates that you can bring home. There were many stalls and stores inside selling variety of things, foods and drinks. There were few Filipino vendors, too. Though most of the items were sold on a similar price for all the stores, you can still try to haggle especially if you’re buying in bulk.

After roaming around, buying anything, and collecting plastics (I’m sorry for this as I don’t have and they don’t have eco bag), I decided to go back to the hotel and leave all those stuff before I proceed to wherever my feet will take me next.

But before going back, I dropped by at KFC (just across the hotel) for lunch, a super late lunch.


No rice. No spoon & fork. Cool! Haha

Then, I headed to the hotel, dropped my stuff and slept. Haha! I really got tired of walking around and carrying those heavy stuff.


Just when I told everyone that I am not buying pasalubong! Can’t help. Haha

When it was dinner time, I was looking for a restaurant (other than those fastfood chains nearby). My colleague told me to try Nando’s so I asked the receptionist where is the nearest and how to get there. Though I already googled it. 😀

She told me that the nearest is in Sogo Mall, just walking distance from the hotel. The one I saw online was on the other side. She also said that there’s one in Bukit Bintang.

So, I thought of going to Sogo Mall but when I wall a few meters from the hotel, it was already dark and there were few people on the street. So I returned to the direction of the hotel then headed to the branch that I saw on the internet. However, same thing, it’s dark and few people. I was kinda afraid! Hahaha.

Finally! I decided to go to Bukit Bintang instead. I took the train from Masjid Jamek to Bukit Bintang. But, I alighted at AirAsia-Bukit Bintang. That’s why my token was not accepted. What the! Hahaha!

From there, I walked going to Pavilion where I found online that they have a branch there.

I was surprised on how crowded the area. It seems it’s the busiest street in KL. There were shopping malls. There were even stores outside. There were many people walking, buying anything, eating, etc.


There is a fountain formed like a Hibiscus flower outside the Pavilion. Hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia.


And since it’s Christmas season, there were Christmas trees and decorations inside and outside the mall. Mickey Mouse was having a meet & greet too.

But because I was really hungry, I then looked for the restaurant. Until, I found it and luckily, there was an available table for me. 🙂

What I love about this restaurant is that they served really good food and the service is pretty excellent. The waiters were accommodating.


The beautiful mosque near Masjid Jamek. 

I then went back to the hotel after that and decided to sleep as early as possible because I still need to wake up early the next day.


  1. As recommended, go to Central Market during day time. Aside from the fact that it is safer, it would also be more convenient to roam and shop when the sun is out.
  2. Bring an eco bag or a big bag for you to put the items that you are buying. This will help you from bringing too much plastics.
  3. Try to haggle. They will even try to give you discount.
  4. I found that it’s cheaper to buy the coffee (Old Town) in KLIA’s grocery store than in Central Market.
  5. Visit Bukit Bintang at night. It is more livelier and more fun.
  6. Try to check the shopping malls within the area.
  7. You can either alight at Bukit Bintang or AirAsia-Bukit Bintang.
  8. There are areas in KL that look so beautiful at night time too. An example is the mosque near Masjid Jamek.


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Day 2 : The Orchid Garden & National Museum

After my breakfast, I then booked a Grab to Perdana Botanical Gardens. The Grab driver arrived a couple of minutes after.

When we were entering the premises, I did not expect it to be big with various areas to visit. There’s Bird Park, Orchid Garden, Botanical Garden, Planetarium and a lot of museums, one of which is the National Museum.


The restaurant beside the Bird Park.

The Grab driver dropped me off at the Bird Park. I asked the staff for the directions to the Botanical Garden. As I was walking, I also checked it with Google Maps. Thinking I was heading right to the Botanical Garden but I ended up in The Orchid Garden (Taman Orkid Kuala Lumpur). Haha!


So, I just took the chance and checked the place. Besides, it’s free!

There were few people when I got there. Some were students which I thought were volunteering to guide the tourists. I roamed around and took some photos.

After that, I checked in Google Maps how to far is the Botanical Garden. I am not really giving up. Haha!

But I still need to walk a couple of meters plus it’s already 11AM and it’s so hot. So, I decided not to push through. Kapoi na jud bes! HAHAHA


I instead went to the National Museum or Muzium Negara. To get there, you need to pass through a sky walk. Thanks to a foreign guy who gave me the direction as I was literally lost.

The museum was huge. There are four galleries namely Early History (Sejarah Awal), Malay Kingdoms (Kerajaan Melayu), Colonial Era (Era Kolonial), and Malaysia Today (Malaysia Kini). There is also a Central Hall. The admission fee is RM5 (Php 65).

It took me about an hour to tour around the museum and I learned a lot of things. From their history to the present. I saw the different people and culture living the country. There were three races: the Malays in Malaysia who are Muslim, speak the Malay language and adhere to Malay customs; the Chinese in Malaysia whether Buddhist, Muslim, Christian or of other beliefs – celebrate traditional Chinese festivals; and the Indians in Malaysia whose large numbers settled in Perak and Selangor, majority are Hindu, a small number of them are Muslims and Christians, and the major festivals they celebrated are Deepavali and Thaipusam.

Also, I learned about the meaning of their National Flag which they called the Glorious Stripes (Jalur Gemilang). It comprises of 14 horizontal red and white stripes of equal width which represent the nation’s 13 States plus one Federal Territory – Kual Lumpur, with a navy blue rectangle at the top left that sits on the fifth red stripe represents the unity of the people, the yellow half-moon or crescent represents the official religion –  Islam, and the 14 point star again represents the 13 States and Federal Territory. Yellow symbolizes the Malaysian Royalty.


And a lot more interesting things to learn and know about Malaysia. One of the reasons I love the place is how united the people are despite of their different culture, beliefs and practices.

I really had a great time here and good thing I chose to visit it. I think this is a must when you visit the country.


  1. If you are planning to go to National Museum, you can take a train to National Museum (Muzium Negara) Station. It is just outside the museum.
  2. Drop by also at the gardens and parks near the museum.
  3. Bring bottled water from your hotel or buy ahead from the convenience store. It is more expensive to buy in the park.
  4. Bring an umbrella or a cap because the walk is kinda long and it’s hot.
  5. You can Google your way but expect that you will need some help from the people around especially the staff.
  6. Grab the chances to check the places especially when it’s free.
  7. Take as many photos as you can. You are not always there and you travel that far.
  8. Prepare yourself to learn new things.


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#TripMagSoloSaMalaysia : Day 2

Wow! I did not expect but I enjoyed my first day in Malaysia a lot. Hahaha!

Less sleep but still more fun! 🙂

Few days before my trip, I was planning to visit Colmar Tropicale Resort. I even included it in my itinerary. However, when I checked with them, the shuttle for my travel dates were already fully booked. Another option is to get there by taxi or Grab.

I was still considering of visiting it. That’s why I did not replace or think of other place to visit for my Day 2. But when I arrived in KL and tried to book thru Grab from my hotel to the resort, it would cost me about Php 1000 per way. Wow! That’s sooo expensive.

So instead, I just planned on visiting other attractions in the city. And a friend told me that it would be best to visit Central Market during daytime. It would be safer than night time. So, I included it on my list.

I was searching for the places and listed Istana Negara (since I was not able to go on my Day 1), National Museum & Perdana Botanical Garden. Before I would head to Central Market for souvenir and pasalubong shopping then meet my friend in the afternoon.

But, the actual route for Day 2 was…

09:43H – Breakfast with Ronald McDonald’s
10:15H – Started my journey to Perdana Botanical Garden
10:27H – Dropped off at the Bird Park
10:30H – Reached Taman Orkid Kuala Lumpur (The Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden)
11:02H – Walked to National Museum
11:16H – Explored Muzium Negara (National Museum)
12:15H – Train ride to Central Market
12:42H – Souvenir & Pasalubong Shopping at Central Market
14:37H – Late lunch at KFC
14:57H – Back at the hotel to get some rest
19:49H – Time to explore KL at night (actually I was really hungry! Haha)
20:31H – Reached Bukit Bintang
20:53H – Dinner at Nando’s Pavilion
22:11H – Decided to go back to the hotel


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Day 1 : KL City Tour

Half day of my Day 1 was spent roaming around Kuala Lumpur by foot.

From KL Sentral, I was supposedly going to Istana Negara but decided not to push through since I have free time the next day. Instead, I headed to Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.

I took a train from KL Sentral to Masjid Jamek via the Red Line (KJL) going to Gombak. It costs RM 1.60.

From Masjid Jamek, I walked for about 650 meters to Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.

I was amazed with the buildings around the area. The first building I noticed was National Textile Museum (Muzium Texstil Negara).

Then, I crossed the road to get to the famous I Love KL sign.



There were few tourists falling in line to have a photo with the sign. I was following a group of 3 friends. Once they were done, I asked one of them a favor to take my photo. 😀


There is a museum and souvenir shop inside the building. I just took a look then went out. I then went to the Merdeka Square.




After spending my time here, I went to my next stop, Sin Sze Si Ya Temple. It’s just a few meters away from the Merdeka Square. So definitely, you can reach here by foot.

It is the oldest Taoist Temple in Kuala Lumpur. There were few people praying and lighting an incense when I arrived there.



I just spent a few minutes then I headed to my next destination, Sri Mahamariamman Temple. It is the oldest Hindu Temple in Kuala Lumpur. According to the temple staff, people all over the world (particularly Indians) will gather here once a year (during full moon) and will have a procession going to Batu Caves Temple. It will take them hours to get there. This is their way of honoring Lord Muruga.

There is no entrance fee in the temple. However, you need to leave your shoes or sandals when you want to get inside. There is a booth beside the entrance where you can leave them for RM 0.20.

What’s amazing about this place is the design of the structure. It is very detailed and colorful.



After this, I went back to the hotel to rest and wash my wet shoe. I stepped on a road filled with water (I think from the rain). I was able to nap and had a good rest. Aside from spending a couple of minutes blow drying my shoe. Hahaha!

I was chatting a friend and he told me that it’s nice to visit the PETRONAS Twin Towers at night. And from the photos I saw online, it looks so lovely at night. Thus, after resting and drying up my shoe, I went to PETRONAS Twin Towers.

It’s just 3 train stations from Masjid Jamek. The nearest station from the tower is the KLCC. You should take the Red Line to get there.

I arrived at around 6PM. The sun is still up.


There were many people in the area when I arrived. Many were selling a fish eye lens for the camera. There were even Pinoys.

Until the sky turned pink…



Until it turned dark and the building were lighted up.





And ended the day with a dinner at Suria KLCC.




My Day 2 was ended with a plate of “spicy” Pad Thai with Apple Juice. 🙂


1. There are a lot of things at Chinatown area in Kuala Lumpur. You can visit the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, Merdeka Square, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Sin Sze Si Ya Temple.

2. If you are visiting the temple, make sure you wear the proper attire as respect. And observe silence when inside. The place is holy and some are there to pray.

3. If you want to shop for souvenirs and pasalubong, it can also be found in Chinatown. You can either go to the Chinatown Market itself or the Central Market.

4. When roaming around the area, be cautious and always keep your eye on your belongings. As they say, there are pickpocketer.

5. There are also money changer with good rates in the area.

6. And again, PETRONAS Twin Towers is indeed so lovely at night. Be there before the sun sets and stay until the night time.

7. When you’re done taking photos and appreciating the view, get inside Suria KLCC. It is the shopping center below the towers.

8. The nearest station in the towers is the KLCC. It is in the Red Line.


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Day 1 : Batu Caves Temple

My first destination was Batu Caves Temple. I read that I can take a bus. But, since I am already late, I decided to take Grab. The rate is very reasonable considering that the location is outside KL (approximately 20-30 minutes away with NO TRAFFIC). I went back to the hotel and asked the staff on where can the Grab pick me up. After giving instructions and checking that the Grab was near, I went to the Guardian a few meters from the hotel.

The driver can speak and understand English well. And we were chatting the whole time. I think that’s because he used to be a teacher before he decided to make Grab his full-time job.

He was asking me if I am a Palestinian and I don’t know why. Until we reached to asking about our age and status. Your typical convo. HAHAHA!

He told me as well that there are 3 races in Malaysia – the Malay, the Chinese and the Indians. They speak 2 languages – English and Malayo (being widely used).

What I noticed with the people in Malaysia (or in KL) is that they can really speak and understand English. Maybe not that fluent but you know that you will understand each other. Maybe because there are different nationalities working and visiting the country.

After a couple of minutes, we arrived in Batu Caves Temple. He dropped me off at the Main Entrance. I just walked to get inside. I was amazed on how big the statue and how colorful and beautiful what’s around it.


Batu Caves Temple is a Hindu temple located in Selangor, Malaysia. The Lord Murugan Statue which is the symbol of Batu Caves Temple is the second tallest Hindu deity in the world. It was built in honor of  the God of War, Murugan.


I took a few photos until I was about to setup my Go Pro to take a photo of me. I found a foreign lady (American or European) who was working in KL. I asked her if she could take a photo of me and she was so nice to do it. After that, I took a photo of her and her friend. 🙂


Then, I went to an area where there were many people laughing while taking pictures of them with the birds which were being fed.


And I took more photos until I decided to go up and get inside the cave. Wow! I did not know that it was that high. There were about 272 steps going up. It was scorching hot but I did not mind the heat. This is because I was enjoying walking, taking photos, seeing the tourists, getting mesmerized by the view, and watching the monkeys walking from here to there, being their photogenic self when the tourists were taking a photo of them, and some were eating foods that I think they got from the people.


What amazed me more was how big the cave at the top. It is so big that there are many temples inside. There is even another stairs that you will take to go up. There were many monkeys and birds. There were many locals guarding the temple. It was really huge and beautiful.

After that, I went down while taking pictures along the way.

I was supposedly take the bus to KL, that’s why I walked outside the Main Gate. I asked the people (particularly the taxi driver) if where can I take the bus. He told me to go across. When I looked at it, it’s kinda far already and I am so hungry. It was past 12NN.

So, I asked him if how much is the taxi fare, he said that it will cost me RM 45. That’s almost times 2 to what I paid with the Grab a while ago. So, I said that I will just go back inside. He tried to negotiate and gave RM5 discount. But, still.

So, I went back inside then booked a Grab. Fortunately, the driver was just near and the rate was only RM 29. Big savings, right?

When the driver arrived, I approached him and told him to take me to KL Sentral as I will go to Istana Negara (supposedly). He also said that there are restaurants in KL Sentral. Perfect!

He asked me if where I came from and I responded “Philippines”. He then said,”Pangako Sa’yo”. I laughed a little and asked him if he knew Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales, and he said yes. It seems he is an avid fan.:D

Half of my Day 1 ended having lunch in KL Sentral. 🙂

KL Sentral is the hub for the bus & train. And their food court offers a wide variety  which you can choose from.



  1. It is way cheaper to take the Grab than taxi. Plus it is more convenient to take it since the rate is fixed and the driver will know where to pick and drop you off.
  2. It is easier to take Grab than the bus to Batu Caves Temple. There is also a tour package for Batu Caves Temple. You can check it with Klook but minimum of 2 pax per booking.
  3. Spend at least an hour to two in Batu Caves Temple. Enough for you to explore and stroll around, go up and inside the cave, and interact with the monkeys. Of course, make sure to take as much photos as you can.
  4. If you want to get inside the temple, you need to wear some conservative clothes. Other tourists who wore shorts rented a skirt or something to cover up.
  5. There are souvenirs that are for sale at the entrance of the cave, you can buy there but expect that is kinda expensive.
  6. There are restaurants within the area where you can rest and dine.
  7. Make sure to put on some protection (sunblock and sunglasses) when going up as it might be so hot. Or bring an umbrella as it might rain.
  8. Bring a bottled of water if you want to go up. You need to drink some water to keep hydrated. If you have some medical condition, better not to go up.
  9. Do not bring a food that the monkeys might get from you. If you are bringing something, better put it inside your bag.
  10. There is no entrance fee if you want to get inside the cave temple.


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#TripMagSoloSaMalaysia : Day 1

Selamat Pagi, Malaysia! 🙂

Based on my itinerary, my wake up call for Day 1 (Friday) was supposedly 7AM. But since I slept at past 3AM already and I have extra day on Saturday, I decided to stay a little bit longer on the bed. I woke up and started preparing at 8AM already.

After preparing myself and my stuff, I checked out at 9AM in Space Hotel. Then, will be checking in to my 2nd & 3rd night hotel. It is just a few meters away, thus I just walked.

I arrived at Big M Hotel before 9:30AM. Their check in time is 2PM and check out time at 12NN. Before my trip, I sent them a private message in FB asking if I can check in early. I was informed that there will be additional charges for early check in. That’s why I decided to get another room from a cheaper hotel.

However, their receptionist is so kind and accommodating enough to let me check in with no extra charge at 9:30AM plus the room was already prepared. I was then led to my room by the security guard. Finally! A room just for myself. 😀



A few minutes after I settled in, I went down and ate my breakfast at the restaurant next door, McDonald’s. Ronald McDonald has been my savior and buddy during my breakfast in KL.


I am excited to explore KL already. And my Day 1 is a little bit full. Here’s my itinerary.

  • 0900H-1000H Batu Caves Temple
  • 1100H-1130H Istana Negara
  • 1230H-1300H KL City Gallery
  • 1300H-1330H Merdeka Square
  • 1330H-1400H Sultan Abdul Samad Building
  • 1400H-1430H Sin Sze Si Ya Temple
  • 1430H-1530H Central Market
  • 1600H-1630H Sri Mahamariamman Temple
  • 1630H-1730H Chinatown
  • 1730H-1800H Chan See Shu Yuen Temple


But, the actual was this:


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#TripMagSoloSaMalaysia : Day 0

I don’t know why but it seems traveling solo on my birthday has becoming a habit for me now.

If you happened to read my trip in Taiwan, that was last year and I ended the trip by welcoming my birthday at Taoyuan Airport waiting for my flight back home.

And this year, I will be ending my birthday in my 2nd solo trip destination, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Let’s go back last March. ⏮⏮⏮

Cebu Pacific Air announced that they will be having a seat sale promo. If I’m not wrong, it was Piso sale. I really waited for 12MN to book and I don’t have an idea yet on where to go. Hahaha!

I am talking with my sister and we were discussing where to go. She wanted to go somewhere yet she wanted to try traveling solo and supposedly on November. So, I chose another destination. And what appeared to be cheap was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I was able to book at 1:02AM for only Php 1,588.95. So cheap, right! 😀😂

From March until October, I had been reading blogs, researching and asking some friends on what to see & do in KL. The only thing I know is PETRONAS Twin Towers. 😋

Until I was able to create my itinerary with the possible tourist spots that I can visit. Revised it from time to time. It even reached to version 6. Hehe! If you can see my itinerary, it is as detailed as possible. Like there’s specific activity on a specific time, the directions, the fare & expenses, the conversion to PHP, etc. But, itinerary is just my reference. Since I am traveling solo, I can be flexible and change plans anytime as long as I don’t have tickets yet.

Fast forward to November ⏭⏭⏭

First week of November, I still didn’t buy tickets for the tourist attractions. However, I already reserved hotel room and even booked a flight to Singapore. My original plan was to have a day trip in SG. I was able to buy a one-way ticket from KL to SG for around Php 700. But at the end, I decided not to push through with it because it’s more expensive and totally tiring. Will just visit again soon. 😉

After the holidays in November, it was the time I booked my tickets at Klook, the hotel reservation was confirmed, booked a pocket wifi and finalized my itinerary.

Supposedly, I will be visiting Colmar Tropicale Resort. Unfortunately, the seats for the shuttle was all fully booked. The other way to get there is through Grab or taxi but it is so expensive. So, I thought of another attractions or things to do.

The day has come. ⏺⏺⏺

On the day of my flight and my birthday, I started it by attending an early mass. After the mass, I was thinking to go back to sleep but ended up checking my stuff if I missed anything. I left the house at 9:30AM since I need to drop by at Flytpack office to pick up the Pocket WiFi. I went to Ayala after to have my money be exchanged to RM. Then headed to SM City Cebu to take My Bus to the airport.

I was really worried as I might be late for my flight considering the time allowance and the traffic. But, God is so good that I arrived with enough time to chill plus we were not delayed at all.

See you soon, Cebu 🙂

The moment I arrived in Manila, I had my late lunch, relaxed for a while then headed to the immigration. In all fairness, that was the fastest immigration processing I had with the officer not even asking me about anything. I am blessed! I was really happy when I was able to get in.

Happy and excited kiddo! 😀

Another waiting game as we were waiting for our 8PM flight. The luck is on us as the flight is not that delayed.

We arrived in KLIA 2 at almost 1AM. The flight was full.

After deplaning & passed the immigration, I immediately looked for the Information Desk to know on how I can get to KL city proper. The staff told me that I can take Grab since the train will be opened at 5AM (if my memory served me right). Or take the bus to KL Sentral. When I checked the fare of Grab, it will cost me almost Php 1000. Wow! 😮 That’s too expensive.

Welcome to Malaysia!

So, I went to the bus station and bought a ticket. The bus was not yet there and so I lined up. The bus arrived at 1:40AM and I was the first passenger to ride. We departed at exactly 2AM. The fare was RM 12.

The ticket booths for the bus.

The exit to the bus station.

After almost an hour, we arrived at KL Sentral. The station was so quiet and there’s no taxi. So, I followed the rest of the passengers as they headed outside the station. I asked the Filipino couple who were seating in the bus across me if where they are heading to. They said to Chinatown but they will take the train. So, I just left and walked with the others. But, I saw them walking as well after a few minutes. Maybe they realized that 5AM was still hours away.

When I arrived outside Menara 1 Sentrum, I was looking for a taxi and found nothing. So, I was thinking of booking through Grab since they said it’s cheaper there. Until the couple approached me and asked if where I am going. Coincidentally, our hotels are just walking distance from each other. So, we decided to take the Grab together since we can put multiple stops and share the fare. Nice idea. 🤣

Both our hotels were located in Chinatown. The first stop should be mine at Space Hotel at Chinatown then their stop is at Hotel China Town Inn. When the driver stopped, we saw China Town Inn something. Thinking that it’s the hotel they’ll be staying, they alighted first. When the driver dropped me off at the second stop, the hotel’s name was Hotel China Town Inn 2. This means that we swapped. Hahaha!

Thanks to Flytpack and Google Maps as I was able to get the direction in getting to Space Hotel. It was just a few meters away and so, I decided to just walk. While walking, I saw the couple heading to my direction. But, they turned left in the street before their inn and so, I ran after them and told them that we swapped & give them the direction. #challenge01

I walked in the middle of Chinatown at around 2AM while chatting with my friend and he told me that it’s not that safe to walk that late. Thanks God! I was able to reach the hotel safe and sound. 😊

The receptionist was sitting when I arrived. I then checked in and was brought to my room. If for whatever reason, he went back and forth thrice to make the key worked and opened the door. #challenge02

After 10 minutes, finally I was able to see my bed. It was a capsule type of room. So I am not alone in the room. Though my place is like a room inside a room. It has its own TV, ACU, headphone, power outlet, reading lights, mirror with mirror light, audio jack, and a table. There is a locker outside the room for your stuff and the bathroom is shared.

The elevator at the 2nd floor that will take you to the 3rd floor where the reception area and rooms are located.

This is my capsule “room”.

There is an alarm clock, audio jack, USB port, power outlet, door button, mirror light, room light, SOS button and a vault. There is also a key card slot where you need to place your key card so that the room will have power.

There is also a TV with movies loaded in it and the channels available.

The reading lights.

The headphone.

The table.

The locker. It can be opened using your key card.

After cleaning up, changing and arranging my stuff, it’s time for a good night sleep. It’s already past 3AM and still need to wake up the next day at least 8AM. Good luck! 😋😀

That’s my Day 0! And just like that, my birthday has ended. Thank you for all your greetings! 😘

Booked my hotel through Traveloka.


1. You can exchange enough money to survive for the day in the country you are visiting then look for a good exchange rate when you arrived. It is best to bring USD. Check also if the country you are visiting will accept your own currency.

2. Rent a Pocket WiFi. You can either rent it through online or when you arrive in the airport. But for me, I preferred Flytpack. They are reliable, excellent customer service and their device can survive a day & will surely save you.

3. If you are arriving late, check for an alternative ways to get to your hotel. If train will not be opened by then, airports usually have a bus that will take you to the city proper. Just ask the Information staff where to find it.

4. If you are afraid to travel late, you can wait for the train to open or sleep in the airport. There are lounges now in the airport which accepts tourists to sleep, shower and charge. In KLIA 2, they have lounges and Airport Hotel. Check with then their rates.

5. Taxi is not advisable when travelling from/to the airport if you are on budget. It’s because taxi is really expensive.

6. If you booked a hotel room, advised them that you will arrive late so that their receptionist will be notified and wait. Though most hotels have a 24 hour reception.

7. I have friends who worked and visited Malaysia particularly in KL a lot. They all told me to be cautious as there might be pickpocket’s. And I can really see in my eyes that this can be true because the people there would hug their bags when walking the public area.

8. Before your trip, make sure to give a copy of your itinerary to your family so that they will be aware if where are you staying or going. Less worry for them and more security for you.

9. Capsule Room is a good option for people travelling in budget. You might be sharing the room with others but still you have enough privacy.

10. I can recommend Space Hotel to all of you. Their receptionist is accommodating. Their location is walking distance to mostly everything especially the Chinatown market. Their rooms are clean. The bed is comfortable. Your stuff is safe in the locker.

The downside here is that you need to be considerate with other guests especially during sleeping hours as opening and closing your capsule’s door and the room’s door can be so noisy. If you are a CR person like me, it’s a little bit hassle as you have to go out.

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Malaysia : What can you say?

Home after a long time

I have been in Cebu since 2007 where I studied college until I had my work for 6 years now. Since I was a working scholar, I have fewer chances to go home even during semestral break because we need to report for work.

For 11 years, I am not even sure if I was able to celebrate my birthday at home in the island. I think it was all spent in Cebu. But there were few times that my parents celebrated it with me & my family in Cebu.

If there are times that I can go home, the longest is maybe a week which is usually during Christmas or Holy Week.

But, things did change this year. For the first time in a very long time, I was able to go home and spend for 2 weeks at home. Not for vacation, so I am not touring around. But to rest (which what I need) after my operation.

My doctor advised me to rest for 2 weeks after we were discharged. We decided that I will go home in Siquijor so that my father can prepare foods that I am allowed to eat.

We went home last August 11 at 1PM then arrived in the island at 11PM.

For the first week at home, my mother would wake me up at around 7AM so that I can drink my medicine before breakfast then I need to take another medicine at 8AM. She would leave me hot milk that she prepared before she went to work. After eating my breakfast and drinking my medicines, I will lay down in the sala and watch any TV shows usually in ABS-CBN. I think because of the meds, I got tired easily and a few hours after, I became sleepy. When I woke up, my father already prepared our lunch and would just eat. After that, I will go back in the sala, laid down, watched TV shows until I slept. When I woke up, I would watch TV shows again while waiting for my parents to arrive from work. When they arrived, they will cook our dinner, we will eat then I will go back to my usual spot. I usually be able to take a bath in the afternoon. My life is so simple, I brushed my teeth once a day (after dinner before going to bed). HAHAHA!

My wounds were still painful then. I need to move slowly so that it won’t hurt. I found it hard to find my sleeping position because I can feel the pain. Though I have a prescribed pain reliever but I do not want to take it unless the pain is unbearable.

For my second week, the only different thing is that I can already sweep our floor and wash our dishes. And of course, the bandage was already removed and the pain was gone except the wound inside which I can still feel a little pain every now and then. But still, I cannot work or carry heavy things.

Trust me! I can memorize the TV shows in ABS-CBN from Umagang Kay Ganda until Hwayugi. In my first few days, I was watching only ABS-CBN but I asked my mother to load our digibox so that I can watch other channels. And so, I was able to watch CinemaOne, Jeepney TV, etc. Plus, my first 4 days, our mobile signal at home is so weak. So, there is no mobile data or WiFi. Thus, the only thing I can do is eat, sleep and watch TV. I find it very peaceful though. No one is bothering and I don’t have to think about problems and issues.

For the first time in years, I did not have to think about work or anything in Cebu. All I just think is what is the ending of Bagani or what will happen to Mich in Araw Gabi. And I thank my officemates for understanding my situation.

People would describe me as laagan because I keep on traveling or it’s hard for me to stay at home when I am in Cebu. But while I was in Siquijor, the only times I went outside the house were when we went to church, when I needed to go to my mother’s office so that I can send an email for work, and when we fetched & sent my sister when she went home. Aside from that, I was stuck at home. I did not even had the chance to visit my aunt’s and uncle’s houses just a few meters away from ours.

But things will end. I need to face the world again. I need to work hard. I need to live again like I used to few days before my medical leave. But, I have the chance to meet my family & friends in Cebu. And, I can plan for another trip again either for work or leisure.

However, I already have in my mind the want to stay in the island. For good. Maybe not today nor tomorrow nor next month. But in a few years time when I can support myself even I am at home.

Why I love to be in Siquijor? Simply because it is home. I can be with my parents and the rest of the family. I don’t have to be in a hurry because I am not running after the time. I don’t have to deal and struggle with traffic and pollution. I can eat a meal even without buying foods. I am home. And this is where I wanna be. Always.

So, yeah. Maybe one day. But for now, I need to be strong and healthy again. To face everyone! 🙂

A week in the Hospital

I have been traveling a lot lately. But, I did not expect to end my trip in the hospital. Who want it that, right? But ya know! Things happen when you least expect it. And sometimes, things happen because it is the result of what you do with your life.

Anyway, this is not the first time that I have been confined in the hospital. Actually, it’s my third time. First was in Perpetual Succour Hospital last October 2009 for Appendectomy, next was in Chong Hua Hospital last November 2017 for Gastritis and this year in Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital for Gallbladder Removal (LapChole). And in between that were my few trips to the hospital for check up and laboratory tests since I was in grade school. And most of my complains were due to stomach pain. Yes! Been struggling that since I was young. Different types of stomach pain.


I have a love-hate relationship with needles for years now.

I was in Davao when I complained of too much stomach pain and I was already vomiting. I thought it was another hyper acidity attack but it did not react to the meds that I took. Two days suffering the pain until I called my mother and told her about it. And just like another mother, she panicked and went to Cebu early morning the next day (Saturday). I told her that I want to be confined because I can no longer take the pain.

Just wanna thank my officemates in Davao for taking care of me while I was sick.

My mother arrived in Cebu earlier than me (I was traveling from Davao). My sister just picked me up from the airport and we went to the hospital after we left my stuff at home.

Unfortunately, my doctor was out of the country. But, maybe it was a blessing in disguise because we found another Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Pek Eng Lim. He did not recommend for confinement since we need to check the lab test result first. He advised me to get an ultrasound.

Fast forward >>>

The ultrasound result showed that the cholesterol polyp grew from 0.3 (from May) to 0.4cm. Thanks to all the yummy fatty foods I ate.

When we got back to him, he recommended to undergo an operation the sooner the better before things get worst (before the polyp will fall inside the tube). And yes, we scheduled it after series of lab tests has been completed as clearance.

A long list of laboratory tests that I need to get. And 5 vials that I need to fill.

If I am to compare my operation way back last 2009 and this year, it was easier and faster for me to prepare myself last 2009 because I was in so much pain. I was confined when I suffered stomachache and when I had my check up in the E.R., I was then advised to undergo an operation before my appendix will rupture. I was not given any pain reliever and I was like the one who wanted the operation to be done immediately.

But this year is different, I had weeks (from July 24 when we decided to undergo an operation to August 5 when I was admitted) to prepare myself and think about what’s gonna happen. Plus, the pain was gone already. I am no longer suffering from it. If only it was not that urgent to remove the gallbladder, then I won’t pursue with the operation. But, I have fear everyday that I may be able to eat something that could worsen it.

I was admitted last August 5 and was supposedly scheduled for an operation on August 6 but the Operating Room was full in the morning and there is surcharge fee in the afternoon because it’s holiday. Thus, I was scheduled on August 7.


Checked in.


My baon in the hospital. Later did I know that I am not allowed to eat these. 


While waiting for my operation, got to do some work while watching Vice Ganda with an IV on my hand.


Few hours before my operation.

Since July 24 until August 7, I was scared and worried if what could happen, if I can take it or if I can survive. I was never 100% ready. I was nervous when the OR nurse picked me up from my room. My mother went with me in the OR but she’s only allowed until the reception area.


I was brought inside Operating Room #6. The nurses prepared everything. They placed monitoring thing on my chest, a Blood Pressure kit on my right hand that will automatically get my BP every 5 or 10 minutes. Wrapped each of my legs with elastic bandage then with another thing so that I cannot move.

The nurses where getting in and out the room while I keep on checking the time and hoping that the doctors will arrive and get it done.


Dr. Don Edward Rosello, my laparoscopy surgeon (recommended by Dr. Lim) arrived and told me that the anesthesiologist still has a patient and will be there once done.


Dr. Stephen Aldrich Alsay, my anesthesiologist arrived together with his team. He told me, “matulog na ta mam ha” (we will sleep) then injected the anesthesia through my IV. Then he kept on waving the oxygen in front of my face saying, “mam, oxygen ni siya, medyo lain ang baho” (mam, this is an oxygen and smells a little bad). Then I looked in the clock on the wall, it’s 8:45.


The nurse woke me up, “mam, humana ta” (mam, we’re done). Though my eyes were still closed, but I can already talk. I asked her if what time is it. Malyn, my OR attending nurse replied “9:15AM mam”.

The next thing I said was “palihog ko og picture sa akong gallbladder” (please take a photo of my gallbladder) then the nurse informed the others about my request. Then I remembered raising my hand while calling Malyn and I said, “palihog ko og ingon ni Mama” (please tell my mother).

But the moment I woke up, it is still so clear to me about my dream (if it was a dream) while I was asleep. It seems that I was watching them doing the operation. I saw a group of people inside a room with a bright light. Then, when the nurse woke me up, I can remember that I looked at my wounds and I saw three small tapes (like a double sided tape) on my stomach.

The next thing I knew, I was already in the recovery room. I tried to open my eyes but it’s blurry and everything was not clear and seems to be moving in circles. I said out loud “thank you, Lord” a couple of times. Then, I kept on raising my hand telling them that my nose is itchy then they told me that I can take off the oxygen mask and scratch it. I kept on telling them also to inform my mother because I know how worried she was. It was like she will be the one who will undergo the operation. And I asked the nurse why my throat is itchy. She told me that it was normal because they inserted a tube where the gas passes through. When I checked my wounds, the plasters are different from the one that I saw in my dream. It was indeed a dream. 🙂

Then I asked the nurse if how long I will be staying, she said “2 hours”. I tried to sleep until 2 hours became 1 hour then became 30 minutes then the time came that I will go back to my room. The oxygen was removed 1 hour after I arrived in the recovery room but the other monitor and BP kit were removed when I was about to be transferred back to my room.

I was so excited to go back because first, I want my mother & whoever is there waiting for me to know that it was successful, second is that it’s kinda uncomfortable already staying in the recovery room trying to sleep, hearing other patients’ complains or waiting for the time, and lastly, I wanna pee but the nurse told me that if I will pee in the recovery room, they will provide a bed pan. I can’t imagine urinating in the bed pan. I am not even sure if I can. Hahaha.

When I got back to my room, I heard a few familiar voices of my friends and family. They were waiting patiently for me. From then on, many came to visit, to check on me by sending me a messages, to pray for my safe operation and fast recovery, to bring me foods, to make me laugh, to show that they care, and so on & so forth.


They were waiting for me in my room while the operation is on going.

I have been posting ever since I was visiting the hospital for lab tests and for check up at my doctor’s clinic. Until I was confined, undergone the operation, started my recovery and until I was discharged. Maybe because a life in the hospital is kinda boring. You’re just lying on the hospital bed waiting for the foods to be served, watching any shows in the TV, being checked and injected with meds by the nurses and doctors, and being asked by them if how many times did you poop, pee, drink water & fart (which I all found hard to answer because I did not count).

And also because I am grateful. Actually, I am so grateful to everyone. This is the only way I can thank all of you for your care and concern.


First, to all those who sent a message of encouragement, well wishes and prayers via Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Call and Text from all over the world. Naka boost siya og courage para makuhaan ang kakulba. Many to mention kaayo! Hehe.

Diri sad nako na proved nga laagan jud ko. Kay daghan jud nag message nga “paayo na kay ang laag”. Hahaha. Lagi oi. Daghan jud unta naghulat. Pero, they can all wait. Haha.

Thanks also to these kiddos, my happy pill.

Second, to all those who kept on checking and monitoring if naunsa nako. Nangumusta if naunsa ang operation and if okay na ko. Di nalang nako i-mention inyoang names. But, you know who you are. 🙂

Third, to all those who spent time to visit bisan layo kaayo ug nangdalikyat lang sa lunch break. Ang uban, naay mga lakaw or walay tulog kay gikan work. Bern, April, Ante Juana, Lovely, Mam Mae, Che, Tolits, Pao, Jack, Kevin, Sir Arvie, Sir Neil, Justine, Justin, Jay, Mai, Jen, Jove, Mam Ging, Irene, Maldita. Salamat.

Fourth, to all my family, friends and friends that became family – Lenares Clan, Calimpon Familia, The Jerusalems, Fujitsu VMBU Familia, and Tropang Laagan.

Fifth, kang Mama ug Ate nga kauban nako since Sunday ug way tarung tulog kay sigeg atiman nako ug sigeg assist labi na mag CR and lisod ibangon or higda, kang Coleen nga nibantay pag Sunday ug nilami jud ang rasyon tungod sa complain nimo 😂, kang Ante Clara & Uncle Dodo nga maoy nag uban namo ug ni Mama ug naghatod foods, kang Uncle Romy na sigeg monitor even before ko naadmit, kang Ante Bibing, Uncle Joe, Ante Fe ug Kenn sa help, kang Uncle Jepur ug Papa Panyong para sa foods, sa three Musketeers (Toj, Chinkee, Tatay) nga everyday nagbantay.


First two photos: mura jud og namili sa grocery.

Third photo: inana jud na sila kagutom nagbantay sa akoa. Haha!

Sixth, to Cebu Doctor University Hospital nurses especially sa assigned nurse nako, Nurse Station IV-A nurses, Operating Room & Recovery Room nurses, resident doctors and interns, housekeeping, dietician dept. ug kang Sister. Daghan kaayo musulod sa room everyday to check sa vital signs pati ang pee, poo & fart, maghatag meds, mangumusta ug bisan nindot ang tulog muanha na sila, mamukaw kay ting meds na. Thank you.

Seventh, thanks to my doctors and their teams nga always sad naga check and monitor sa akoa. Dr. Pek Eng Lim (Internal Medicine), Dr. Don Edward Rosello (Laparoscopy Surgeon), and Dr. Stephen Aldrich Alsay (Anesthesiologist). I have the best doctors, indeed.

Eight and last, my biggest thanks to God. Since July 24 to August 7 (before my operation), di jud ko 100% ready and gikulbaan ko. But, I lift everything to God. I have a stronger and bigger God so I know wala koy dapat iworry. After the operation, I really said out loud “Thank you, Lord”. And even I was in the recovery room, I kept on thanking Him. Everything was successful and safe because He was there with me.




Room 435 now signing off.