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This site is all about my experiences and the lessons I had learned along the way during my travel. Plus some random life & love posts too.

I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts and stories. And always remember…

“Travel while you are young. Explore while there is time”.

Because as what St. Augustine had said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

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  • Travel Misadventures

    Travel Misadventures

    The year is ending and this year has been full for me. I was able to travel to 3 different countries and with different people. But what’s common to all is that each has its own misadventures. Just like life, travel cannot be perfectly good and smooth. Along the way, you’ll encounter misadventures. Be it […]

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  • Crash Landing On You Musical

    Crash Landing On You Musical

    The first KDrama that I watched and fell in love to during the pandemic was Crash Landing on You. And it started my journey to being a KDrama addict. And yes, I am one of the happy fans that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin ended together in real life. 😍 When I had my […]

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  • Roaming Around Hometown Chachacha Location

    Roaming Around Hometown Chachacha Location

    Hometown Chachacha (갯마을차차차) is of the few Korean Dramas that I watched which is ongoing. I always watched completed series because I don’t like to wait what’s gonna happen next. My impatient self! Haha But Hometown Chachacha made me do it and after every episode, I always cannot wait for the next one. It became […]

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  • Sunset at Busan Air Cruise (Songdo Marine Cable Car)

    Sunset at Busan Air Cruise (Songdo Marine Cable Car)

    One of the best things to do in Busan is to ride the Busan Air Cruise or the Cable Car at Songdo Beach. This was originally part of my itinerary but I did it earlier since some of my activities were cancelled. I went there just before sunset and I must say, it was the […]

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  • Korean Visa Application 2022 for Filipinos

    When the world stopped from moving due to the pandemic, many people might turned to Korean Dramas like me. That’s why when the country opened to tourists again, a huge flock of people wanted to go. And so, there are a lot of applicants for visa waiting outside the Embassy as early as dawn just […]

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  • August Slipped Away

    August Slipped Away

    A borrowed words from the famous song of Taylor Swift which is entitled August. A song about reminiscing old memories with someone she loves but ended up losing. Someone she can never have and will never be hers. That’s too deep but just like the song, August (the month) has slipped so fast and we […]

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