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This site is all about my experiences and the lessons I had learned along the way during my travel. Plus some random life & love posts too.

I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts and stories. And always remember…

“Travel while you are young. Explore while there is time”.

Because as what St. Augustine had said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

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  • Taga isla in Mati 🤙

    Taga isla in Mati 🤙

    Mati always has a good place in my heart. I’ve been there twice (first on a solo trip and second were with friends). And yet, I still want to go back. It must be the waves. 😂 And so, we did not miss to include it in our trip to Davao. We stayed in Mati […]

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  • I work from the jungle 🙈

    I work from the jungle 🙈

    The pandemic has opened more the door to working from anywhere or the digital nomad life. People can work in different locations provided that they have a good internet connection and they can deliver their tasks without miss. Personally, the work from home setup that I had for more than a year had lead me […]

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  • To my Almost Relationship, Thank You

    To my Almost Relationship, Thank You

    I had been single for almost 5 years.I already set my mind that I will be alone for the rest of time.People said that I should get married.But there’s one problem – with whom? Good thing, pressure from the outside does not bother me anymore.I am already used to it and so I have a […]

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  • How Travel Healed Me

    How Travel Healed Me

    How to be happy when you’re miserable? How you’re gonna stand again after falling so hard? How can you heal after being broken? If only there are medicines that can ease the pain. If only laboratories can determine how deep the wound or how worst the state is. If only doctors can tell you what […]

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  • Siquijor Travel Requirements

    Since this pandemic has started, traveling is never been the same as before. There are already additional requirements need to be secured. And requirements change from time to time when the COVID Level changes. However, starting this month, it seems that traveling to and within Philippines has become a little less strict. So, if you […]

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  • Everything Korean

    While the pandemic has ended or closed a lot of things, it also paved way for few things. And for my end, it opened me to liking Korean. Korean Dramas, Korean Foods, Korea as a place, its culture, its language and recently, KPop Idol. It sounds ironic, crazy or whatever you call it but yeah, […]

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