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This site is all about my experiences and the lessons I had learned along the way during my travel. Plus some random life & love posts too.

I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts and stories. And always remember…

“Travel while you are young. Explore while there is time”.

Because as what St. Augustine had said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

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  • Let July Be July

    Let July Be July

    Another month has ended. 7 months have passed for 2022. How’s your July been so far? July is another special month in the calendar. Because it’s our mother’s birthday. Thus, we always start the month with a celebration. This year is pretty not different. Except that we add a little spice to it. We started […]

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  • Weekend at the City of Smiles – Bacolod

    Weekend at the City of Smiles – Bacolod

    It’s been a week since we traveled from the island to my brother’s place in Escalante City. To visit my sister in law, nephew and our family here (my sister’s fam). Escalante has been our another home. It’s quite far from the island as we need to cross to Dumaguete City which is about 1-2 […]

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  • Corporate Life @ 10

    Corporate Life @ 10

    When I graduated from college, I did apply for a job with the purpose to earn money. I cannot just keep on asking money from my mother. I want to earn to have something to spend with what I want or need. But I guess, everyone really wants to find a job after graduation. I […]

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  • I’m not liked, so what to do?

    I’m not liked, so what to do?

    In this life, I have met and known people who love me for who I am. And I have come to meet and known people who do not like me for either who I am or for someone they think they knew about me. Some may be an acquaintance, a friend or even a family. […]

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  • I work from the beach 😎

    I work from the beach 😎

    An impulsive trip to Davao paved way for me to add another one location to my digital nomad workstation. This time it’s from the beach. Wherein I was able to work with the sound of the waves – strong ones. A calm night with a little rain and people praying. And ended my shift with […]

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