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All About Me

I am Jezza Joy but you can tag me as ezaiplorer.

I am the youngest among the 3 children. Born, raised, and loving my daily life here in the beautiful island of Siquijor in the Philippines.

I am a November and a Scorpio so I am kinda has trust issues, secretive and a detective. But I am using this platform to share with you my adventures and misadventures with my travel, life in general and even love. Trust me, you’ll get something from me. Even just a little.

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Degree holder. But please, do not ask me how to repair computers. 😀 But I can surely ask help from my friends.

A Project Manager by Profession. Maybe that is why I love planning and I love talking to people.

A Traveler by Heart and this site is a living testament and proof to that. I am doing all types – solo, with friends, with family, and used to do it with someone I loved romantically.

And I love adventure. Except that I get claustrophobic when riding an elevator for so long and I can’t just jump from a cliff or something like that. But I want to try paragliding, skydiving which actually need someone to jump. And I get panic attack when I am underwater. But you know what, I did scuba diving twice. Maybe another session to overcome it. Yeah?

I love flying even if sometimes I get nervous too. Just during take off though.

I love exploring, discovering new places, making new friends, trying new food. Maybe that is why I am a traveler.

A Foodie so you’ll see me eating a lot and I am trying my best to let the people know how delicious they are. But I end up just saying “it’s yummy“. But let us make it clear, I am foodie but I am not adventurous with food. I am quite a picky eater. There are certain cuisines that I don’t eat. And there are certain food that I don’t eat either like milkfish (coz milkfish sounds weird or maybe I am just weird hahaha). And cheese? Yes that too except if it’s with pizza or carbonara or lasagna. Why cheese? Coz mouse eats cheese. Right? 😀

I would say, I am a God-fearing person and I am just so grateful to Him for all that I have and for not leaving me all the time. Always!

I am a life lover. Though my anxiety would lead me to think suicidal thoughts (sometimes when it’s worst) but I always see it as a blessing. It maybe complicated but I have great God and support system that made me a strong one. And life is not complicated, it is the people that make it complicated.

I love my family so much and I am so grateful for the people who stayed with me throughout these years including those friends turn family. My family is my #1 priority and support system.

And lastly, I am a Storyteller, just what I am doing right now. I always love to share my stories especially about my travel. However, you will not always find people who are willing to listen to your stories. That led me to start blogging so I could just say whatever I want whether someone’s reading about it or no one at all. Then it led me to start creating videos, posted them on YouTube and just watching it again after years and get memories flashback. Then I had my social media – Instagram where I shared photos, videos, reels which are not real-time sometimes but for sure, they’re legit. Twitter – it is like my Diary posting whatever that comes to my mind. By the way it is private because it’s very raw. I have Facebook to share whatever I want and to be a “marites”. Hahaha Oh! I have recently created my travel account in TikTok too. I realized that I have lots of photos and videos in my phone that I should use to share my story to the world. And I didn’t realize, not until I got hooked into TikTok that there are lots of things you can learn/know/discover in TikTok including “chismis”. Hahaha. TikTok is like your one-stop shop for social media – Facebook, Instagram, Shopee, Lazada, YouTube. And lastly, lately I signed up for Tumblr. Actually, I just logged in again after years. And it’s now where I write my composition mostly poems in the middle of the night.

So yeah! I hope you will find this site and my platform interesting and helpful at the same time. As I always say “Travel while you are young. Explore while there is time“. Happy Journey!!! 🙂