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It was one Tuesday morning when suddenly the power in the house went off. The lights turned off. The computer monitor turned off. The internet connection turned off. Everything connected to the electricity suddenly turned off. Oh no! What had happened? Upon checking the… Continue Reading “WORK SPACE @ THE COMPANY CEBU”

Are You Really Okay When You Say “I’m Okay”?

We always hear people ask question like “How are you?”. Most especially during online meetings these days. Or maybe when we meet friends or people we haven’t met for ages. We rarely hear people ask “Are you okay?” but I guess it’s the same… Continue Reading “Are You Really Okay When You Say “I’m Okay”?”

How do you handle stress?

I was recently asked by someone if HOW DO I HANDLE STRESS. I’m not sure if my answer made sense or I was just blabbering stuff. ๐Ÿ˜… I started telling her something I always tell anyone. Stress is anywhere. Whatever you do or wherever… Continue Reading “How do you handle stress?”

Unlimited Samgyupsal @ Jeju Samgyupsal

It’s one Saturday morning, almost lunch actually, we took a taxi to a place called Nickrek Center. I don’t have an idea what it looks like and so the driver. The location is so familiar but haven’t heard of this center. I’m having lunch… Continue Reading “Unlimited Samgyupsal @ Jeju Samgyupsal”

A Weekend in South Korea

If you didn’t know, I have a Weekend Trip to South Korea. But everything was only a plan. Coz everything was canceled. Plane tickets, hotel reservation, and yeah, my itinerary. Why? COVID-19 happened. If it pushed through, it should had been last April 2020.… Continue Reading “A Weekend in South Korea”

Falling in love with Hospital Playlist

Somebody recommended to me last year to watch Hospital Playlist because it is an amazing Korean Drama. However, I did not watch it because I am not into hospital stories. I love detective stories more. ๐Ÿ˜… However after listening to there OSTs a couple… Continue Reading “Falling in love with Hospital Playlist”

A week in the Hospital

I have been traveling a lot lately. But, I did not expect to end my trip in the hospital. Who want it that, right? But ya know! Things happen when you least expect it. And sometimes, things happen because it is the result of… Continue Reading “A week in the Hospital”

My Birthday Countdown

It is November again. November 17 (PST) to be exact. It’s been 2 days already since I celebrated my 29th birthday. Before my birthday, I had a countdown in my IG & FB Story. Maybe some guessed it right. Maybe some did not. But… Continue Reading “My Birthday Countdown”

Questions that Lead to Love

I was looking for some questions about love online and I find this article from The New York Times. It is called The 36 Questions that Lead to Love. But I will only be answering on what is applicable to myself. So, since it… Continue Reading “Questions that Lead to Love”

50 Questions that will Free Your Mind

I found this article online written by Marc Chernoff and posted in The article is entitled the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind. With the current situation we are in right now due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, most of us are worried… Continue Reading “50 Questions that will Free Your Mind”