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Ahn Bo Hyun’s Hello Fanmeeting in Seoul: A Fan’s Dream Come True

Ahn Bo Hyun is a South Korean actor who went to fame because of his villain role in Itaewon Class. Though his character had been hated by a lot of people, he was personally loved by them too. Since then, he was starred to various dramas and shows.

I then started to admire him, watched his works, and followed him on his Instagram account & even on his Bubble profile. I sent him gifts and a letter through courier from the Philippines to South Korea and was so happy when it was signed by him. That was way back on May 13, 2021, a few days from his birthday. It was too long that I forgot what I sent him. Hahaha

After the pandemic, when I was able to visit South Korea again, I dropped by his office two years in a row. To give him gifts and letters that I brought from the Philippines. I always was not able to see him in person. It was always their office staff. But still, I felt like fulfilled.

I also joined an international fan group wherein we would send him coffee truck during filming, gifts, birthday ads and even donation. Plus, I was able to make new friends from this group.

So imagine how happy and excited I was when he announced that he would hold his first fanmeeting and I was able to get a ticket. I decided to purchase the ticket 2 days after they opened the ticket sale. I got a seat at the very far corner on the second floor. But it is fine since of course, just being there in that same room with him and meeting him in person was enough. Oh! I was just so lucky too that I was granted a multiple-entry visa in August 2022 so I was able to decide to fly right then and there.

On the first week of March, his agency announced that we could send a video with questions we wanted to ask him. The timing was right that my family went on a camping trip in a mountain resort so I thought of recording it there since he loves camping plus nature. I recorded it while everyone was sleeping in a very early morning. Only the sound of crickets and birds can be heard. I thought of what to ask, translated it to Korean using Papago, tried to remember and speak it clearly, and did a few takes before I was satisfied with the result.

The deadline for sending the videos was the Monday after our trip. I was even hesitant to do it because I felt shy. Haha
But my fangirling self won over the embarrassment so I sent two versions – the English and the Korean. I had no expectations with it though.

Photo and post owned and grabbed from FN Entertainment Instagram

Come the D-Day!!!

I took the subway to Shinhancard Fansquare SOL Pay Square Livehall. It was located in Mapo-gu and the closest station is Hapjeong. I was able to pass by it the night before while I was on my way to the unlimited yakiniku dinner with my friend.
When I arrived, there were already many fans taking photos, claiming tickets, and answering the survey. I claimed my ticket at the counter and gave my gifts for him through the staff. Then I went to the photo zone, asked a fellow fan to take a photo of me thinking she was a staff, thanked her then headed to the door going to my seat.

The staff was very welcoming and friendly, that’s for sure. They were all smiling.

And yes! My seat was literally at the top corner and a few rows from the back. I sat next to a Korean fan. The room was somewhat dark, and it wasn’t very large, so the stage remained clear and visible.

A few minutes later, everyone was inside, and the MC went out and facilitated the preparation for the games later on. She explained the game which is called Boss Relay, picked representatives that will play with Bo Hyun Oppa.

She went back to backstage, the venue became completely dark, then a video of Bo Hyun Oppa somewhat like a video call was played on screen.

It was then followed by him singing Itaewon Class OST Start Over by Gaho. Oh my goodness! He has a very good voice.

Then the MC went back on stage, Oppa introduced himself and greeted the fans, they both sat on the high chairs and started chatting. These are all in Korean so imagine me who doesn’t speak and understand Korean so well. Hahaha

The first segment started which is called the Bosstagram (I hope I got the name right :D). In this segment, three different photos from Bo Hyun Oppa’s Instagram posts were shown then he gave more details about them. Three photos shown were (1) him lying on the bed with hashtag Flex X Cop, (2) him wearing a graduation gown while holding a bouquet and his diploma/awards with hashtag Flex X Cop, and (3) him with his friend on a restaurant while there faces where on animal filter.

The second segment is the Boss Awards. There are three questions and various choices. Before Oppa gave his answer, the board from the lobby where fans voted, was revealed.

The third segment is the video from the fans. They picked I think about 5 questions (videos) from the fans. While I was enjoying watching the videos and listening to Oppa’s answers, a very familiar video played on the screen. Guess what? It was my video. Hahaha

I hurriedly took out my phone and recorded the last part of it while getting so nervous. After the video was played, the MC mentioned my name and seat and looked for me. I waved my hand, the video camera was focused on me while the staff gave me the mic. The MC asked me to speak, I was so nervous that I was stuttering while talking. The only Korean statement I said was “죄송해요~ 한국어를 잘 못…” (Sorry, I can’t speak Korean well) and Oppa was like “천천히” (slowly). Then I decided to ask my question again in English and the MC translated it to Korean. I was nervous, excited, and happy at the same time that I hadn’t listened well to what he answered. The kind Korean fan next to me translated it for me. And the fans around me were so supportive congratulating me after.

After that was a break where Oppa went back backstage and a video of him answering questions was played. Me and the Korean fan next to me suddenly became friends. We were just enjoying the whole time. By the way, she was so focused on the event that she never took out her phone or recorded the event.

The second part of the event started when Oppa came out and interacted with the fans. Those who were on the first floor were so lucky to get closer to him and even some touched him. Then he went back on stage and sang another song.

It was followed by the Boss Relay and all the representatives went up on stage and played with him. Our representatives got the lowest time and won the game. And so, our sections received a signed photocard after.

The next was the Boss Quiz wherein there were questions given, and everyone had to participate. Those who have the same answer as Bo Hyun Oppa will remain standing until the last fan. He picked the last two fans standing, asked them to go on stage, and gave them gifts. The price is a long-sleeved shirt with his nametag like in Running Man.

The next is Boss-Neun Ahn-Bo-Hyun wherein he has to pick 3 out of the 5 mystery boxes. There are missions, gifts, and even dud or void. The first box he picked was dud or void. Haha

He was able to pick a film camera then they took a photo together and he gave the Polaroid to the fan. I think there were 3 fans picked. Another box was for him to pose and the fans could take photos from our seats. He seems dissatisfied because he asked to pick one more. And he was able to pick the Hi Bye Event. All of us were shouting out of joy and excitement.

After that, he gave a message and sang two more songs including his song “I’ll Embrace Your Past”.

We then went out by line, claimed our signed photocard prize, then went down for the Hi Bye Event. Waaa!!! I was able to see him so close. He was so tall and handsome. He was smiling and waving to us.

That fanmeeting made me realize and even appreciate him more. More than being a great actor and singer, he is a wonderful person. He is humble, kind, and generous even with how far he has come.

But wait there’s more!!!

After I went out and went to the toilet, I saw a group of fans gathered outside near the backdoor. I realized that he would pass through that area. I went there, stood, and waited like the others. Until he went out and approached his car. He waved at us and said a few things like keep safe. Then the car passed in front of me.

I was so happy and full. A lot of things did happen both surprising and unexpected. I did not regret going on an impromptu trip to Seoul just for that fanmeeting. I feel like all my efforts paid off, and it’s indeed, achievement and fangirling unlocked.