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Busan X the Sky

Another amazing experience to try when in Busan is to visit Busan X the Sky. It is an observatory that is located in the second highest building in South Korea, the Haeundae LCT Landmark Tower.

There are four floors to note when visiting Busan X the Sky:

  1. 1st Floor – Here you will find the Ticket Booth where you can purchase your tickets to go to the Observatory. There is also a Kiosk wherein you can claim the tickets from purchasing online like KKDay or Klook. Other things you can see here is the Art Gallery, Information Desk, Busan X Story.
  2. 98th Floor – Here you will find the Sky The Gift which is a gift shop, Black Up Coffee which is a cafe, Sky Letter, Sky X Show, Sky Wave.
  3. 99th Floor – Here you will find the Sky 99 Grill & Pasta which is a restaurant, Sky Garden, the Highest Starbucks in the World.
  4. 100th Floor – Here you will find the most thrilling experience of stepping on a glass floor with a view of the Haeundae Beach, the Shocking Bridge. There is also an Art Gallery in this level.

Every floor has a X the Photo which is a Photo Zone. The whole building is in glass window too so wherever you are in the 3 floors (98th, 99th, 100th) you can have an overlooking view of Busan and see those famous & beautiful places like Haeundae Beach, Gwangan Bridge, Dongbaek Island. Even the comfort rooms are in glass so be sure to lower down the blinds. 😀

How to get here

Private Car or Taxi: Go to Busan X the Sky directly.

Commute: You can take Bus 1001 and get off at E Mart.Jungdong Station or Bus 1003 and get off at Mipo.Moontan Road Entrance.
Input the Busan X the Sky 부산엑스더스카이 to Naver Maps or Kakao Maps to get more options on commuting.

Opening Hours

It is open from Monday to Sunday from 10AM to 10PM regardless if it is a weekday, weekend or holiday.
Last issuance of ticket at the ticketing booth is 30 minutes before closing time.

Ticket Rates

Purchasing it from the Ticket Booth, the ticket rates as follows:
* Adults aged 13 years old and above – KRW27,000
* Children between 3 to 12 years old – KRW24,000
* Seniors aged 65 years old and above follow the children rate
* Infants below 3 years old are free provided there is a proof

Our Experience

We came from Busan Station where we took a bus going to the Busan X the Sky. As we were walking to the building, we saw this pedestrian lane and thought of taking a photo when the traffic light stopped.

During our visit, the 2022 BTS Exhibition: Proof in Busan was held in Busan X the Sky.

Upon presenting your ticket at the 1st Floor, you will be guided to the elevator and will be taken to the 100th Floor. The elevator which they also called as the Sky Cruise travels for I think a minute. While riding it, you will get to enjoy a sky movement with people sky diving, there’s hot air balloon.

When arriving at the 100th Floor, you can then take a look around. Get an unobstructed view of Busan and Haeundae Beach.

We also tried crossing the Shocking Bridge. It is not for those who have a fear of heights but it can be a good way to conquer that fear.

Then we went down through the stairs to the 98th Floor and walked towards the stairs to the 99th Floor where Starbucks is.

There we ordered some drinks, chilled and chatted while waiting for the sunset.

When people would ask me when is the best time to visit Busan X the Sky, my answer will always be before sunset. You can see Busan on a clear day, witness the mesmerizing golden hour, and have a look of the city lights when the sky slowly turns dark.

After that, we headed back down to the 1st Floor and went outside the Haeundae Beach.

This is the Haeundae LCT Landmark Tower at night.

Here is a YouTube video that I created on our experience in Busan X the Sky.

Busan X the Sky is definitely worth and a must-visit. For three reasons, I would say…

  1. Overlooking view of Busan plus the Magnificent Sunset
  2. Highest Starbucks in the World
  3. Shocking Bridge

And yes! When can you do your business in a toilet with a view of Busan (the tall buildings, ocean, mountains). Only here in Busan X the Sky. 🙂