Spelunking at Cantabon Cave in the Island of Fire, Siquijor

It has been a couple of years since my sister has been requesting my mother to allow us (though I was allowed once but my sis was in Cebu that time.. Lucky me! Hehe) to explore Cantabon Cave. However, my mother always has a reason not to permit us until one sunny Black Saturday when she let us do it since my aunt from Cebu was there and wanted to try it as well.

Upon arriving, we headed to the registration area to pay for the entrance, the tour guide, helmet and the head light. Since we are 6 including two kids, we are required to have 3 tour guides. If you are 3, you need to pay for Php 500 for the 2 tour guides and helmet plus the Php 20 each entrance fee and Php 30 each head light. If you want to rent a shoes, it is Php 30 per pair. You may leave your things at you vehicle or here. You are also allowed to bring camera and if it is not water resistant, you may ask for cellophane to protect it.

Once done and ready, we then walked from the regestration area to the cave’s entrance for about 10-20 meters. 

When we reached the entrance, one of the tour guides lead the way, the other is in the middle and the third one is in the last. The entrance to the cave is so narrow. 

Once you are in, then the TWO HOURS OF SPELUNKING BEGINS! 💪👊


Remeber to listen to what your tour guide has to say, be careful especially some area is slippery and enjoy the moment by taking nothing but pictures, leaving nothing but memories. Just expect that you have to do almost everything just to reach the 800-meter finish line. Kailangan ka mokatkat, mokamang, mohapa, muduko, muslide, molakaw, maligo ug mag enjoy! 😄

I know below photos do not give enough justice to the beauty inside the cave but for sure these will encourage you to try it! Photos taken through my phone. 😃


         This is a Santo Niño Image.  

       One of the rock formations that is as white as snow and looks like the rice terraces 

    The mini swimming pool where guests 🏊      This rock formation is called ALTAR    When you have a photo here, you need to place your head in the middle so tgat it will look like you have a “sungay”          

To be able to reach the end of this, you need to “kamang” 


      Can you see the camel? 🐪

    My aunt had a photo in the frame 📷   This is a shower bell🚿  finally we reached the end! The King’s Bed.        The Fairy Bath Tub 🛁

After more or less 2 hours of spelunking, we were able to survive the adventure!  Yehey! 😄👌 

It might be tiring and challenging but everything that we’ve been through is worth it for the beauty and the fulfillment we got! Definitely, a most reccommended and will go back again soon. 😉

With me are my sister Ate Jane, aunt Abeth, Ann, my cousins Keishza and Joshua 

 What you are waiting for? Plan a trip now to Siquijor and include in your itinerary, Cantabon Cave! See u! 😍

“I’d rather live in a cave with a view of a palace than live a palace with a view of a cave.”
  Karl Pilkington

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