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I always hear rants from people why I keep on traveling. I even get enough from my mother and my sister (coz they care that much 😍). I received all the positive and negative judgments from the people I know and who think know me.

But why I keep on traveling?

In all honesty, I am guilty on what they say Sige og laag bisan way kwarta or daghang utang. I booked my plane ticket, reserved my hotel accommodation and even bought tour or event tickets through my credit card. I do not spend much in buying new clothes or eating in an expensive restaurant. But there\’s still less left on my salary because of paying my bills. But my money can buy me tickets or my stay yet it cannot buy me my happiness in some sense.

I also felt bad on spending less time with my family or at home because I travel. However, I always look forward on my free schedule to go home. Going home is not just being with my family but more than anything else, it is an escape to reality, to the stressful reality at some point. Home is a total definition of relaxation and happiness in one. Sometimes, I even traveled though I am sick. This is because for me, it is my stress reliever or my kind of medicine. Long trips maybe tiring but what awaits you there is more than enough for that sacrifice.

But going back to the question why I travel..

My simple answer is DREAM.

It has been my dream ever since to reach to places and experience to stay there even for a short period of time. I even shared the same dream with my friend who is in Norway now (few years back). I believe on what Saint Augustine had said, The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.. I have been to few places yet and I already turned the few pages of my life. And I will always look forward in fulfilling this dream and turning more pages of my life by continuing to travel. 😎

Through this dream, traveling has become my PASSION.

A passion that I did not keep just for myself but I shared to others. I traveled mostly either with my boyfriend, my sister/family or my friends. Of course, other than that of my work. And because of my passion, I encourage others to travel and explore new places, help them with their travels (either by booking, creating itineraries or simply giving suggestions) and plan more trips. I research also for more ideas that could help the trips I am planning. It takes much time but if you love what you have been doing, it is like you are not working. Am I right? 😁

Also because of that passion, I was able to start my travel blog called EZAIPLORER.

During my trips, I collected information and photos about everything that I can share and will be helpful for future visitors. It made me think that way because I have been to some places yet I can get less info and sometimes non-informative about it which makes the whole planning a difficult one. My blog has been my diary about my experiences on my trip. It has been my statement of the things I have been through. I provided as much information that I can give and I think is helpful. It is also very overwhelming to get positive feedbacks from travelers and other bloggers.

In addition, sharing does not end in my blog but I also became a STORYTELLER.

People asked me questions or for information about the place I visited. Some were interested on what I experienced there. I can get connected to some friends and even strangers on what I tried. I can say anything and everything about my experiences (either the positive or negative). I also make sure to encourage others to try it. And I never forget to give recommendations and comments. I also shared these comments (positive and negative) to some website especially TripAdvisor. In that way, others will see and read my point of view and can get idea from there. Also, for those responsible people like hotel owners to know what to be enhanced and what to be continued. Coz at the end of the day, what matters to them are how happy their customers and how can they promote their service and hotel to others.


The world is so big. It may be impossible for most of us to travel each one of them but it is possible for us to visit some of them that we can. Everything is created by God and we need to appreciate it. If we can go to some places but choose not to, how can we appreciate God\’s wonderful creations. If we choose to stay within our comfort zone, how can we appreciate God\’s brilliant creations. And most especially, how can we help preserve and help the endangered creations of God if we do not know anything. These creations are just waiting for us to be discovered and visited. Before some of them will be totally lost or forgotten, spare some time to check it out.

Maybe at some point my reasons are unacceptable for some. Others might judge me that I keep my life evolving around traveling. But that what makes me happy. Like a child being happy when he can eat an ice cream or play in the playground. I need to work to be able to do it. But every time that I spent working for this is worth it.

People can judge me and give negative comments. But this is how I live my life. I do not spend on those luxurious material things that will depreciate and be phased out in a couple of years if not in months. I spend on travels that can create more memories and experiences I will always cherish. Photos might get destroyed or lost as time pass by but the memories in my head and my heart will always remain.

You can talk about iPhone6 now but years later it will be like Nokia which was almost forgotten. However, I can go to Batanes now (it\’s just that I cannot for now coz I do not have the ticket.. Hahaha) and I can talk about it in years unless I have an amnesia.

But at the end of the day, it is our own choice. What can make us happy and how we choose to live our lives. But I am writing this for those who haven\’t seen my reasons why I cannot stay in the house most of the time instead on different places. People can definitely judge me but I do not want to regret one day because I did not do the thing I always want to.

I will always be grateful to those people who keep on understanding and supporting this passion of mine especially my Mama (savior at all times bisan magyawyaw), my travel buddies Ate (though magyawyaw sad nih siya), my boyfriend (usually siya ang manglibre) and my friends (always on-the-go) and those people who care for me always even if I am stubborn most of the time.


For those who keep on judging and doubting, try it once and believe me, you will love it. You might even realize how beautiful the life outside your comfort zone. Otherwise continue living your life and be happy with it. Still, enjoy traveling! In this journey called life and in this place called earth. 😊👣