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Disconnect to Connect @ Sermon on the Mount

Disconnect to Connect as I want to describe that weekend when the whole Tropang Laagan went on a trip.

We started our journey at past 12NN from Ayala Centralbloc. We were picked up by the van that we rented with the help of the resort.

After 1 hour and 30 minutes of travel in a zigzag road of Transcentral Highway with trees and mountains along the way, we arrived in Gaas, Balamban.

And we finally saw Sermon on the Mount Retreat Resort, our private place for the weekend. 🥰

It is located along the road so it is very easy to locate. You can ride the V-Hire from Cebu City terminal or rent their shuttle.

We were welcomed by the friendly and accommodating owners, Ms. Chona, her husband and her daughter.

We still have to wait since it\’s still early and they\’re still cleaning the place after the guests had check out at lunch. We were then guided to the kitchen a few minutes later by Ms. Chona.

We were all amazed of what we saw. An open kitchen with small swimming pool by the edge and a clear view of Mother Nature. Everything is made of wood which adds a relaxing vibes to the place.


She then gave us a tour, instructing us on what to do, telling us on what we can do, and sharing to us some details of the resort including the rules.


In the kitchen area, aside from the pool and the cooking & dining area itself, there is also a lounge area, a karaoke machine, a shower room, a toilet, a sauna. The lights are so warm and there\’s disco light.


Some were roaming around and taking pictures. Some were on the karaoke area, singing. Some were preparing the food headed by our Chef Neil.

Then the fog filled up the whole place. It turned the green view to white. Though just for a few minutes. But it looks magical. 😊

When the room was ready to be occupied, we went up and again, was amazed of it. It is in the 3rd floor (above the kitchen). It has a clearer view of Mother Nature. The interior design is sooo relaxing. It was really built with love and the feeling to make it homey. Coz indeed, it is very homey.


Later that night, as we strolled in Banquet, we saw Ms. Chona. She offered us to take our photos. She\’s a photographer by the way. Aside from having a business with lights (LED, etc.). And we had a short talk about the place.

It was built in 2019 but they started receiving guests in 2020. The place was built with the help of an architect but the design was their ideas. They love woods, that\’s why there\’s a huge presence of woods in the resort. And yes, their business is about lights so they really used amazing lights.


Their goal really is to make it homey and one with nature. So on their rest days, they will go there and plant different kinds of flowers and plants. There are different animals you can find in the resort too.

Upon our arrival, we were welcomed with 2 huge dogs – a husky and a mixed breed of bulldog (I forgot the other breed). They have 2 turtles & fishes in the pond. They have a tiny snake placed inside a glass cage outside the kitchen. They have birds too.

They built the resort slowly and they\’re very hands on. With the help of their staff, they made an amazing place for them to stay when they want to escape from the hustle & bustle of the city. But they also opened their home resort to the world. Most especially to those people who want to have some relaxing, peaceful time with themselves, with their friends or family. And with Mother Nature.

There is no mobile signal in the rooms, the kitchen and the Banquet. The mobile signal is only in the entrance area, near the road. Though they have WiFi but they can only allow up to 3 connections since they\’re using it as well.

And that\’s why, we were really disconnected from the outside world. We only got to use our phones to take photos or to listen to music.

It was a good way for all of us to really connect and interact. We talked, we laughed, we sang, we dipped in the very cold pool, we went inside the sauna, we admire the place together. And that night of heart-to-heart talk was a game changer too.

The next day, me & April woke up so early, around 5AM. To witness the sunrise. We sat on the chairs at the balcony of our room with a cup of hot beverage. Talking about life and stuff, as we always do together. While watching the colorful sky changed its color. Until it was so bright. And the rest started to wake up too.

I ended the trip by eating my breakfast and bidding goodbye to everyone since I had to go home earlier than them. But I was really glad to join the trip and reunite with them. It was an awesome trip indeed.

And it was made possible because of the efforts of everyone. Most especially to the organizers, April & Neil and to the whole family of Sermon on the Mount Retreat Resort. 😍

So if you are looking for a place to stay that is so close to Cebu City and yet would feel really relaxed, at peace and connected with nature; then Sermon on the Mount Retreat Resort is the perfect place to go. Drop them a message at their Facebook account. Ms. Chona is very responsive. 😉👍