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From ECG to GCQ

Why? I had anxiety after I went to the grocery on April 2. I was not able to sleep for about 3 nights and was always worried. That\’s why we thought of availing these services.

It\’s been awhile since I went out to buy grocery. The last time was April 2. From then onwards, we just ordered grocery stuff either through the supermarket itself or online grocery services.

Just this June 1, Cebu City was declared as General Community Quarantine after it was under Enhanced Community Quarantine last few days of March.

What does it mean? More establishments are opened. People can go out and cross border. Public utility vehicles are allowed to operate. Airlines are allowed to fly but not for leisure. But still, we need to observe social distancing, wearing of mask, curfew hours.

It may sound not stricter now but still, the virus is still there without vaccine or medicine. Thus, we still have to be more cautious and avoid going out unless we have or need to.

I\’m gonna share what I observed and experienced this time compared to the last time I went out.

Last time I went out, I was bringing with me Community Quarantine Pass. Supermarkets are open at specific time. Some supermarkets imposed limited number of people to get inside and on limited time like in Robinson\’s Supermarket. There\’s no taxi or grab, so you have to bring your grocery on your own or maybe book Angkas or Grab Delivery. I waited for a few hours before I was able to enter the supermarket. It took me about 3 hours just to have my grocery.

The road that time was almost empty. Just few private vehicles and those who are serving the frontliners can be seen in the road. Upon going out our street, there is a tent where volunteers guarded whoever is coming in to get their temperature and list down their names. Only residents or boarders can get in. Delivery was not allowed to get inside either.

That\’s why from April 3 to yesterday, we were able to go out until the post to get the delivery or at the bank just nearby.

Since my destinations for today are the bank and Robinson\’s Supermarket, I just have to walk. All geared up with my mask and eyeglasses. With alcohol and tissue inside my bag. I departed from the house at around 9AM. I am pretty excited to see the differences or changes in the outside world.


First thing that surprised me was the post or tent was no longer there. No one is guarding the street going inside. Meaning anyone can access (in and out).

The road has more vehicles. But haven\’t seen PUVs.


There were a couple of people outside Gaisano Countrymall waiting for the jeepney. I think they\’re going to work.

When I reached at the first bank to withdraw, I saw few people outside waiting to get inside. Luckily, there\’s no line to the ATM. That\’s why, I was able to withdraw in an instant.

I then went to the next bank to pay my bills and deposit. Before entering, the guard will take the temperature and let you fill up the form (name, contact number). There are alcohols placed anywhere in the bank. The chairs for waiting are marked so that customers can only sit on those marks. All the staff is wearing disposable masks. I was really hoping that they could use washable so that they don\’t have to consume much. The line to the teller was not long. So I was accommodated immediately.

After the bank, I went to Robinson\’s Supermarket. Unlike last time, there was no line outside. No one is waiting. So I directly went to the supermarket. There is a note posted that No Mask No Entry. Before entering, the guard will ask for your Community Quarantine Pass. If you have, she will take your temperature and let you in.


The supermarket was not crowded. I\’m not sure if it\’s because it\’s Friday and most of the people are working. Or if it\’s because people tend to buy their grocery at Gaisano Countrymall. But whatever the reason is, I\’m glad that social distancing can really be observed.

I walked from one section to another then to another. Until I was able to buy what\’s on the list plus more. Though some items in the list are not available. I was shocked on the total price. Haha. I don\’t know if the prices went up or I just bought many stuff since I enjoyed the time. 😅

After buying, I went up and booked for Grab Delivery. I cannot carry all the stuff. My bones will totally break. Haha. So I opted to book and let my sister pick it at the drop off point. Just a few meters from home.

As I was waiting in the Loading & Unloading Area for a driver, I haven\’t seen any taxi there. I\’m not sure if taxis are operating already or not. Grab is still not operating though.


First driver arrived. He apologized because he cannot carry my stuff. So I just canceled it. He\’s nice enough though. Second driver accepted the booking and told me that he\’s on his way. He\’s kind enough to find a way to carry the box and the plastic of grocery. Then I called my sister that he\’s on the way.

I think that\’s one of the things that\’s difficult now or even during ECQ, finding a taxi or grab or jeepney. Commuters will really struggle with this. Especially even before the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have problem already with PUVs. I don\’t know what will happen now if everyone has to go back to the office and we need to implement social distancing.

Going back, I just walked going home. I dropped by Bubble Tea Station to buy some Milktea. I took the opposite side of Gaisano Countrymall on my way home. There\’s no much people outside. You can really distance yourself. I went to Rose Pharmacy to buy stuff that I didn\’t find in the supermarket. Unfortunately, the line is long. So I just went out.

And I can feel that there\’s more vehicles now because crossing from the gas station to our little street took more time than before. But still manageable.

Getting inside our street is easier this time. I don\’t have to stop for temperature checking and splashing of water with chlorine for disinfection. But, I still feel that how nice it would be if that was still being implemented.

Why? At least we can all be sure that everyone\’s going inside is safe and clean. We still don\’t know who has the virus outside. But of course, those volunteers need to rest, too. They\’re serving 24hours in 7 days, I think. Risking their lives to safeguard the Sitio and the people. I\’m grateful for them, though.

Anyhow, I arrived safely at home at past 11PM. It\’s almost 3 hours that I was outside.

I\’m also hoping that I\’m safe and free from any contamination. Coz the last thing I want is to a victim after being stuck inside for so long.

We all have our ways to live our lives normally, safely and healthy. But whatever and however our new normal looks like, let us not forget that the virus is still out there. It\’s waiting for the next victim. Unless the vaccine and medicine is out, we cannot say that we are safe and free.

So the next time you go out, make sure that you\’re taking all the precautions needed. It\’s better safe than sorry. It\’s better to be paranoid that to be a victim. Right? 😉

Keep safe everyone! 😊