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#Goals2018: Watching a movie alone

First on my list of the goals this 2018 that I just achieved was watching a movie (romantic) on my own. No sister. No cousins. No friends. But just me!

I really wanted to watch Siargao the Movie that much. However, my sister does not want to. While my friends want to watch another film.

Why Siargao?

Of all the movies being shown for the MMFF, Siargao captured me. Maybe because I have been to the place and I love it there. Honestly, I am planning to go back on my own. Or maybe because I am curious of how the story goes and why it garnered many awards.

And so, out of nowhere, while sitting inside the office one afternoon, I just had this push to watch it. I tried booking online but my card was declined twice for the reason that I don’t know.

Thus, I decided that I will go out as soon as the bell rings (clock) so that I will be there before the movie schedule. Fortunately my boss is so kind enough to offer a ride and he will just pass through Ayala Cebu on his way home.

I arrived at around 6:15PM and I planned to watch at 6:40PM schedule. I still have enough time to buy a dinner & french fries and to do whatever I have to (it means going to the CR).

When it was our time to get inside, people lined up, handed their tickets to the in-charged, had their bags inspected by the guard, and looked for their assigned seats.

While waiting, few reminders and trailers were being shown. Until the film started to roll.

What I love about the movie?

1. The actors are very natural especially Erich & Jericho. They all live to their roles.

2. I know most of the actors including the VLOGgers Wil & Bret, real life couple Wil & Roxanne, Gaby Concepcion’s daughter Garrie, surfers Luke & Ikit, etc.

3. Jasmine fits in Siargao. She really looked like an island girl. And she acts so well.

4. The beauty of Siargao can really be seen in the whole film. Especially during the first few minutes. The drone shots were totally awesome and beautiful. It boosts Siargao more. And it urged me more to be back in the island.

5. How the actors can speak Siargao dialect like they were really locals.

6. How the story goes. When you expect this to happen but other thing happened. The twist.

7. You can feel their happiness, pain and loneliness. You can feel the fun.

8. They made surfing easy to look at. Hahaha! I haven’t tried it when we went there but I promised to myself that I will do it on my next visit.

9. The community. You can see from the movie that you can go to Siargao alone but you will go home with lots of friends. It is a place wherein you are free to gain more friends. And that the locals are definitely friendly (and I can attest to that, they really are).

10. What the people are fighting. Siargao for some is just another tourist destination. But for the many (both the locals and tourists), it is their home. And they want to show to the world that they want their home to last long. That its beauty will forever live. That no one should and could destroy it. That’s why at the end of the movie, the whole cast is spreading awareness on how to protect and save Siargao. And tourists like us, we can do our own part. When we visit Siargao, let us make sure to help them protect their island and make it clean.

No doubt why they garnered many awards. The movie is not just about the love story of the casts but also the love of the people to Siargao. ❤️

I cannot wait to be back in the island soon and hopefully meet everyone there. 😉

Aside from my thoughts on the movie, I want to share also the pros and cons of watching a movie alone.


1. You can definitely focus. You will not be talking to someone during the movie. Instead, you can give the whole time watching and understanding it.

2. You don’t have to share your foods. Hahaha! You buy and eat all the foods. No one to share to.

3. You learn to react with the other viewers.


1. No one to talk to when you want to share something. Like when the cast has been shown one by one and I was talking to myself mentioning their names. Hahaha!

2. You don’t have someone to whom you can leave your stuff when you go to the CR. It’s just like solo traveling, you need to bring your stuff when going to the CR because no one will guard it for you.

But solo, with your partner or your friends, the movie is worth to watch. 👌👏