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Home after a long time

I have been in Cebu since 2007 where I studied college until I had my work for 6 years now. Since I was a working scholar, I have fewer chances to go home even during semestral break because we need to report for work.

For 11 years, I am not even sure if I was able to celebrate my birthday at home in the island. I think it was all spent in Cebu. But there were few times that my parents celebrated it with me & my family in Cebu.

If there are times that I can go home, the longest is maybe a week which is usually during Christmas or Holy Week.

But, things did change this year. For the first time in a very long time, I was able to go home and spend for 2 weeks at home. Not for vacation, so I am not touring around. But to rest (which what I need) after my operation.

My doctor advised me to rest for 2 weeks after we were discharged. We decided that I will go home in Siquijor so that my father can prepare foods that I am allowed to eat.

We went home last August 11 at 1PM then arrived in the island at 11PM.

For the first week at home, my mother would wake me up at around 7AM so that I can drink my medicine before breakfast then I need to take another medicine at 8AM. She would leave me hot milk that she prepared before she went to work. After eating my breakfast and drinking my medicines, I will lay down in the sala and watch any TV shows usually in ABS-CBN. I think because of the meds, I got tired easily and a few hours after, I became sleepy. When I woke up, my father already prepared our lunch and would just eat. After that, I will go back in the sala, laid down, watched TV shows until I slept. When I woke up, I would watch TV shows again while waiting for my parents to arrive from work. When they arrived, they will cook our dinner, we will eat then I will go back to my usual spot. I usually be able to take a bath in the afternoon. My life is so simple, I brushed my teeth once a day (after dinner before going to bed). HAHAHA!

My wounds were still painful then. I need to move slowly so that it won\’t hurt. I found it hard to find my sleeping position because I can feel the pain. Though I have a prescribed pain reliever but I do not want to take it unless the pain is unbearable.

For my second week, the only different thing is that I can already sweep our floor and wash our dishes. And of course, the bandage was already removed and the pain was gone except the wound inside which I can still feel a little pain every now and then. But still, I cannot work or carry heavy things.

Trust me! I can memorize the TV shows in ABS-CBN from Umagang Kay Ganda until Hwayugi. In my first few days, I was watching only ABS-CBN but I asked my mother to load our digibox so that I can watch other channels. And so, I was able to watch CinemaOne, Jeepney TV, etc. Plus, my first 4 days, our mobile signal at home is so weak. So, there is no mobile data or WiFi. Thus, the only thing I can do is eat, sleep and watch TV. I find it very peaceful though. No one is bothering and I don\’t have to think about problems and issues.

For the first time in years, I did not have to think about work or anything in Cebu. All I just think is what is the ending of Bagani or what will happen to Mich in Araw Gabi. And I thank my officemates for understanding my situation.

People would describe me as laagan because I keep on traveling or it\’s hard for me to stay at home when I am in Cebu. But while I was in Siquijor, the only times I went outside the house were when we went to church, when I needed to go to my mother\’s office so that I can send an email for work, and when we fetched & sent my sister when she went home. Aside from that, I was stuck at home. I did not even had the chance to visit my aunt\’s and uncle\’s houses just a few meters away from ours.

But things will end. I need to face the world again. I need to work hard. I need to live again like I used to few days before my medical leave. But, I have the chance to meet my family & friends in Cebu. And, I can plan for another trip again either for work or leisure.

However, I already have in my mind the want to stay in the island. For good. Maybe not today nor tomorrow nor next month. But in a few years time when I can support myself even I am at home.

Why I love to be in Siquijor? Simply because it is home. I can be with my parents and the rest of the family. I don\’t have to be in a hurry because I am not running after the time. I don\’t have to deal and struggle with traffic and pollution. I can eat a meal even without buying foods. I am home. And this is where I wanna be. Always.

So, yeah. Maybe one day. But for now, I need to be strong and healthy again. To face everyone! 🙂