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How COVID-19 changed my travel plans

I am always that person who travel on a budget but fun. But you know, it did not happen overnight. It happened after a lot of travels with some down side. Down sides like fully loaded day that even if we\’re totally tired we had to go coz it\’s in the itinerary. Never a trip without an argument with then boyfriend. Messed up trip with new friends or let\’s say, trip companions.

The list goes on. But every down side has its own lesson. As years went by, I learned to create itinerary and plan for my trip BUT having time to breathe and rest. I am even becoming more flexible about it. If there are places I need to go but I\’m tired or don\’t have time, then it\’s fine. And since I am single for years now, I enjoyed the company of my own. I traveled solo and explore & met new friends along the way. Well, no more arguments and negativity though. And lastly, I believe that it\’s not just about the destination, but also the people you are with and so, you need to choose whom to travel with. So I basically traveled with my sister or the family and my friends. People I knew very well and who knew me well too. We can adjust to each other\’s attitudes and tantrums. 😂

And yet, in every trip I planned, no one could stop me from making it happen. Really! Even my health and my parents. I once traveled after going out from the hospital. I traveled on my birthday. I traveled with a pain on my stomach. But as much as they want me to stay, they can\’t do otherwise. So they would just support and remind me of the things I need to do. Basically, do not eat anywhere and to eat on time. 😉

HOWEVER… This time is totally different. Something made me my itchy feet stay at home and canceled all my plans. Credits go to Coronavirus. 🙄

I supposedly had a flight to Taipei last March 13 to 15 with my sister. My South Korea solo trip is today until Sunday. But my visa would expire on April 9 so I can no longer use that. I had a flight to Davao on the 25th for a birthday party and a Butuan-Surigao adventure on the week of Labor Day with just myself.

But I have to cancel all of them. Good thing was that free cancelation and a full refund or travel fund were offered by the airlines. Finally, I can really save. Except that I always crave for something to eat. Hahaha

Pretty much those were the trip cancelation that I am very eager and happy to do. I cannot risk my health and my family\’s health just because I have a planned trip. Besides, Cebu is on Enhanced Community Quarantine which prohibit any trips.

We all need to stay at home to help flatten the curve. This is our way to help also the frontliners not to suffer more. And to contain the spread of the virus.

And I am grateful still to God that I have given each day to continue this journey which is called life. To go on a daily adventures of staying at home, working, spending time with the family, watching Korean Drama, thinking on what to order online.

And most especially I am thankful that I could still wake up everyday with normal state. I can clearly see the sky with the clouds. I can smell the delicious food prepared by my family. I can hear my nephew greets good morning or asks for Kinder Joy. I can video call my family in Siquijor & Escalante. I can chat the rest of my family and my friends. I can attend meetings. And I can sleep tight at night.

Life is pretty precious. And this is our true journey. So while I cannot fly anywhere in the world, I am taking my daily adventures with a full and happy heart now. Not all days are good. But there is always good in everyday. I hope we all remember that.

Besides, in times like this, we would realize what really matters in life. What\’s important and what are those should not be taken for granted. 😉

Praying still for everyone\’s safety and that this crisis will end soon. When this will be over, I wanna hug you but for now, virtual hugs to all! 🤗