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How Travel Healed Me

How to be happy when you\’re miserable? How you\’re gonna stand again after falling so hard? How can you heal after being broken?

If only there are medicines that can ease the pain. If only laboratories can determine how deep the wound or how worst the state is. If only doctors can tell you what to do to heal faster.

But no, nothing can heal a broken heart but yourself. Unfortunately, this is the reality. Doctors can help you with your emotional stresses. Your family and friends can give you company and take care of you. But it\’s just yourself that has the final action.

Are you gonna start healing or continue mourning? It\’s your call. But the latter will just make your life even more unhappy and miserable. And yes, more painful too.

Yes, we need to live with the pain, get used to it, accept it and move pass it. Sounds easy but totally hard.

There are different ways to heal. You eat your comfort food. You drink alcoholic beverages until you\’re totally drunk. You party hard. You cry out loud. You spend time with your family and friends. You pray.

For me? I did eat out a lot. I spend time with my family and friends. I cried and mourned for a period of time. I prayed a lot. And I travel.

Yes, I started to travel. By myself!

Almost every weekend I had a schedule trip. Be it for work or for personal time. It may sound like an excuse or an escape. But it\’s my way of coping up, of being okay again, of standing up.

And I think I did the best way. Coz I made it. I healed my heart. And other than that, I created new memories. I met new friends. I tried new food. I started a new hobby. I loved myself more than ever.

Eventually, I became happy again. I stand up and I heal myself.

Alone time for me is like a sacred time which is so important and is giving me energy. Even if I\’m traveling with family and friends, I tried to have my quick alone time.

Traveling opened my heart and mind to a new journey that I can proudly share to anyone. I wrote a story of my adventures and misadventures. I shared my experiences to others.

It may be a bit more expensive but it is totally worth it. I will never stop spending for travel. Whether coz I need to heal my broken heart again or even just because I want to.

Traveling also helped me to come out of my comfort zone. Being in a new place with strangers. And in some cases, people with different culture and even language.

But I got to learn a lot. About life. About the place. About the people. About myself.

And so every time I travel, I always went home with a heart full of happy and good stuff. I always went home with a wide smile.

I always look forward to travel. The pandemic may had stop us to do that. But as the situation is getting better and the world is opening, I guess it\’s time for that long overdue adventure.

And for me, I am excited for my next trip. May it be to heal a broken heart, to reunite with friends, or to just create a new story. I can no longer wait.

And just like as before, I wish that when I go home after my trip, I have someone I can share my story and experience with. Someone who will be ecstatic to hear it. Someone whom I can be with to create this kind of story. Together!

Happy travel guys! Happy healing! ♡