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Is Love Really Blind?

Let\’s talk about love again this time. 🤣

I usually hear people say that love is blind especially when the couple is physically opposite. You know what I mean, right?

But is love really blind?

In my own opinion, it is not blind. But actually when we are in love, we see these negative things either in his or her attitude, physical appearance, and the likes. And yet, we don\’t mind. Coz love overpowers whatever negativity the person we love has.

Even for other people he is not handsome or maybe he is the ugliest, but for us he is the most handsome guy in the world.

But appearance should not be the basis of a relationship. What\’s beautiful for you might not be for others. So, we cannot do about having a partner that is not that attractive for other people. Coz the true beauty is not seen by our eyes but our heart. So, let\’s exclude this with this topic. 😊

Even if he lied to us a lot of times or maybe physically hurt us, we let it be. We accept it.

Even how much the people around us, family or friends, tell us to leave him because he is not good for us, but still we stay with him.

But why? Coz we love him.

We tend to accept the negativity of the person we love. We live with it and we get used to it. Instead of asking him to change, we are the one who adjusted.

And sometimes, it happens because we love him a lot. We love them too much that even we get hurt over and over again, it\’s fine. Even if it\’s already unreasonable, it\’s okay.

However, everything has its own limitation. We cannot just be turned blind the whole time or every single time. We should know when to say it\’s enough. Because even how much we accept his negativities, at the end, we are still the one who will suffer.

If we keep on tolerating his lies, he would think that it\’s fine with us. If we keep on tolerating his abuse to us like hurting us physically, we will always end up getting hurt. If we keep on tolerating his wrongdoings like for example his being a drug addict, it would put us at risk too. And the list goes on.

We have to let them know if they are wrong. It\’s exhausting to be so considerate all the time. And eventually, it would eat us alive.

If they can\’t change for us or for themselves, then ask yourself if that is what you deserve. Know your worth and make sure you get what\’s your worth.

Because love should not make us blind to things that we should not tolerate. Love should help us see what\’s right and wrong. Then, do something to make things right.

After all, if we love ourself that much, we won\’t be blinded by our love to others. 😉