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Menara Taming Sari – Bird’s Eye View of Melaka

I am always fond of going to towers whenever I visit another country. I love seeing the overlooking view of that place. To see the buildings, mountain, ocean, temples, etc.

I am happy that we were able to do that too in Melaka. And I think this is the best way to see the entirety of the city.


So on our first day in Melaka, we went and rode in Menara Taming Sari. It is a 110-meter-tall gyro tower and is located at Jalan Merdeka.

What’s unique about this Menara (tower) is that the viewing cabin will turn 360 degrees while it goes up and then down. The ride takes 7 minutes.

Thus, it is called the Bird’s Eye View of Melaka. 😊

It is very safe to ride for everyone from the youngest to the oldest. And a good way to conquer your fear of heights. 😊

Going up made me feel so excited while getting amazed of how lovely the city. Seeing the various structures, the river, the ocean, the trees. But going down though made me a bit dizzy. 😂

View from the cabin of the tower

It is not like the ride in the amusement park that will suddenly drop in a snap. It goes down as slow as it went up.

Is it worth a ride? Definitely it is! A must when you’re in Melaka.

And I think we did the right thing to do it first before exploring the city by foot. We were able to see first the whole look then went closer to each. Plus we were not able to visit everything coz we got tired from walking and it was so hot. 😄

How much it costs?

this is what’s posted inside the cabin

Below is the rate found in their website:

FOREIGNERS (Non-Malaysians) : RM23 (adults) ; RM15 (child below 12)

LOCAL (Malaysians): RM17 (adults) ; RM11 (child below 12)

It is open from 10AM to 11PM (Weekdays) and from 9AM to 11PM (Weekends & Holidays).

The cabin’s capacity is 66 people.

For me, the best time to ride is right before or during sunset.

Don’t miss this fun activity and get excited. Not just with the ride but with how beautiful the Historical City of Melaka is. 😍


And found this cute Doraemon rickshaw outside. It made me even more happy. My Doraemon Heart 🥰

Yes, you can rent out this rickshaw for an hour to tour around the city center. It will get even more bright and fun at night when the lights turn on with matching music. 😀