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Storytelling 101

Once upon a time, there is a happy girl living in a tree house. She met a guy in the market when she is buying foods one afternoon. From then on, they will buy together in the market. Until the guy confessed his love to the girl which she wholeheartedly accepted.

But one day, the guy did not show up. Until the next day and the days after that. Later on, she found out that he ran away with someone else.

Because of that, she kept on crying and had refused talking to anyone. She started to be sad and chose to be alone.

Until finally, she accepted what had happened, thought of it as a blessing and chose to be happy again.

Ever since then, she strived hard to enjoy her life, do what she wants and love herself more. After all, life is too short to be miserable. It must be enjoyed. 😁😉😊