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The Journey to the Land of the Rising Sun

It has always been my dream to go to Japan. See the beautiful and magical views. Witness first hand the politeness, disciplined and friendly people. Discover its history and culture. Experience the advancement of technology. And of course, taste the legit and authentic Japanese cuisine.

But going to Japan has been so expensive. For someone like me who travels on budget and always out looking for seat sale to buy an airplane ticket. And yet, there’s no losing of hope. Just have faith and pray. Coz God will provide and answer on the right time.

And I guess the right and perfect time did come. One day, the famous Cebu Pacific Air held a seat sale. And since I have quite an experience of buying discounted tickets, I was able to grab and buy me and my sister an airfare ticket to Tokyo. Guess how much it was? Just about Php 3200.00 for a roundtrip. Super cheap right?

And yet of course, I did not sleep until maybe 1AM just to be able to get that seats. But worth the super late night sleep. Coz my Japan dream is coming to a reality.

Then the process starts. You know, creating itinerary, planning where to stay, thinking on what to do, and so on & so forth. Until I had my itinerary. Until I booked our tickets for attractions. Until I reserved a room for not just one, not just two but three hotels. Until I paid for a Pocket WiFi from my trusted partner.

But the most nerve breaking and fast heart beating moment is filing a visa. Praying that it will be approved. Thinking that it will be approved. And God hearing our prayer that it was approved.

So my first post will definitely be about our experience in filing a tourist visa. For the first time!

And other exciting thing about this trip was that it is me and my sister’s first trip just the two of us. We usually traveled with family or friends. So, it’s so fun and so great!

I won’t keep you long with this intro. Enjoy! 😍

Here are some videos during our trip in Japan. 🙂