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Thoughts About Coronavirus

All of us globally has been affected with the current crisis the world is facing. An enemy that no one can see and no one is certain who has it. An enemy that kills thousands of people and affected the lives of millions.

This is an enemy that we have been battling about for months now. An enemy which we\’re not sure if when will be defeated and gone. And enemy that we all pray to leave us forever. An enemy that we are all worried about.

I\’m worried as much as anyone else. I am afraid not just for myself but for my family. But what we can do? Follow the mandate of the government to stay at home. Pray to God that He will heal the world and give us all peace.

Because honestly for now, no one in the world would sleep without thinking on what\’s gonna happen next. No one would stop wondering how these things shall end.

I just pray it will end the soonest. 🙏