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To my Almost Relationship, Thank You

I had been single for almost 5 years.
I already set my mind that I will be alone for the rest of time.
People said that I should get married.
But there\’s one problem – with whom?

Good thing, pressure from the outside does not bother me anymore.
I am already used to it and so I have a good response.
I can laugh out at it too.
So yeah, that\’s fine.

But then out of the blue, someone came into my life.
Someone I knew but I didn\’t know at all.
Someone I had met but I didn\’t have an idea we\’d reunite this way.
He arrived at the least I expected someone to come.

But it was just a short lived kilig moments.
Short lived more than friends but not in relationship thing.
Seems like the universe is not in favor of me again.
Did I do something terrible in my past life?

A short lived almost relationship but it hit me so hard.
I did not know that his impact became this deep.
Coz the wound is getting deeper.
And yeah, I\’m fixing and healing again.

And yes! To my Almost Relationship, Thank You.
Thank you for letting me feel that someone can care for me.
That I deserve to be with someone too.
And that I mattered.

Thank you for letting me feel the butterflies in my stomach again.
Thank you for the short but sweet messages.
Thank you for being there at my lowest & saddest these past few days.
Thank you for the warmth and virtual hugs.

Thank you for reminding me how to think about someone other than myself
Thank you for the good memories and the beautiful songs
Thank you for letting me see a glimpse of your life
And thank you for making me happy.

It\’s not your fault that I\’m overreacting.
It\’s not your fault that I\’m taking things seriously.
It\’s not your fault that without my knowledge you\’d become special.
It\’s not your fault if I feel this pain again.
Coz I\’m the one who pushed you away and let you go.

But if it was just a game, congratulations, you just won.
If it was true, I\’m sorry that I\’m hurting you.

I know you\’re doing fine
You\’re enjoying and living life
You\’re having a blast
Continue to do that and to be happy.

Again, thank you.
If you happen to bump on me one day, I\’ll be happy to say hi.
And see your cute smile.
Take care!

📝3/29/22 2:30PM