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#TripMagSoloSaMalaysia : Day 0

I don’t know why but it seems traveling solo on my birthday has becoming a habit for me now.

If you happened to read my trip in Taiwan, that was last year and I ended the trip by welcoming my birthday at Taoyuan Airport waiting for my flight back home.

And this year, I will be ending my birthday in my 2nd solo trip destination, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Let’s go back last March. ⏮⏮⏮

Cebu Pacific Air announced that they will be having a seat sale promo. If I’m not wrong, it was Piso sale. I really waited for 12MN to book and I don’t have an idea yet on where to go. Hahaha!

I am talking with my sister and we were discussing where to go. She wanted to go somewhere yet she wanted to try traveling solo and supposedly on November. So, I chose another destination. And what appeared to be cheap was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I was able to book at 1:02AM for only Php 1,588.95. So cheap, right! 😀😂

From March until October, I had been reading blogs, researching and asking some friends on what to see & do in KL. The only thing I know is PETRONAS Twin Towers. 😋

Until I was able to create my itinerary with the possible tourist spots that I can visit. Revised it from time to time. It even reached to version 6. Hehe! If you can see my itinerary, it is as detailed as possible. Like there’s specific activity on a specific time, the directions, the fare & expenses, the conversion to PHP, etc. But, itinerary is just my reference. Since I am traveling solo, I can be flexible and change plans anytime as long as I don’t have tickets yet.

Fast forward to November ⏭⏭⏭

First week of November, I still didn’t buy tickets for the tourist attractions. However, I already reserved hotel room and even booked a flight to Singapore. My original plan was to have a day trip in SG. I was able to buy a one-way ticket from KL to SG for around Php 700. But at the end, I decided not to push through with it because it’s more expensive and totally tiring. Will just visit again soon. 😉

After the holidays in November, it was the time I booked my tickets at Klook, the hotel reservation was confirmed, booked a pocket wifi and finalized my itinerary.

Supposedly, I will be visiting Colmar Tropicale Resort. Unfortunately, the seats for the shuttle was all fully booked. The other way to get there is through Grab or taxi but it is so expensive. So, I thought of another attractions or things to do.

The day has come. ⏺⏺⏺

On the day of my flight and my birthday, I started it by attending an early mass. After the mass, I was thinking to go back to sleep but ended up checking my stuff if I missed anything. I left the house at 9:30AM since I need to drop by at Flytpack office to pick up the Pocket WiFi. I went to Ayala after to have my money be exchanged to RM. Then headed to SM City Cebu to take My Bus to the airport.

I was really worried as I might be late for my flight considering the time allowance and the traffic. But, God is so good that I arrived with enough time to chill plus we were not delayed at all.

See you soon, Cebu 🙂

The moment I arrived in Manila, I had my late lunch, relaxed for a while then headed to the immigration. In all fairness, that was the fastest immigration processing I had with the officer not even asking me about anything. I am blessed! I was really happy when I was able to get in.

Happy and excited kiddo! 😀

Another waiting game as we were waiting for our 8PM flight. The luck is on us as the flight is not that delayed.

We arrived in KLIA 2 at almost 1AM. The flight was full.

After deplaning & passed the immigration, I immediately looked for the Information Desk to know on how I can get to KL city proper. The staff told me that I can take Grab since the train will be opened at 5AM (if my memory served me right). Or take the bus to KL Sentral. When I checked the fare of Grab, it will cost me almost Php 1000. Wow! 😮 That’s too expensive.

Welcome to Malaysia!

So, I went to the bus station and bought a ticket. The bus was not yet there and so I lined up. The bus arrived at 1:40AM and I was the first passenger to ride. We departed at exactly 2AM. The fare was RM 12.

The ticket booths for the bus.
The exit to the bus station.

After almost an hour, we arrived at KL Sentral. The station was so quiet and there’s no taxi. So, I followed the rest of the passengers as they headed outside the station. I asked the Filipino couple who were seating in the bus across me if where they are heading to. They said to Chinatown but they will take the train. So, I just left and walked with the others. But, I saw them walking as well after a few minutes. Maybe they realized that 5AM was still hours away.

When I arrived outside Menara 1 Sentrum, I was looking for a taxi and found nothing. So, I was thinking of booking through Grab since they said it’s cheaper there. Until the couple approached me and asked if where I am going. Coincidentally, our hotels are just walking distance from each other. So, we decided to take the Grab together since we can put multiple stops and share the fare. Nice idea. 🤣

Both our hotels were located in Chinatown. The first stop should be mine at Space Hotel at Chinatown then their stop is at Hotel China Town Inn. When the driver stopped, we saw China Town Inn something. Thinking that it’s the hotel they’ll be staying, they alighted first. When the driver dropped me off at the second stop, the hotel’s name was Hotel China Town Inn 2. This means that we swapped. Hahaha!

Thanks to Flytpack and Google Maps as I was able to get the direction in getting to Space Hotel. It was just a few meters away and so, I decided to just walk. While walking, I saw the couple heading to my direction. But, they turned left in the street before their inn and so, I ran after them and told them that we swapped & give them the direction. #challenge01

I walked in the middle of Chinatown at around 2AM while chatting with my friend and he told me that its not that safe to walk that late. Thanks God! I was able to reach the hotel safe and sound. 😊

The receptionist was sitting when I arrived. I then checked in and was brought to my room. If for whatever reason, he went back and forth thrice to make the key worked and opened the door. #challenge02

After 10 minutes, finally I was able to see my bed. It was a capsule type of room. So I am not alone in the room. Though my place is like a room inside a room. It has its own TV, ACU, headphone, power outlet, reading lights, mirror with mirror light, audio jack, and a table. There is a locker outside the room for your stuff and the bathroom is shared.

The elevator at the 2nd floor that will take you to the 3rd floor where the reception area and rooms are located.
This is my capsule room.
There is an alarm clock, audio jack, USB port, power outlet, door button, mirror light, room light, SOS button and a vault. There is also a key card slot where you need to place your key card so that the room will have power.
There is also a TV with movies loaded in it and the channels available.
The reading lights.
The headphone.
The table.
The locker. It can be opened using your key card.

After cleaning up, changing and arranging my stuff, it’s time for a good night sleep. It’s already past 3AM and still need to wake up the next day at least 8AM. Good luck! 😋😀

That’s my Day 0! And just like that, my birthday has ended. Thank you for all your greetings! 😘

Booked my hotel through Traveloka.


1. You can exchange enough money to survive for the day in the country you are visiting then look for a good exchange rate when you arrived. It is best to bring USD. Check also if the country you are visiting will accept your own currency.

2. Rent a Pocket WiFi. You can either rent it through online or when you arrive in the airport. But for me, I preferred Flytpack. They are reliable, excellent customer service and their device can survive a day & will surely save you.

3. If you are arriving late, check for an alternative ways to get to your hotel. If train will not be opened by then, airports usually have a bus that will take you to the city proper. Just ask the Information staff where to find it.

4. If you are afraid to travel late, you can wait for the train to open or sleep in the airport. There are lounges now in the airport which accepts tourists to sleep, shower and charge. In KLIA 2, they have lounges and Airport Hotel. Check with then their rates.

5. Taxi is not advisable when travelling from/to the airport if you are on budget. It’s because taxi is really expensive.

6. If you booked a hotel room, advised them that you will arrive late so that their receptionist will be notified and wait. Though most hotels have a 24 hour reception.

7. I have friends who worked and visited Malaysia particularly in KL a lot. They all told me to be cautious as there might be pickpocketers. And I can really see in my eyes that this can be true because the people there would hug their bags when walking the public area.

8. Before your trip, make sure to give a copy of your itinerary to your family so that they will be aware if where are you staying or going. Less worry for them and more security for you.

9. Capsule Room is a good option for people travelling in budget. You might be sharing the room with others but still you have enough privacy.

10. I can recommend Space Hotel to all of you. Their receptionist is accommodating. Their location is walking distance to mostly everything especially the Chinatown market. Their rooms are clean. The bed is comfortable. Your stuff is safe in the locker.

The downside here is that you need to be considerate with other guests especially during sleeping hours as opening and closing your capsule’s door and the room’s door can be so noisy. If you are a CR person like me, it’s a little bit hassle as you have to go out.

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