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Weekend Escapade at the Island of Camotes 👣

Camotes Island

The weather these days has been so hot (of course.. Summer gani dba? Hehe). And sometimes it could stress us more especially when you are living/working in a busy and polluted place called city where fresh air is nowhere to find because the trees (Sad but true 😔).

Thus, if you want to escape from the stressful city, why not go to some place where you can relax, breath fresh air, no traffic and pollution. But what if you only have the weekend to do this? Well.. That is surely not a problem! 😄

Buy a ticket, pack your things and head to Camotes Island! You read it right. In about 3 hours, you will reach and experience the life in the island, a total opposite in the city. Exciting right? 😎

Please check my other post A Trip to Camotes Island to know how to get there.

Now, let us start our weekend escapade at Camotes Island! (Sorry if this will be like a diary.. Hehe.. You can follow our on the spot itinerary courtesy of Kuya Michael, our driver for the tour.)

April 11, 2015 8:30AM

Arrived at Consuelo Port at Camotes and we were picked up by Kuya Michael. He then drove us to the resort we will be staying, Santiago Bay and Garden Resort. The resort is 20 minutes  away from the port. After we checked in, we just rested for awhile because our trip was so early. So we instructed Kuya to pick us up at 10:30 AM for the tour.

At 10AM, we ate first our second breakfast/snack/first lunch (we kept on eating the whole time.. Heheh).


Kuya was already waiting for us and then we started our Island tour. He mentioned 6 tourist attractions that we will be visiting. Let us see if we all made it there.

Buho Rock

 Our first stop is Buho Rock, an hour away from Santiago Bay. This is a public beach that is perfect for cliff diving aside from swimming, snorkeling and picnic. The entrance is Php 20.00.  Buho Rock in Camotes

Buho Rock in Camotes

Buho Rock in Camotes

Buho Rock in Camotes


A few minutes from Buho Rock is Bantayan’s Baywalk. It is just like the baywalk from other places.

Baywalk in Camotes For lovebirds out there who want to spend some quiet and alone time 👫

Timubo Cave

After a photo op at the Baywalk, we travelled for 25 minutes to get to Timubo Cave. A cave which has a grotto and a pool-like inside where visitors can swim all they want in the cold water. Just wear some slippers so not to hurt your feet with the stones beneath. You can also offer a little prayer to Mama Mary at the grotto. Your things may be left at the side near the grotto. Before reaching the main entrance, you need to pay Php5.00 then the entrance fee at the cave is Php20.00.

Timubo Cave in Camotes

Timubo Cave in Camotes Timubo Cave in Camotes

Timubo Cave in Camotes

Timubo Cave in Camotes

When we went there, there were many visitors and these were just some of them 😃

Bakhaw Beach

After the cold swimming time, we then headed to Lake Danao. But, our driver is so kind enough to offer us a sidetrip at Bakhaw Beach (10 mins from Timubo cave). If I am not wrong, this beach is newly bought and will be developed. For now, anyone can freely swim, take a picture, and have a sunbathing at this white sand beach. Grab the chance. 😉

Bakhaw Beach in Camotes
Bakhaw Beach in Camotes

Lake Danao

Our next stop is Lake Danao, 10 minutes from Bakhaw Beach. In this place, you can do kayaking, boating, horseback riding, and a photo shoot. The entrance is Php15.00.

But before doing one of these activities, we decided to eat our 2nd Lunch/Snack. (Yeah! We were eating too much.. Hehehe.. Sira ang diet!)

So, we decided to dine at  Kanlingiw Garden and Pool. Aside from having a munch here, you can also swim at their infinity pool at Php100.00.


Burp!🍴🍚🍝🍗 And we were full and ready to ride. 😋

 Lake Danao in Camotes

Lake Danao in Camotes  Lake Danao in Camotes

And what we tried is kayaking in their wide, brown lake. It costs Php50.00 each, either your having the single or double kayak and that is for 30 minutes or until you get tired.  🚣

Lake Danao in Camotes

 A must when you visit Lake Danao 📷

Paraiso Cave

When we were done with the picture taking, we departed for Paraiso Cave. After  15 minutes, we reached this new cave. The differences between here and Timubo Cave are in this cave, the entrance is Php25.00, there is a beautiful landscape (a garden) where you can stay and relax, the cave has a cold and deeper level of water and the cave is small and not crowded.

Paraiso Cave in Camotes

Paraiso Cave in Camotes

Paraiso Cave in Camotes

Paraiso Cave in Camotes

Mangodlong Rock Resort

Our last stop is the Mangodlong Rock Resort, 20 minutes from Paraiso Cave. There is no entrance fee if you are staying in Santiago Bay Garden and Resort. Definitely, what you can see here is a white sand beach, a swimming pool and cottages built at the top of the rock. You can play volleyball here because they have a wide shoreline. This place is perfect also for sunset lovers like me.

Mangodlong Rock Resort in Camotes  Mangodlong Rock Resort in Camotes    Mangodlong Rock Resort in Camotes  Mangodlong Rock Resort in Camotes  Mangodlong Rock Resort in Camotes  Mangodlong Rock Resort in Camotes

It is almost Sunset 🌅

But before it will be the actual sunset (after our shake and french fries merienda.. Kaon again! 🍹🍟), we decided to go to Santiago White Beach (the public beach situated near the resort we were staying) and to catch the sunset there.

I stopped for awhile at the adjacent beach of Mangodlong Rock Resort, the Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort. It is the newest and I think the most expensive resort in the island. This is owned by Kimwa (owner of Jomalia Shipping). Actually, you can see its beach when you are in Mangodlong Rock Resort.

Once we arrived at Santiago White Beach, we paid Kuya Michael (Php600.00) and instructed him to pick us up at 12:00noon in the resort the next day.

Finally, we explored the beach. 👣🌅

    Santiago Beach in Camotes  Santiago Beach in Camotes

Unfortunately, the sunset is in the other side of the island and cannot be viewed in Santiago White Beach. Yet, the view here is still mesmerizing! 👌☺️

 Few minutes walk from here is the resort we were staying, Santiago Bay Garden & Resort. We went back to the resort to take a bath and got some rest. The tour was really tiring because of the travel on the rough roads and it\’s really hot. 😎👳

But everything is worth it. With the beautiful places (2 caves in a day), fun activities (cliff diving, swimming in the beach and caves, kayaking, picture taking), full tummy (4 meals already) & made new friends; definitely, no regrets, full of gratitude, happiness & appreciation and worth recommending to others. 😍😅👌👊👫

When we were charged, we agreed to have our dinner at Pito\’s Sutukil. This is usually the place I read in the blog when I searched if where to eat in the island.

However, we were not really satisfied of the quality of the foods. We were even have leftovers.

Then we headed back to the resort to rest. But when we were watching the TV, the lights, the TV and the aircon went off. That was brownout. The power went up after a few minutes then turned off again.

When the power finally went back, we then sleep and called it a day. That ends our Day 1 at this beautiful island. Will post Day 2 soon, a day of swimming, eating and being left by the ship. 😟😅


  • Book a roundtrip ticket ahead
  • Choose a place to stay according to your desire, budget and comfortability and book earlier
  • Contact someone from the island that can be your tour guide/driver
  • Explore all tourist attractions that you can
  • Make friends either with the locals, tourists or both
  • Bring sunblock and sunglasses
  • Some areas do not have cellular phone signal
  • You can bring tent and use it in Santiago White Beach
  • Enjoy every moment like it is your first and last
  • Leave nothing
  • Take nothing but pictures
  • Never forget to document everyting as a souvenir

Also, just little requests for the officials.. To repair the roads and to provide something to avoid brownout (as per the driver, the brownout is every night).