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What Changed this Christmas πŸŽ„

Christmas Season is finally here. But this year will be totally different for everyone in the world.


One difference would be that it is hard to travel. And so, some would not be able to celebrate it with their family. Just like us.

Second is that get togethers are prohibited. Though we can still do it at our own homes. But it will not be as big as it was before. And so, some would do it virtually.

Third is that there are not much events at it was before. Usually during Christmas, many groups would hold an event. Be it a concert or just anything that will make everyone happy together. But now, it can\’t be done. And so, some would just do their own mini concert at home broadcasted online.

And I was thinking more about what are the differences this year. I can\’t think of anything more. But the first reason made the difference a huge impact to all of us especially to me. Coz Christmas is always about family.

However there are still things that stay the same this Christmas.

One of which is the food preparation. There might be no party like party party but food won\’t be missed. Everyone surely did prepare something not the usual. Or maybe close to the usual preparation. Special recipes, seasonal menu, delicious food are all we can see in the food table on Christmas eve and day. Though it will not be the same for everyone especially those who are struggling because of the pandemic. But for sure, there is still something that everyone prepared for their family. Lavish or not.

Second is the presents. Not all would have prepare this but many would still. It is a joy to see your loved ones loving your presents. And Christmas is also about giving and sharing. To some, giving gifts. To some, sharing a little something. But to all of us, especially this year, our greatest present would be being alive. Our life that is so precious. And the love of God.

Third is the Christmas carols. Wherever you are in the world, Christmas becomes more lovely due to the songs that soothes our hearts. Christmas songs indeed are so soothing. The songs that we can only hear not the whole year but we would all get excited to play and hear. I don\’t know why but these songs really bring some good vibes.

Fourth is the Christmas decorations. What is Christmas without our little fancy decorations. Each houses are different from each other but what\’s matter is that we have our Christmas tree, lights, and some would also have the Belen (the nativity scene). It is so beautiful to look at especially at nights when the lights changing colors and all.

Fifth is that Christmas is about family. It is the time of the year that we gather with our family. We eat together. We exchange gifts. We share stories and laughter. It is the season of joy, love and even hope and peace. It is the time to strengthen more our bond with out family. Though, again we can\’t all go home and be with our family physically. But still, knowing that we are all safe and healthy is a great blessing to still be thankful. And we can still get connected courtesy of the technology.

Lastly, Christmas is about Jesus Christ. It is the birth of Jesus Christ. Our savior. Our Lord who became man and lived like us. And so, let us celebrate every Christmas by being grateful to Him for always giving us blessings and this life. Life may be hard but he won\’t let us suffer alone.

So there! Christmas is quite different this year. But let us remember the reason we celebrate it. It may be not our usual one but still, we should be grateful to be able to celebrate it.

Merry Christmas to all of you πŸŽ„πŸ€ΆπŸŽ‰