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What is Success?

It just came into my mind suddenly while taking a call of nature break. What is Success for me? How should this be defined?

I then posted a story in my IG and FB accounts asking my friends what is success. But of course, there is less feedback. Grateful for my cousin and a former colleague for responding. I guess I\’m not really successful at this part. Haha

Anyway, success is a subjective thing. It depends on what someone is thinking or idea. It varies on different people. Thus, we cannot say I\’m right and you\’re wrong.

As I asked my sister, it happened that her, our cousin\’s and my response are all similar or somewhat like that. But it could be different for others.

Success may be about passing an exam, graduating from college, getting a job, getting an award, being famous, earning huge amount, owning luxury cars and huge mansions, having businesses, etc. Some may have think that this is success for them. And no one should and must say they\’re wrong.

But for me, success is about being happy and contented. The happiness that comes from being contented with what you have. When you reach that point wherein you are at peace and happy of where you are.

And yet happiness & contentment are not as easy as they seem. Human as we are, we always want something. We always chase something. When our goal #1 has been accomplished, we want for another. This is tiring sometimes. Until you will ask yourself, is this really what I want? Or what is really I want in my life?

Until then you know what you want. Until then you are firm to where you go. Until then you have your concrete goal. Then, you can be happy and contented when you get them.

However, life is teaching us also to be happy in our own little way while we are on our way of being totally contented and happy. Let us not forget to be grateful for the small accomplishments we had. Let us remember to still enjoy life even we are in hunt for our goal.

And when you can achieve it, you will have a lifetime of success. 😍

How about you, what success is for you? 😉