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Where do broken hearts go?

If you did watch That Thing Called Tadhana, their OST is Where do broken hearts go? Of course, this is because Mace (Angelica Panganiban) who was broken-hearted after her boyfriend of 8 years broke up with him coz of someone else then met Anthony (JM de Guzman) and they decided to visit Sagada.

Since I am currently in Sagada (as of this writing) and it is been a year already since I got my heart broken, I was thinking of writing something about this.

Have you been broken-hearted? Did you experience crying because of the pain after losing someone you love? Then, where did you and your broken heart go?

I believe we all go through those days where we got hurt, we were crying all day & night, we wanna scream, and the list goes on. But how did we feel better? What did we do?

Maybe some would buy comfort foods to make themselves feel better. Others would drink bottles of beer. While some would cry their heart out and go somewhere where they can shout. The rest would travel far and beyond just to be relieved.

In the movie, Sagada is where did the broken-hearted Mace went to. Maybe because it is very relaxing and peaceful with the presence of Mother Nature. It is perfect to cry especially it’s cold & quiet and you can shout at the same time (with all the pine trees & other trees, the caves, the falls, and even the dead in the hanging coffins can listen to you).

Traveling here takes patience and time (12 hours from Metro Manila) but you know that when you get here, you can smile and have fun. Yeah, even with that broken heart.

But, how about those who cannot afford to fly and travel to Sagada, does it mean they won’t feel better? Of course, they still can.

When my friend once had her heart broken, she went to Cebu IT Park and cried while roaming around until she felt better. I have also another friend who went to a place where he can drink beer. There is also one who went to the beach.

If you asked me, I went traveling anywhere. But it did not end there, my broken heart also went to my friends so that I can talk everything and express all of it that’s been bothering me. It also went to my family where I can find the comfort of my home that helped me got through everything.

When you have your heart broken, it is not necessary to go to the faraway land. You just need to understand your mood. For instance if you want to eat, look for a restaurant near you. If you want to watch movie, go to the mall. If you want to drink beer, you can buy in the convenience store or you can drink somewhere. If you want to punch, go to the gym. If you want to scream, go to a quiet place where you cannot disturb others. Listen to what you think what can make you feel better.

Then, meet and talk to your friends. Express what you feel and want to say. Sometimes, a better way to feel well is to talk about it over and over again until you got tired mentioning it. Also, by talking to your friends, they can give their insights and advises which can help you get through whatever you’ve been through. Remember that your friends will always be there for you and will be willing to listen & comfort you.

However, there is a best place where broken hearts should go. You know where? Yes, to your family. No one can understand you better than them. No one can listen and comfort you better than them. You went through all obstacles since day 0 of your life and definitely they won’t leave you alone. It is best to go home and get a hug from them without saying anything but you know you will feel better. Know why? It is because every hug is like saying, “Do not be sad and do not worry because you will get better. You are home.” Home is where the heart is and where those broken hearts will be going to be fixed and to be refreshed. You know deep down you heart that your family will be there no matter what happens.

And so, if you haven’t got your heart broken yet, then you are blessed. Take good care of that because your heart controls every inch of your body. When it is hurt, the other parts of your body can feel it too. So better not to.

However, it is most of the time inevitable. When that happened, remember that you have to fix  it and make the pieces back again.

First step is the willingness of yourself to fix it. Second is to do something that can help it become better either with friends or family. Third is to do what you need to so that it can be finally be back to normal. Fourth is to note on what you had learned from that experience and make sure not to do it again. Fifth is do not forget to take good care of your heart. You just have one and it does not deserve the pain.

Whatever is your way of facing and fixing a broken heart it will be up to you. Just make sure that you will do what you can to have it heal and back again. Remember, a broken heart once fixed becomes beautiful with a scar on it. And it gets even more beautiful when it found someone who can help you heal & fix it and will definitely, take good care of it. Do not be in rush. It will come at His perfect time. 😉