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A life in the island

It\’s been two months already since I went home in the island. And it\’s been a couple of days already since I\’ve been back in the city.

This time that I went home has been more meaningful, valuable and a lot of things did happen. But well, as always, I just didn\’t want to leave. Yet left with no choice.

After working from home for about a year, things had been pretty routinary. I wake up early in the morning (around 6AM), start my day by logging in, checking emails, chatting my colleagues for whatever reason until I will decide to eat breakfast. I will usually take a bath at around 9AM before our daily huddle at 10AM. Will have lunch at 12NN (more or so), take the 1 hour break, then resume to work until it\’s time to log out at around 4:30 to 5PM. Unless needed, I would extend to later hour. Then, I will do my personal stuff but mostly watching dramas or variety shows.

It\’s like that almost everyday. That\’s from Monday until Friday. And yet, even how routinary it seems, every day is still different. It is still unique. For once, the clothes I wear, the food I eat, the meetings I have, and so on.

When I was in the island, life seems to be out of routine. Though there are stuff that I do almost every single day. Like watering our plants that would usually take me from 30 minutes to an hour, cooking for lunch & dinner, watching TV shows with the family. I think that\’s my routine work. And other things I did were not always the same.

I sometimes went to the town to work. We would sometimes buy icecream at night and ate in the balcony while talking about anything. We would sometimes went to my aunt or uncle\’s house, had a little chitchat until it\’s curfew time or beyond it. We would go to the beach during Sunday to have lunch then went to church after. We would roam around the island and check some new places or activities or restaurants.

Every day is really different. There is always to look forward to every day. Though I told my mother that it seems it is not my forte to just stay at home and do those household chores coz I\’m lazy at times. Well, my father said that. Haha

Why? Because sometimes he would let me do something like buy fish but I won\’t move immediately. Or I won\’t do it at all. Hahaha

If you are an office worker like me, you would not know how tiring it is to be at home. You will always find something to do. Once you\’re done with one task, you can find another one right away. We cannot really belittle anyone just because they are housewives or househusband. Because it is not easy.

Though some chose that. Some don\’t have a choice. But it is still something that we should be proud of coz we can make the house clean, orderly and comfortable to stay. We can feed our family and even our pets. And the list goes on.

So if I will be asked again if I want to just stay at home and do all those chores? Hmmm.. Maybe this time, I want to be outside the house, explore the world, write stories like this. I still cannot just stay at home. That\’s a big move to do. Hahaha

But maybe one day, we don\’t know. We\’ll see. But I will always love to be at home. If I can just go home, stay and work in the island, that would be so much better. Again, we\’ll see. 😉

For now, I\’m grateful to be able to go home, to spend time with my family, to meet some of my friends, to make some chismis, to eat fresh kinilaw, to go to the beach, to roam around the island and most importantly, to be carefree & free from worry or fear. Because I know, I can go out without worrying about the virus. I hope it will always be like that.


See you again soon, Siquijor! Always welcome me, okay? Soon… 😍