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A sunny day of exploring the hidden beauty of Bojo River

Bojo River
the river entrance

What comes in your mind when the weather is so fine, and the sun is out? Well, some of us would definitely want to head to the nearest beach or pool resort and enjoy their sunbathing moments.

As for me and my boyfriend, we agreed to visit a place where we can do river cruise with a view like in Palawan, the Bojo River in Aloguinsan.

Traveling for around 2 hours from CitiLink Terminal via a V-hire, we arrived in Toledo City where from there we rode a multicab going to Aloguinsan for approximately an hour.

Since we arrived in Aloguinsan almost in the evening, we immediately checked in Al Maxi Apartelle, a most recommended place to stay there since it is also near the river.

The next day, we then hailed on a Habal-Habal (motorcyle) that will take us to the entrance of the river. The river is approximately 30 minutes from where we stay. From the entrance, we need to walk 230 meters to the river proper\’s waiting area.


When you are in the waiting area where they will do the orientation and where you will pay for the ride. You can also leave your things there in case you are afraid of getting them wet.

one of the photos they posted in the area

After the orientation and some facts about the place, the in-charge will hand you a life jacket that you need to wear the whole trip. Then, you will be instructed to wait for the boat and your guide. So, while waiting we did some photo shoot (just to capture the moment.. heheh)

After how many minutes, our ride arrived with the tour guide who will also row the boat (the boat is not powered by engine, just like the old times).



During the ride, the tour guide introduced to us the different kinds of mangrove that can be seen in the area, how they were able to maintain it, the do\’s and don\’ts, the facts like how the whole cruise started, how they were able to get paid, etc. And of course, you will not just be overwhelmed for the facts and knowledge you will get but also the beauty of the place. Left, right, front or back, all that you can see are mangroves, cliff and the sea/river.

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Aside from that, the tour guide will also give you a little tour in the sea area where you can clearly see the corals and some fishes.

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Then our tour guide brought us in the area that connects the river and sea, where we can spend some time swimming.


When we got tired of swimming, we told the tour guide that we will head back to the waiting area.

I can definitely say that the whole 2-hour ride from the Cebu City, 30-minute ride from Toledo City and an hour river cruise are all worth it. What\’s best in getting here and trying the cruise are the facts that you were able to relax and feel the beauty of nature and you can also help the BAETAS (the people who are working and maintaining the cleanliness of the area) with their livelihood.

Below are some of our photos together as we will be celebrating our 72nd the next day! =)

Come, visit, explore, help and enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth and the work of the residents.