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A trip to the Land of K Drama and Kimchi, South Korea

Nowadays, Korean Dramas have already gain too much popularity in the country. Many follow those telenovelas or movies or even the K Pop groups. Many go gaga with how cute these Koreans are and how beautiful their shows. Many would even live like them by buying their foods, following their trends in terms of clothes, using their cosmetics, learning their language, and so on and so forth.

And so, the dream of going to their country had been born. But, what you can find in Korea is more than those popular celebrities. There are more to see and look forward to this beautiful country. Not just kimchi and ramen but a lot of different foods. The culture, the history, the tourist destinations that may include the shooting locations of those K Dramas, the shopping centers, and especially the people.

Just recently, me, my sister and her friend went to South Korea. And now, I am sharing to you our experiences.

Let us start with our journey in acquiring the Korean Visa. Then, our exciting trip from Cebu to South Korea. Our day 1 is spent in the beautiful Nami Island, Petite France and N Seoul Tower. On our day 2, we visited Gyeongbokgung Palace, witnessed the changing of guards in Gwanghwamun Gate and said a prayer of thanks at Myeongdong Cathedral. Day 3 is only for Everland to experience the extreme rides, see the various animals and take a look on their wonderful Rose Garden plus the amazing parade and fireworks display. Lastly, before heading home to Cebu, we went to Jeju Island on our Day 4.

I hope it will help you planning on your trip. Have fun! And do not forget to leave a comment. 😉