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Tropang Laagan Goes Rizal Adventure

If one is to ask where is Rizal, how many would know? Basically, Rizal is our national hero. But few know that there is a place named after him. This what happened to us. When we asked permission from our family, they were all asking where is the place located.

But where is Rizal located?

Rizal is a province in Calabarzon Region or the Cavite Laguna Batangas Rizal and Quezon Region. It is named after the national hero, Jose Rizal. Once part of Manila, it was originally and legally created by virtue of an Act No. 137 by the First Philippine Commission last June 11, 1901. It is 16 kilometers east of Metro Manila and bordered by Metro Manila to the west, Bulacan to the north, Quezonto the east and Laguna to the southeast. The province also lies on the northern shores of Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country. Rizal is a mountainous province perched on the western slopes of the southern portion of the Sierra Madre mountain range. (This is according to my friend,Wikipedia.)

Of all the places in the country, why Rizal?

Our main purpose was to experience the trail at Masungi Georeserve. It is getting known and must try nowadays.

So when everything was finalized, the schedule and the joiners, I then booked the trail visit at their website, Masungi Georeserve. There is no other way that you can book to them but through their website. Though there are tour agencies that are offering this visit but Masungi Georeserve is prohibiting their guests to book through this. Also, their way of communicating the clients is also through email. I did not get any contact numbers.

I will be providing the details of our Masungi Trip on the following blog post.

After that, we then were looking for ways on how we can reach Rizal. No one has been there. (I did not know that we were able to pass the province already from Laguna.) Fortunately, my friend Toj, found this travel agency that offers Tanay Rizal Tour. It is called Tanay Rizal Tour under the ML Travel & Tours. So we were offered a package of 3days and 2 nights which includes Roundtrip Van Transfer from Airport to Tanay with driver, fuel and toll fees, accommodation with breakfast, and Tanay tour. The owner (I think), Mich is very quick to response. But, we were just not so happy with the inn they booked for our accommodation. So I will not just be mentioning the name. 🙂 However, they made our trip hassle-free.

We then booked a plane ticket a month before our trip. Imagine how high the price. All for the love of traveling. Hahaha..

Everyone is excited especially our first timer friends. First time to ride a plane and go to Manila and first time to be with us out of town. I am always happy and excited for them because I have been part of their first.

During our trip, Jollibee has played a big part. Our first meal is in Jollibee. We were even inside before the store opened. We drove through Jollibee when we ran out of time for our Masungi Georeserve visit. We should have brought Gwapo so that we can get discount. Hehehe..


Special participation throughout the whole trip is Jollibee 🙂 We were inside before they were open on our day 1. 😛

Below is the itinerary and expenses we had during our trip at Tanay:

  • Day 1
    • 0430H-0600H – Airport to Tanay
    • 0600H-0700H – Breakfast at Jollibee
    • 0700H-0800H – To Tinipak River
    • 0800H-1200H – Trek at Tinipak River
      • Boat – Php 5 per head (times 2 way)
      • Tricycle to Daraitan Brgy. Hall – Php 60 per trip (times 2 way)
      • Tour Guide – Php 500 per group of 10 pax
      • Environmental Fee – Php 50 per head
      • Headlight for the cave – Php 30 per piece
      • Tricycle to Tinipak River starting point – Php 15 per head (times 2 way but you can walk but it\’s 2.8 kilometers)
      • Entrance at Tinipak River – Php 20 per head
      • Entrance at Cave – Php 5 per head (for the maintenance of the bridge)
    • 1200H-1300H – waiting for the driver settled some incident
    • 1300H-1400H – To Rambull\’s for lunch
    • 1400H-1500H – To Daranak Falls
      • Entrance – Php 50 per head
    • 1700H-1800H – To inn then check in
  • Day 2
    • 0900H-1000H – To Calinawan Cave
    • 1000H-1100H – Calinawan Cave
      • Entrance – Php 30 per head with headlight and helmet
      • Tour Guide – Php 200 per group
      • Additional to Tour Guide for Level 3  to 5 – Php 300 (depends on the group)
    • 1100H-1200H – Drive thru at Jollibee
    • 1200H-1245H – To Masungi Georeserve
    • 1245H-1330H – Walked to the Garden Cottages then orientation
    • 1330H-1630H – Trail and light snacks after
  • Day 3
    • 0830H-0900H – To Regina Rica
    • 0900H-1030H – Regina Rica
    • 1030H-1130H – To Pililla Windmill Farm
    • 1130H-1200H – Pililla Windmill Farm
    • 1200H-1400H – Lunch
    • 1400H-1600H – To Airport

Other expenses:

  • Tanay Tour Package – Php 2950 per head
  • Masungi Georeserve – Php 1400 per head

the living room of the inn we were staying


our last supper in Rizal. That’s our driver in the front beside Tatay

There are lot of tourist destinations in Rizal even in Tanay itself but they are mostly far from each other. So if you wanted to visit all, make sure that you are time conscious and spend more days.

Since Rizal is located in a mountainous area, expect that it is cold especially during evening. It is like you are in Baguio City. That’s how cold it is there. Plus, you mostly see Laguna de Bay in going to/fro the tourist destinations especially in Daranak Falls. Do not be surprise if you can see soldiers on your way to Tinipak River. Rizal has been their training ground.

Hmmm.. so there will be no pictures on this post but I guarantee you that there will be lots on my next posts focusing each of these spots. Plus tips! 😉

So, I hope after reading my blog you can now decide to visit Rizal. Summer is approaching (actually it is peak season now in Rizal) and for sure you are looking for a place to go. Rizal is perfect especially during summer. Trust me. 😀

Thanks a lot Rizal for a very fun-filled, memorable and one of a kind experience. :*


waiting for our flight back home 😉