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Am I a good friend?

Did it come to a point wherein you ask yourself if you have been a good friend? If you were able to do what a friend should. Or if you were really there for them.

Sometimes, I did really ask that. Not just once but a couple of times.

My friends will always be important to me. Especially my closest ones. I will always treasure the moments we shared together, our ups and downs, the joy and sadness, and even our fights and arguments.

I did my best to make us complete and strong. But, there will always be challenges. Sometimes, it would make you stronger but at times, it will destroy you.

It feels disappointing and sad if the latter will happen especially if you have been friends for a long time. However, we can never insist. We can never force something. Because time will sometimes come that you have no other thing to do but set them free. It is not giving up but rather it is giving them happiness.

But people as we are, we will never be perfect. We will really fail. We commit mistake. We will hurt each other. But the question there is what\’s next? What you will do after you fail, commit mistake and hurt others? Should you just sit there and wait for the owl\’s eyes to turn to white (as they say hahaha)? Or you will do something?

What you will do will depend on the value of these people. On what your point of view. On how deep you understand. And on how much you accept things especially your mistakes.

However, pride will do you no good. In whatever relationship, this should not be on top. We must all lessen our pride. We must know how to eat it. And we must learn to own up and accept our mistakes. Because only in acceptance that we can learn to face them again.

When you value them enough, you will not wait too long to make things clear and settle everything. Because the sad part will be if both of you are no longer have the willingness to settle what should be settled.

At the end of the day, what should you all have is communication. You talk. You discuss. You confront. You might say whatever as long as you are being honest. But as a friend, you should also know how to be open-minded.

True friends will not sugarcoat. They will tell you the truth. It might hurt you but it is for your own good. You should know that. Do not misinterpret it with something. If you do not understand then ask. Do not conclude without verification.

But going back to the question if I am a good friend. Only them can tell. However, it hit me now that I do not want drama and I hope they understand that. I have enough with my own life and it is kinda tiring. I do not want to stress out myself on petty stuff.

So, to my friends, my apology because I do not have time to ride on your whirlwind of emotions. I will listen if you want someone to talk to. I will meet you if you need some companion. I will give my opinion if you want my advice.

However, I have a favor. Tell straight on my face if you have a problem with me. I will never be the perfect or best friend you will ever have. But I will just be true. As true and as honest that I can be.

My presence might not be visible these days but remember, I am always here for you. You know my mobile number, my social media accounts and even my address (both office and home). You can always call me. As what the song says, I\’m only one call away. I\’ll be there to save the day.

I might not be able to totally save your day. But, I will be there to give you company, a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to whatever that you want to say.

I might not be able to be a good friend you all deserve. But know that I tried my best. Love you all. :*