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Backpacking in Busan

When we talk about South Korea, first thing that would come up in my mind is Seoul. That’s why there are many tourists going in and out the city.

We’ll, no doubt it’s the most visited because this is the largest city and the capital of South Korea. Adding to that, it’s home for the different beautiful tourist destinations from temples to palaces to parks to malls to historical places. This is the land of Korean Drama. Of course, by name itself. Haha!

Many people especially Filipinos like me were hooked up and fell in love with the Korean artists, dramas, KPop, etc. Some even studied Hangul. 😂

But since I had been to Seoul last June 2017, when Jeju Air had a seat sale, I chose Busan. Busan was known for Train to Busan movie. There are also beautiful places to see but it’s not as known as in Seoul. As far as I know. But the trip was all worth it. 👌

Thinking I was going solo, tried planning on my itinerary by reading some blogs. Until another Jeju Air seat sale came, and I asked my friend if she wanted to go with me. She said yes and booked her ticket right away. Yay! This would definitely be fun.

It will also be our first time to travel just the two of us and in another country. Without any expectation set, the trip had really many firsts for both of us. And wow! We were both in love with Busan. In fact, we wanna go back again soon.


Busan is where you can experience feeling like a local. The destinations we visited where mostly free. I think, we just paid 1 out of all. Then, you can see and feel the warmth of the people. The friendly locals, the various nationalities. We met new friends. And it\’s now as crowded as the others. Plus, we got to bond really great and talked a lot even until we slept.

By the way, one of the goals we had for the whole trip was to travel light. That’s why we were only bringing one backpack for our clothes and stuff. Of course, except our mini bags for our essentials like passport and money. And so, I will call this trip Backpacking in Busan. 😉

So yeah! This is just an introduction. But definitely, Busan is highly recommended and a must visit. For whatever reasons you may have. But simply for being just Busan. It’s worth the long travel from Seoul. A good shot to fly from anywhere in the world. 😉