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BORACAY: What can you say?

Have you been to Boracay before it has been this popular to each and every person in the universe? Where you can still find peace and less party. Well, if you say that you did, you are lucky. But if not, then we (including me) missed something beautiful.

Boracay has been a luxury and at the same time, most of the people\’s dream destination. An airplane ticket costs much that it is better to spend it to more useful thing. And I am one of those people who wished to visit this island.

If you would asked me 7 to 10 years ago if where or how to get there, I could not even say a word. You know why? Because I have no idea. Literally, no idea. Zero. Hahaha!

But as of today, I have been to Boracay three or four times within this year and a couple of times every year since 2013. Thanks to my work though. Of all those times, I just visited the island once for a personal trip and the rest is for work. Call me blessed! 😀

Actually, I just got home today from the island since Tuesday. And I have a lot of things to say based on what I have observed and experienced.

  1. There are many tourists visiting the island even if the weather these past few days has been bad and unpredictable. More tourists only mean that more income and good for the country\’s tourism.
  2. The patience of the people in the island. Traffic is real because there are many vehicles already yet the road is small to accommodate everyone. But I really admire how patient the people are. They will not complain if there is a tricycle who will stop to unload or load a passenger. They give and take. They understand about each other\’s needs. And that is important.
  3. The locals are friendly. If it is your first time in the island, definitely you will not have a problem going around. You can always ask for help and they are willing to. Some can understand Bisaya while mostly, they speak Tagalog and English.
  4. The island is safe, I could say. Maybe because the tourism police is everywhere checking everyone. They have a huge concern especially to the tourists. Any complain that you have as long as it is valid especially regarding the tour/activities, you can escalate it to the tourism police. They will be glad to assist you. Those tour coordinators are afraid of them and so, you have an assurance that you won\’t be fooled.
  5. Many things can be done in the island whether it is raining or sunny.  There is a long list of activities in the island from island hopping to beach bumming to ATV riding to cliff jumping to scuba diving to eating to partying to just strolling around to taking photos to sunbathing to sunset viewing, etc. If it is sunny and the weather is good, you can do all these stuff and more. But if it is rainy and windy, then there are few activities that cannot be done. Yet you can still have fun. I have been to the island both the rainy and summer seasons.
  6. Many tourists could also mean more traffic and more garbage. Imagine how many bags of garbage will they produce everyday and how to dispose it.
  7. Many buildings and resorts are being constructed. The island has been damaged because of the people (especially the business minded one).  They keep on destroying the nature to free up the space for a new resort to be built. You can see more infrastructure than nature. The essence of being an island has almost been lost. Maybe the government should stop giving permits and just stick to the resorts now.
  8. The cost of living is high. Everything is expensive from foods to fruits, etc. They have fast food chains in the island (in fact there are a lot already) but the prices are way more expensive than from Cebu or other places. The fruits are expensive. Imagine, one kilo of mangosteen costs Php 300 while the mango is Php 230. The price is too much I believe. Unless, exporting or bringing these to the island really cost a lot then that is fine. But, I am more concern of the local people who live in the island and earn the minimum wage that is lower than in Cebu. If they will eat in those fast food chains, then it will cost them more. Yet, I am not sure how this can be addressed because two prices (one for the local residents and one for the tourists) would be not appropriate to do. 😀


I think everyone of us would want for the best for Boracay. It is the pride of our country. It was even known as the Best Island in the World. And being called that means big to all of us. It means that we have a gem in this country. We own a diamond, a gold. And like any gem, diamond and gold; it is expensive but you have to take good care of it. Or else it might be taken away from you.

Like Boracay, we all need to be responsible as a local resident and as a tourist. Let us stop damaging the nature. Let us throw the garbage properly. And help protect the island and avoid it from being destroyed.

Because what we do now will have its result in the future. We will not feel the consequence of our actions today. But the time will come and it will surely happen. And when that day will come, all we can do is regret. We will cry and blame ourselves for the irresponsibility and abusive we did. Yet it can\’t do anything anymore. It won\’t change the drastic outcome.

So, while we can still do something and avoid it, let us help one another.

Let us keep Boracay the best island in the world. For real. Forever. Without Mother Earth suffering. 😉

P.S. Share the things that you can say also about Boracay. Either your experiences if you have been there or your expectations if you haven\’t.