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DAY 3: Everland

Every child’s dream is to be in Disneyland and meet the Disney Princess and other Disney characters that they love. But South Korea does not have Disneyland. However, they have this theme park which will make every children, teens, & adults enjoy. You will not encounter those Disney Princesses, Winnie The Pooh or other characters but you have the chance to meet different animals like elephants, tigers, lions, etc., and experience the adventure and extreme rides like the wooden roller coaster.

Like any other theme park, Everland is located almost two hours away from Seoul. If you are on a budget, you can take the train and bus. But if you want to have a hassle free trip, you can book a tour with your hotel or other booking sites. We did book through Klook. The package includes a roundtrip transfer and the entrance fee. The whole trip takes a whole day from the pickup time at 10:40AM in Dongdaemun Design Plaza Station (there are other pickup points but this is the closest to our hotel) and you will be dropped off again at around 10PM in the same place.

We departed from our hotel at around 9AM since Dongdaemun is just near. We arrived at the station and were wondering why it seems it is just the 3 of us. We were worried that we might went to a wrong station. Fortunately, there is an old man sitting in the area. We approached him and asked if it is the station for Klook. Sad to say, he cannot speak English. With this Korean attitude of being helpful, he looked for another person and asked until there are around 3-4 people talking just to help us. And then, there are people arriving and we were on the same trip. Thanks God! And Gumawo to those helpful Koreans.

That is the Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

At around 10AM, a lady arrived and approached us one by one. She is the tour guide who will accompany and give instructions regarding the tour. She will just drop us off, then help us get inside the park, give instructions and orientations then pick us up at the same area by 10PM.

After more or less 2 hours travel, we finally arrived in Everland.

Then right after giving us the ticket, map & instructions, she bid goodbye and we then get inside the park.

The girl standing is our guide.
The map and the ticket that we should not lost.

One thing to notice when you are in the park is that there are beautiful flowers everywhere. Plus that lovely music playing all over the place.

Our first destination is the Zootopia.

Upon entering, you will be greeted with the Panda World signage. We just took some photo but did not go there. Instead we headed straight and we were brought to the Bird Paradise.

You will be welcomed by the angry looking owl and a Korean speaking parrot. Isn’t that cool? 😀


Then information about why birds fly and what is a bird are being posted also for the visitors’ knowledge. And saw different kinds of bird.

When we went out from Bird Paradise, we saw the Lion King relaxing under the tree.


Across him is the house of the Polar Bear.


Then, there were Jackass Penguins.


After that, we went to our next stop which is the Safari World. In here, we will be riding on a bus to tour around and see those different types of animal.


Then, we went to Lost Valley.

While walking to where we can ride, we found other animals.

When we were about to get in the bus/boat, the staff was singing and dancing. They look really cute.

Then, we saw different animals until our bus transformed into a boat. Hahaha!

I did enjoy these rides so far.

Next stop is the Amazon Express. We will be riding a boat around the river.

When we arrived, it was also the time that the staff were dancing. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a video.

Then, when it was our turn, we were guided to the “boat” then place with a cover for our stuff not to get wet.

I have tried riding something like this in Enchanted Kingdom and we really got wet. Good thing, they provided us with a cover here. We cannot afford to get our stuff especially the cameras wet.

We just enjoyed the whole ride turning around, getting some splash and just laughing.

But, while I was checking the videos in the Go Pro later that day, I saw elephants behind us. That was so cool!

Since it was almost lunch time, we went out looking for a place to eat. We went walking around until we arrived to our second destination.

The Global Fair.


In there, we found the Food Fair in Alpine Village. Me and my sister got in and ordered our food. It is kinda expensive but the serving is big and super delicious. It is totally worth it.

While we had our lunch, Ate Tzhe went and rode the T Express. She was really excited to try it and decided to ride first before eating as she might throw up all the food. 😀

Wondering what a T Express is? It is a wooden roller coaster. Actually, it is the steepest ride in the world with a top speed of 104 kph at a 77-degree angle. Imagine that! Really! Only the roller coaster lovers and the brave hearts will try this one. This can be found in the European Adventure which is just near the Global Fair.

After the ride, Ate Tzhe went back to the Food Fair with a face of suc

This is the T Express.
Achievement unlocked and bucket list checked look!
Congrats, Ate Tzhe!
She ate while telling us how’s her experience. Totally scary! Hehe

Then, we went inside the Alpine Village and took some photos.


Our Third destination is in European Adventure.

We tried the Rotating House wherein the house appears upside down. It made me dizzy and felt sick because of all those stuff turning around.

Next is the Space Tour. It is another 3D experience for us. We were watching the Hotel Transylvania movie.

Next is the Four Seasons Garden. It is still part of the European Adventure.

Here you will find different types and colours of flower. There is also a big stage for the show later that day. Then there is a big colourful tree called the Romantic Tower Tree. There is also a Miniature Garden.

But, the best part for me is the Rose Garden. A garden of thousands of real roses in various colour and sizes.

My mother and aunt will certainly love this place.

After that, we went to the cable car station to ride going to our fourth stop, the American Adventure.

While falling in line, we saw this cute Korean kid. His grandfather (I assume) was kind enough to let us took photo of the baby.

Isn’t he cute?

Then, we found these while riding.

When we got there, we went inside the Pride of Korea. This is a place for the visitors to learn the things about Korea from their rich history to their different leaders and there is also a monitor where you can take a test. Then, there is a VR show about the Korean culture/history. We also did try their virtual Hanbok wearing which you can save and send a copy to your email.

After that, we went out and look for foods to eat because we were getting hungry and it was getting dark (around 7PM).

Ate Tzhe bought some hotdogs then we walked down to the direction of the Grand Parade. Then, we passed by the Double Rock Spin ride where the visitors were shouting. If you will ride on it, you will really shout because you will spin four times at a height of 20 meters. There is also the Hurricane where you will still spin.

Double Rock Spin

Then, me and my sister bought foods from KFC.

After that, we headed back to European Adventure to witness the amazing and jaw dropping Moonlight Parade. During this time, the lights in the street will be turned off to give way to the floats that were decorated with hundreds to thousands of colourful lights. There are also people dancing on their colourful costumes.

Then, we went back to the garden for the one of a kind and the best fireworks display ever.

But while waiting for that, we went around to take a picture at the Romantic Tower Tree and the Musical LED Rose Garden. This LED Rose Garden is like the 10K Roses here in Cebu except that it came in different colours (which the colour changes from time to time) and there are a lot of them too.

Finally, the time for the firework display arrived. We ran to the stair in front of the Romantic Tower Tree. What I love about it is that it came with a story and the lighting effects of the stage & the fountain. Plus the fireworks were totally wonderful and unique. This is the highlight of the trip. Everyone coming to Everland should wait for this. It happens daily except for some reasons.


After that, everyone were walking fast to go out and go back home or to where they were staying in South Korea. For the three of us, we went to where the bus parked that morning. There we found our guide.

After 2 hours of travelling, we finally arrived in Dongdaemun Design Plaza Station. We just walked going back to the hotel since it is just near.

And that ends our Day 3. We just have to prepare our stuff for our super early trip to Jeju Island the next day.