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Day 4: Jeju Island plus Trip to Cebu

On our Day 4, we will be going to the famous Jeju Island. This is known for the location of some Korean Dramas. That’s why many would like to visit here. Of course, aside from the beautiful spots.

According to my friend WikipediaJeju Island ( previously Cheju-do) is the largest island off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, and the main island of Jeju Province of South Korea. The island lies in the Korea Strait, south of South Jeolla Province. The island contains the natural World Heritage Site Jeju Island Volcanic and Lava Tubes.

We were able to buy an airplane ticket at Jeju Air. It costs us KRW 75, 2000 or around Php 3,500. Seems like were going to Manila from Cebu and back & forth. 😀

We got the first flight which is at 6:25AM and will arrive in Jeju at 7:30AM.

We started our journey from our hotel at around 3AM since Gimpo Airport is more or less an hour away. We hired a taxi to the airport since the train is not yet open at that time. Unfortunately, when we reached at the airport, it was still closed. We waited for an hour outside in a super cold weather (maybe 19 degrees Celcius or less).


They opened at 5AM and that was the time we were able to get inside and went to the check in counter. The check in process was not that hassle or long. After that, we went to the departure lounge and waited for the boarding time.

The boarding started at 6AM and departed a few minutes after that.

Since we didn’t sleep that night, we were all sleeping throughout the flight.

We arrived in landed in Jeju Airport at around 7:30AM. Then headed straight to claim our baggage. After that, we went out and look for the bus that would take us to our hotel, Olle Tourist Hotel.


We travelled for approximately an hour from the airport to the hotel. The hotel is just beside the highway and can be easily found.

This is our room.

We just rested and changed for a while then headed out to explore Jeju Island.

The view from the room.

During this trip, we were not able to visit those destinations that tourists usually go because we did not have enough time. In addition, those destinations are far from each other. We did not book a tour as well. The only means of getting around the island are either hiring a taxi or riding the bus which follows a route and schedule.

However, the good thing is that we were able to see how the local people live. We witnessed the local community that tourists usually overlooked and left unnoticed.

Sharing with you here some of the moments we had in the province in the short time that we were there.

Jeju has a lot of tall buildings, wide roads but no traffic coz there are only few cars.

Night time in Jeju.

Me and my sister went out strolling and having an afternoon lunch along the way.

The next day, our flight will depart at 11AM and arrive in Gimpo Airport at 12:10PM. We checked out in the hotel at around 8:30AM and decided to take the bus. We went to the bus station across our hotel thinking that the bus (with the same bus number that we rode yesterday) will go to the airport. Unfortunately, as we were getting far from the station, we noticed that the area was not familiar. When we asked the driver, he told us that it will not go to the airport. So we decided to get off and hired a taxi. We were already worried because we were almost late for the check in time.

Jeju’s own version of buffet. What they served were all vegetables.

The train station that we went to.

Fortunately, when we arrive in the airport with all our running skills, we were able to check in. Thank God!

We boarded at around 9:45AM and arrived in Gimpo past 12NN.

We were able to reach our hotel in Seoul, Hostel Korea Original, almost 1PM. They allowed us to extend our check out time to 1PM (supposedly it was 12NN) because we won’t be using the room for one night and the owners are really nice and accommodating.

We just packed and changed then checked out. Me and my sister went out for a while in the nearest mart and bakeshop to buy something for our family in Cebu.

We departed from the hotel to Incheon International Airport at around 5PM. The travel time is more than 1 hour. We chose to take the train because our flight is still far and it is cheaper yet convenient.

We arrived at 6PM in the airport and headed straight to check in. But before that, we looked for the convenience store wherein we can return the T Money Card. But, since the refund is small then we decided not to pursue with it. Then we bought foods for our dinner. And we saw a crowd with media taking videos and photos. We found out that they were the football team of Korea which just arrived.

Our flight then departed Korea at 10:15PM (Korea Time) and arrived in Cebu at 1:40AM (Philippine Time) or 2:40AM (Korea Time).

That ends our South Korea Trip! The whole experience has a whirlwind of emotions from nerve-breaking VISA processing to the exciting preparations to the fun, memorable and lovely moments to the bittersweet feeling of leaving the country to the accomplishment. Everything has been surreal. It seems we won’t make it but we did. And we have our family and friends who have been so supported of us.

Until next trip! 🙂

Gamsahamnida, Korea! It was indeed a travel that we will always cherish.