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I have been to El Nido once way back 2016 (if I am not wrong). And this year, I went with my family minus my mother. For the almost 2 years difference that I visited there, one thing that I noticed is that there are more tourists now. Maybe because it is easier to go there and many have great stories and pictures that had been shared. So, yeah!

But, what can I say during my visits in El Nido?

  1. It is a long drive or trip to get there except if money is not a problem and you can just ride on an airplane directly to El Nido. But for travellers like us who are mostly on budget, we need to do it the longer yet less comfortable but still convenient way. We took 5-6 hours to reach El Nido. It was a journey seeing trees, mountains, rock formations, oceans, and a lot more.
  2. Long drive no problem. You know why? It is because it is totally worth it. What awaits you there is very beautiful.
  3. Still beautiful place for island hopping and snorkeling. The corals and fishes are very alive and numerous. They are well taken care of by the locals. The lagoons are clean and beautiful. The sea is very inviting. We did not get tired of swimming and snorkeling. Every side is picturesque. You can have tons of photos worth sharing. Mother Nature is instagrammable and jaw dropping.
  4. The people\’s care and love is very present. You can really tell that the locals there are doing their best to protect the province. Maybe because it is a huge means of income but more than that it is their paradise. Indeed, it is paradise that needs to be cared and protected.
  5. There are rules that need to be followed when doing the island hopping tours. Every guests are expected to follow the rules especially not throwing of garbage on the ocean, not feeding the fishes and not stepping on the corals. In this way, we are sure that the species are not damaged and disturbed.
  6. The no plastic policy. I am not sure if this is implemented throughout the town but we were able to buy in a store and they are using paper bags instead of plastics. And they cannot even provide one because they are not allowed to.
  7. There is a wide variety of place to stay from homestay to inns to pension houses to hotels to resorts. What ever you like and whatever suits you, they have something for you. You just have to choose based on your own preference.
  8. The foods are delicious. The prices are reasonable I believe because the serving is big, the seafood is fresh and they are all yummy. Worth every penny.
  9. The amazing and friendly people. When you go to El Nido you can meet different kind of people both locals and tourists. But everyone in El Nido (the locals) are friendly. From the van driver to the tour guide to the boat captain to the crew to the tricycle driver to the restaurant staff to the vendors. They are nice and helpful.
  10. Sunset in El Nido is mesmerizing. We took one photo in a restaurant with the sunset as background. Wow! It is like a painting. Very beautiful 🙂


On the other hand, there are few things that can still be improved in El Nido.

  1. The tricycle rate is not fixed. We ride on different tricycles and the drivers gave us different rate even if our origin and destination are just the same. They should regulate this as well. Yet, surcharge fees still be applied during late night trips.
  2. The road is small for the number of vehicles going around and coming in & out. Since it is getting popular and many tourists are coming, sometimes you can feel a traffic jam. Though it is very tolerable.
  3. This is for those who cannot live without internet connection. Their internet connection in El Nido is weak. But maybe the good side with this is that you can connect to the people you are traveling with and the people around you by disconnecting yourself from the digital world. Because personal conversation is still the best communication. As they say, Disconnect to Connect.


Indeed, El Nido is a place that everyone especially island and beach lovers should visit. Thanks to the locals for taking good care of their wealth. And I hope every tourist that will go there will remember the rules and will help protect El Nido. I hope they will be mindful enough to avoid doing things that could ruin it. In this way, we can share the beauty of El Nido to the generations to come.